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Jeanne Devon
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Mudflats has been a long time coming. Until now it’s been written in my head, where posts repeated themselves incessantly until they were set free and inflicted verbally upon friends, coworkers and my spouse. I think they all must be secretly relieved I have a new outlet. The thing that drove me over the edge, and into the blogosphere? Alaska Representative Don Young and the Republican Party voting against Mother’s Day (See my very first post). So, a nod to my muse, Don Young.  Go figure.

I have worked as a promotional writer and editor in the magazine industry, marketing, advertising, and blogging for my business. This is the first time I’m writing from my own perspective without trying to sell something.  I like it.

My political background? I am just a citizen who is paying attention. I’ve had the good fortune to have had people in my life who were engaged, and aware, and dragged me along until I became engaged and aware too. I am also fortunate to count as my friends some of those who hold elected office in this state, and remind me by example that there are good people out there in our state and city government who are intelligent, diligent, ethical, and working hard for the best interest of Alaska.

Personal background? I grew up on the East Coast and attended a New England liberal arts college. After graduating, and diving in to the business world, I decided to flee the NYC area and take a two year adventure to Alaska. When I arrived in Anchorage in February of 1991 without knowing a soul, only one month rent paid and $300 to my name, I looked out the window at the snow falling in the dark and wondered what I had done. By the time my two years were up, I was hooked.

I’ve put down deep roots here, and consider Alaska my home in every sense.  I see it as a place of tremendous potential for business, for energy, for innovative thinking, and for citizen activists to be able to make a tangible difference in their local and state government.

You can contact me at akmuckraker@yahoo.com

Thanks for checking in, and I hope you enjoy the blog,



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29 08 2008

great blog. interesting perspective and (for a change) excellent writing. palin has me appalled. but not really surprised. offended, too, by mccain’s incredibly neanderthal approach to women. token to the core clearly. wonder if this is rove or mccain brilliance. the evangelicals are giddy and that’s worrisome for obama. but it was always going to be a tight race…. thanks for the info. living in ks has desensitized me to most republican idiocies, but this is certainly a red letter day for a classic Republican move.

29 08 2008

thank you for writing, very informative

29 08 2008

Excellent blog. Well written and informative. As to Gov. Palin, Undamnedbelievable!!!! McCain scares me but this lady is even more frightening, if possible! I keep thinking “what if she happens to end up president?” Geez! Poor Alaska, having her as Governor. At least, you will be relieved of that burden! Good luck!

29 08 2008

Ditto the above. Excellent post, great writing. I’m not inclined to believe the spin that is already flying from the media machine, so thanks for the inside scoop.

This is why blogging is important.

All the best…

29 08 2008
Mary from TN

I can’t remember how I found your site, but so glad I was drawn here. Thanks for a great and informative blog. I certainly and sadden by McCain’s choice….not because of Palin, I don’t know her. What is so sad is that McCain’s view of this country is so low that, because of pure politics, he feels a Sarah Palin would be capable of being our Commander in Chief and deal with world leaders.

29 08 2008
Kevin Hayden

Very nice writing, without the screech and shrill. Fair, resonably objective and easily understood, while engaging us readers. Thanks. I bet I’ll enjoy your take on other things, too.

30 08 2008
Jerry Dahlke

What a great delight to find you on the Huffington Post. I use to work in Alaska for the Alaska Conservation Foundation, doing all of their major gifts fund raising in the Lower48 and have done wildernsess trips on the Sheenjek and other amazing areas.

I have spent the day explaining to my Lower48 friends the unique and crazy nature associated with Alaska politics. You are doing tremendous service, please do all you can to feed the cable networks, blogosphere and leading newspapers regarding this inadequate woman. Perhaps we will see this on TMZ. McCain would have better off recruiting Paris Hilton.

The Cafferty comment file is 90% + negative on her. MSNBC seems to be getting some good traction on her ethical problems.

Yes, McCain seems to be thinking with his second “brain”, and not the one in his head.

Also you have a stunning sight. Great name. I will be reading you daily from my residence here in San Jose, California.


30 08 2008

My adult daughter asked me a question yesterday. She said, “What do you not like about McCain?”

My daughter, in her personal researching, says she always asks people what they don’t like about their candidate. She tells me it usually stops them dead.

