A Photo Safari of Wasilla, Alaska – Home of Sarah Palin. » valley-10

The first Palin sign I saw. They haven’t printed the McCain/Palin signs yet, but this business saved their old one from the Governor’s race. Must be fans.


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3 09 2008
flem snopes

Now you’ve done it… Let Wal-Mike’s name out in the open for all the world to see.

Next we’ll have all of WalMart’s lawyers up here with injunctions and restraining orders and depositions and all the crap in their wake.

4 09 2008

Does this mean Parnell won the primary?

10 09 2008
Kip W

Still proudly supporting Ted Stevens, too. Didn’t they get the memo that Sarah’s supposed to pretend she’s all mad at him and stuff?

10 09 2008

I love it! Wal-Mike’s. Now we know why this ticket is okay with shamelessly stealing any ideas it can – Wal-Mike’s. Change. Funny.

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