I did not answer her, other than to mention that I am always worried when someone is known to have a bad temper. But now I am trying to think what I don’t like about him. (or the ticket.)

I have a feeling that Sarah Palin will test out fine. Guilt by association is a poor beginning at pulling down a candidate. If she is vulnerable on this one, how much more vulnerable is Obama with his association with Ayers? (See: http://gatewaypundit.blogspot.com/2008/06/obama-ayers-connection-big-lie.html for a bit on Ayers. )

Clearly Sarah Palin has made some people mad. People worth their salt tend to make people mad sometimes. And we all know people who have been, are, or will be drunks, abusive, and criminal. Yes, we do. But did we join them? Aid and abet? We hope not.

Give it some time. Keep asking folks what they don’t like about their candidate. My daughter has a good approach there, I think.

old swimmer (I also stay anonymous — it’s so I can speak out without gettng blitzed by the person whose computer I am allowed to use. Maybe that’s uncourageous, but then I am not Sarah Palin!)

30 08 2008
Marsha from CA

What a breath of fresh air! I too am glad I found you through Huffpo… While I suspect that much of what you have shared will eventually be illuminated by the mainstream press, it’s great to have the light shown early on by someone who has personal knowledge of the relevant issues… good work!

30 08 2008
Sarah Battersby

Terrific site. Very nicely written. Was great to read your take, as well as the local history, on Sarah Palin. Beautiful photo on your main page as well.

30 08 2008
Tricia NcCafferty

Thanks guys for some great analysis and perspective on Sarah Palin. It’s always good to have the “home crowds” perspective. I say this as someone who grew up for many years in Delaware (I now live in Maryland). As someone who knows ALOT about our Democratic VP pick I’ve been able to share stories about Joe, his family (one of my brothers works with his son) and his impact and influence on our state. As the media has pointed out, Delaware is a relatively small state — we are known for playing a kind of six degree of separation game re: Joe Biden — it’s fairly easy for most of us. And I can honestly say that folks in Delaware know Joe and know he is ready to step in and take over if (god forbid) something should happen to Obama. I don’t detect that same level of confidence from those in Alaska.

30 08 2008
deal junkie

Great blog! Thanks for sharing your perspective. Your own personal story is quite compelling too!

30 08 2008

Someone book this man for Larry King Live!

30 08 2008

Excellent writing, sir. Absolutely first rate. You have done us all a great service by writing this very clear piece. I have bookmarked your site and will now read it every day. I will send your URL to many family and friends and co-workers. You had better get yourself an agent because you may become the Alaskan correspondent for many TV news programs now. I’d start with a nice interview with Charlie Rose. This was a first rate piece and is what blogging is all about. Just excellent work!

30 08 2008
Hilma Towell

gee I wish Obama had been vetted by just half aas much as Palin has been.after all Campbell Brown just stated Obama was their guy.

30 08 2008
Mr Moderator

Great site with lots of great info keep up the good work!!! Will be adding you to my links on . Please drop me an email if you’d like to write as a guest on the site!

30 08 2008
Praveen Chandra

Beautiful writing. This is what fine writing is all about. I was impressed with your beautiful usage of the English language. I wonder why the MSM does not do the same with their opinion writers, who are so full of themselves that they end up using complicated innuendos, confusing language and plain old messy references that go nowhere. Enjoyed your informative and easy reading blog.


30 08 2008

Are you sure you’re not me? 🙂 If not, I bet we know each other – I too have been here (Anchorage) since the early 90s, originally from the East Coast, went to a snooty women’s college (although I don’t know if you’re male or female), and have very similar views on Sarah’s nomination. I think your most recent post is fabulous, although you beat me to the punch on writing it, and I would have been a little more profane! Your blog has xcellent writing and is very on-point.

Hope you don’t mind if I link you to my site, since my small readership will be checking for this information. You can find me at scoopdat.wordpress.com!

30 08 2008

I am so grateful to having found your blog…through HuffPost. Great site and I plan on visiting often. THANK YOU so much for the information you’ve posted on Gov. Palin.

A few minutes ago, I read on another site that the investigation regarding Palin…was an Obama ‘spin’ on the truth. I found this almost laughable…as even WE KNEW about this far before we knew McCain selected her as his VP choice.

As a woman, I found it personally offensive that Palin made mention about the “18 Million cracks” in the ceiling…does she think that we are so stupid that we would vote for anyone based strictly on gender? Obviously she does.

I can assure you that spending 30 years as a Humanitarian Aid Releif Coordinator & Educator for First Responders….gaining access to numeous nations across four continents…that I’m not the shallow type and would never vote according to gender!

Keep up the great work!


30 08 2008
Lib Finder


You like other Eastern raised/educated liberals are so predictable. You claim Palin is not ready to be President of the United States, when she is running for VP, but ignore the obvious, that Obama is running for President when he isn’t ready to be a productive Senator, let alone the President of the the Greatest Country in the world

30 08 2008
Wer ist Sarah Palin? « Denkraum

[…] der Vereinigten Staaten. Aber davor? Kaum jemand hat das so treffend erläutert wie Blogger Mudflats (AKMuckraker) aus ihrer Heimatstadt Wasilla (Alaska) – und bereits mehr als 400 Kommentare […]

30 08 2008

Thanks AKMuckraker, for filling in the holes in my head. I swear when she was announced I thought it was some kind of stunt ala Punk’d. Now that we have the scoop, it all makes sense. John McCain really is as desperate as he looks, and she really is too good to be true.

30 08 2008
Suzi in Chicago

Love the blog! And love the fact that Sen. McCain has basically handed over the election to Sen. Obama with the choice of Gov. Palin. O’Bama O’Biden ’08!

30 08 2008
Suzi in Chicago

p.s. my first reaction when I heard the news was “sheer desperation.”

30 08 2008
Mike in Miami (FL)

Excellent blog. Your information about Palin as McCain’s choice for VP was especially worthwhile reading. I’ve been a registered Republican voter (Conservative variety) for more years than most of your readers have been breathing… my first vote in a presidential election was for Barry Goldwater… and it pains me to state that I’m voting for Obama this time because I really believe that McCain’s impaired judgment and impulsivity are dangerous to the country. I suspect that he has a cerebral circulatory disorder that’s being covered up, but this is something we’ll never know for sure until it’s too late. This Palin selection is so far beyond the pale of reason that I cannot believe the GOP allowed him to make it.

30 08 2008

Dear Mudflats:

Have you considered offering your services to the national media?

If ever there was a time when the world needs to know who the Governor of Alaska really is, that time is now. Start with CNN, The Colbert Report, Daily Show, MSNBC, let them know about your unique perspective.


30 08 2008
Bill Houston

I am 83 yrs. old and this is my first introduction to a blog. I’ve wondered what they were. If yours is an example, I am all for it. I liked your clarity and sincerity. I no longer watch TV for news or opinions. I learned more about people in the news on the Democratic Convention hearing them speak than in the papers I subscribe to, and am hungry for the kind of information you supplied. Now I will have to find out how to keep you in my scrapbook or whatever it is called.

30 08 2008

Blog it if you like…

“Indicted Alaska Sr. Senator Ted Stevens (R): “it’s a great day for the nation and Alaskans.””

Sounds like he’s just trying to get on her good side. 😉

“It was obvious anyway, but became beat-you-over-the-head-with-a-two-by-four obvious when Palin referenced the ‘glass ceiling’ line, that this choice is a blatant pander to women. I would like to believe that women will actually feel insulted by this. Yes, it would have been historic if Hillary had gotten the nomination. It was historic that she made it as far as she did. Yes, it would be great to have a woman in the oval office, or in the VP slot if they are the right woman…a woman who got there with her own drive, grit, determination, intelligence, skill and merits. When you’re hand-picked by a man to win votes simply because you are a woman, that doesn’t count, and it doesn’t break any kind of ceiling. Would we have had a Stan Palin as our VP pick? No. So choosing a woman because you think her gender will get votes is insulting.”


“Another focus of Palin’s introduction today was her reform image. Listen to John McCain and you’ll hear about a maverick reformer who took on big oil, took on corrupt Alaska politicians, and whose ethics are unquestioned.”

They should have run her on the Ticket with Bush – eight years back. Maybe we wouldn’t be in this mess. Are we sure she’s Republican?

“Here it is…what we in Alaska call “TrooperGate”…”

Notation: “Good ol’ Girls Club”

Can somebody please show me something different about what this Ticket has to offer from the current administration?

Just look what all their “experience” has done for our White House in the last eight years! Cheney has enough experience to know how to f___k the American public out of house and home and gas. Bush has enough experience to hold the door open for him. That’s what we got with that “experience”. The difference between the current administration and this Ticket is a lack of experience. Now the Elephants blew their most used tool out of the toolbox. Should they decide to pick it up from the dirt – it will be the kettle calling the pot – black.

As an Independent woman – I remain undaunted in my leanings toward Obama.

Sherry ~ Phoenix, AZ

30 08 2008

I lived in Anchorage from 1977-1983, and was President of the Taku-Campbell Community Council. Thanks for your informative blog, and insignt into Sarah Palin. Alaskan politics were dirty 30 years ago, and I don’t trust any of them, including (perhaps especially) Ms. Palin.

Where’s that Alaska independent streak when the people voted for someone who wants to spoon-feed Creationism to their schoolchildren, and mandate one answer for everyone (including rape and incest victims) regarding abortion? Alaskans must have really been fed up with their other choices during the gubernatorial election.

30 08 2008

Great writing. I fear this election that started off with a promise of opening up the field and addressing change issues, is slanting off into the realm of late-night entertainment.

But for me – an observer – it certainly is better than any soapie!

What I just don’t get however is how any social conservative, in fact any right minded person) can think it is ok for a mom to literally dump her kids – including a four month old, special needs baby, and want to take on a job that will consume her totally.

(I’m not even talking about wanting to take polar bears of the endangered list).

30 08 2008

I’m sure you must be a bit bombarded with all your comments due to your recent post. (EXCELLENT!) I left two commnets for you myself. I indicated to you that sincere in some questions I asked (on another site)…they were never allowed to be published. Now, I’m finding the same reaction on other sites (31…to be exact)

It wouldn’t have surprised me if my questions were going to the RNC…but they weren’t. They came from Democratic sites…those that were supporting Senator Clinton. Upon looking further into this unwillingness to even “listen” to a different perspective…they were not even allowed to be posted. WHAT ARE THEY AFRAID OF??? I’m referring to PUMA. They, obviously, know NOTHING of transformative learning…and are deficient in understanding and processing of critacal information. I did a post to get my point across, it’s titled “Why Punish Yourself?”. It’s had 100’s of “hits” …but no comments. This let’s me know that it’s at least being read.

Another comment on this post, mentioned Gov Palin’s lack of knowledge of our Jewish citizens. This is FACT! However, let’s not forget her lack of knowledge of our other citzens: African American, Hispanic, Asian, Special Needs citizens, the Senior citizens, those with no health care and 101 other things. I live in the state that has the highest unemployment in the nation due to jobs being outsourced and cut-backs. What’s her plan? Has she EVER been in a diverse cultural setting? Is this the best Senator McCain could come up with?

I know what it was like during the riots. There’s no way she could have handled that…even for “seasoned” political leaders, this was a logistical nightmare…but they handled it…and did a great job of not only restoring peace, but a renewed sense of “community”.

This tirade of accolades being laid at Gov Palin’s feet…frankly, has left me shaking my head. After 30 years as a Humaitarian Aid Relief Coordinator and Educator for First Responders…entering numeorus nations across four continents…only to come back to the USA to all this nonsense, is outrageous. It’s like landing on another planet.

If you can answer any of these questions…please, let me know. Or any of your readers..let me know.

Kindest Regards,


30 08 2008

You’re the most quoted source on the web regarding Sarah Palin’s current investigation…please keep i coming. I’ve made your website my home page!
Thanks. DAL

30 08 2008

What a fascinating coverage and enlightening article on Sarah Palin. All I can think of is “Who do you want to answer that 3:00am call in the morning” If something should happen to McCain. Was he just thinking of our oil concerns.
A VP with a higher education that is marginal. I have a Bachelor’s and realize that that alone is not suffient for our global economy.
The picture of Wasilla depicts no gang violence, drugs, hospitals, or colleges, that would want anyone to achieve a higher education. So how simple minded it is to say she keeps property taxes down. No money goes to the educational system.

Thank you for such an enlightening article. Please forward it to the AP, or major reporters here in New York.

To reverse Roe vs Wade, and the rights which the homosexual community has fought for such a period of time, and the beam of cultural differences from Wasilla and to America needs to be brought to the surface. Our lives in mainstream America are so different from Sarah Palin.

31 08 2008

You now have a fan in London, England. Great blog, great writing, great opinions. Keep up the good – no, great – work. 🙂

31 08 2008

PS – to mthornton: I couldn’t agree more. why don’t the Dems just parody McCain’s 3am ad, but refer to Palin? it would be so easy, so right, so powerful and so memorable if they did so.

31 08 2008

Most excellent blog —
a ground-zero perspective
on Palin; spot on.


31 08 2008
Benjamin Rau

I love the pictures on this site – reminds me of one of the great all-time series, Northern Exposure. The bar could be the exterior shot of the one in Cicero.

Great ideas as well!

31 08 2008


I stumbled upon your blog by accident. Please crosspost your diaries on dKos, where most of us in “the lower 48” go for progressive debate. You have the insights that we don’t. Thanks for keeping us informed.

Alexandria, VA

31 08 2008
Rosemarie McMichael

I came across your blog after reading Palin commentary on huffingtonpost.com, and what a marvelous find it is. I’ll be checking back regularly. Thanks, Rosemarie, San Francisco

31 08 2008

Nice place ya got here.

31 08 2008

I lived in Alaska for 16 years, from ’87-’03 and I wanted to congratulate Ms. Palin for marrying Todd, apparently the only monogamous commercial fisherman and oil field worker in captivity. He is an unusual specimen if he can pass scrutiny regarding infidelity. I have heard rumors about a John Edwards kind of problem, though–does he get expensive haircuts or will there be a Bimbogate scandal next week?
You have a great blog- I still don’t miss Alaska one bit though.

31 08 2008

Thank you so much for your extremely informative and well-written blog. I have Mudflats bookmarked now, and will return often to see what else you have discovered. It is GREAT to have someone who knows Alaska, their politics, and this disastrous pick for V.P. At least it has spurred me to work even harder for Obama.

I found you via huffingtonpost. Keep up the great work!


31 08 2008

O, I love mudflats’ right-on commentary on Alaska politics. Ya gotta live here to reeeeealllly get it….or maybe ya just gotta use more brain cells than the average bear. Good, good, good. Keep it up.

31 08 2008

Has anyone out there thought of what is going to happen if these two actually become the pres and VP. I am personally frightened beyond what any words could describe. I hope the people who’s issues and rights are at question and ultimatly sacrificed finally get up and fight back. I refuse to pay loyalty to a group of people I don’t trust. And truthfully, if they do win there is no way on this earth that I would believe it was won by fairness. There is far to much at stake here and it seems people just let it happen. How bout that, president is elected and there are protests the night of, the day after, and throughout everyday to come. Just take a listen at the candidates, who is confronting issues, and who is creating more. If america sits by and elects this person to be our president, it straight out deserves to get it’s ass handed to it by any and all means. I truly wonder what people around the world would vote and I pray to any and all Gods that the right person is picked. Perhaps this is a rumor but I heard John McCain only met her once and if this is true, how in any way can he say she is the right candidate for the job or in any way he knows her. Sounds like she has her own issues and motives for alaska and thinks that this will secure her spot on the corruption train. Barack Obama stands out as a diamond in the rough compared to these two comedians that follow such a corrupt personal agenda. It’s not about gender, skin color, or any petty thing that people make their decisions by. It’s about right and wrong, good and evil, and america needs to wake up.

Thank you for your personal perspective on this “angel” from alaska who was introduced to me for the first time 3 days ago. I look forward to when there comedy tour comes to town.

Peace and blessings to you.


31 08 2008
okie friend

Thank you..Thank you, what a relief to hear from someone within the state. I’m a moderate democrat trying to make sense of both sides. At a time in our country where clear thinking is crucial, what was McCain thinking? To think that I would vote for the ticket because she is a woman is insulting. I’ve been a member of the NRA, know how to shoot, been deer hunting, dressed a deer and small game, what the hell does that have to do with running this country. McCain caved to the conservative base, that’s not being a maverick. I’ve a son in the military, wounded in Iraq, lost his best friend in Afghanistan. No way I would trust this woman on foreign policy, it’s just plain scary. I’m sure there are plenty of good qualities to Sarah Palin but being second in line is not a chance I want to take. Might as well elect me , I bet I can out shoot her. By the way, great blog, I’ll be checking back often.

31 08 2008

I find the many interpretations of your blog interesting and sad.
Yes, I am a conservative but I am still in search of the truth. Personally I don’t find the liberal politicians any more honest than the conservative, they are all very self-serving.
For every negative you can find against a conservative you can find them on liberals as well.
I voted for Fran Ulmer over Murkowski because I felt I could trust her and that Murkowski was full of BS.
If life does not start at conception when does it start?
Two of my children are adopted, I am glad they are here and were not terminated at any point after conception.
I don’t own a gun.

31 08 2008

Very well written and very informative. Who would’ve thought that Alaska would be on everyone’s mind these days…

Cheers from Atlanta, GA

31 08 2008

I live on the Eeast Coast but used to live in Alaska, and really like your blog.

31 08 2008




31 08 2008

Kim – how can you how can you not be insulted by the choice of Sarah Palin, as a woman, when it’s clear that there’s no way in hell she would have been picked if she had been a man with exactly the same experience?

Regarding her experience vs Obama’s – ireport.com sum it up nicely. this taken from its blog:

“As far as Obama’s experience v. Palin’s: Obama graduated with honors in law from Harvard, Obama choose to work in Chicago’s Southside to help the poor and middle class who had lost their jobs or had fallen on hard times. He also taught constitutional law at the University of Chicago (as president he does take an oath to uphold the US Constitution so understanding it is very important). He went into the state legislature and eventually became US Senator. He has traveled all over the world and met with world leaders and has their respect. His judgement on Iraq was truly right (he beleived we should have gone after the people who attacked us in Afghanistan, rather than divert our attention to someone who had no part in the terrorist attacks). While in elected office Obama has worked on a multitude of bills and has sat on various committees. In the legilature he sponsored bill a giving tax credits to low income workers, supported ethics and healthcare reform. Obama supported the Republican’s predatory mortgage lending regulations which were aimed at averting home foreclosures. He was re-elected two times. Obama was chairman of the Illinois Senate’s Health and Human Services Committee.

In the US Senate Obama was on the Senate Committees for Foreign Relations, Environment and Public Works and Veterans’ Affairs. He also became Chairman of the Senate’s subcommittee on European Affairs. Obama is a member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and made official trips to Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Central Asia and Africa. He co-sponsored legislation on nuclear safety, conventional arms (among others).

Palin, on the other hand, has a bachelors in Journalism from the University of Idaho, was mayor of a small town and has been governor of Alaska (with fewer people than Austin TX) for less than two years. Her legislation is good ethics reform, promoting oil drilling, and doing away with many pork-barrel projects, as well as lowering taxes.

So for those of you who believe that Obama does not have any experience or that Palin’s experience is better than his, I ask you to look at their records. I’ll take Obama’s vast and far broader experience over Palin’s thin experience (and she might be a new governor but there are many cities in the US with larger populations than her state) any day. ”

The other factor which I’m amazed that no one’s commenting on yet is the woman’s clear, raging ego. I mean, all politicians have egos, granted. And it’s one thing to blame McCain/his advisors for ‘using’ Palin by making her their pick. But the fact that she said YES?! To TAKE the ticket offered to you, when you’re so inexperienced? What kind of egotistical, deluded maniac would do such a thing?!

31 08 2008
Diane - Washington state

I was so glad to discover your site. I was baffled at McCain’s choice. I have been trying to find out as much information as I can about Gov. Palin. What I have discovered so far has not convinced me that she should be in the #2 spot.
I just pray to God that #1 McCain does not win the election and #2 if McCain does win the election he does not die!
Being a 55 year old white female, she reminds me of Anita Bryant – anyone remember Anita? So many strives have been made in women’s rights, gay rights, etc. it would be a shame to elect someone who would take us back to the 1970’s.
I work in a middle school and I really do not want to see creationism taught in the schools. If you want creationism taught to your children either do it yourself or enroll them in a parochial school.
I get annoyed when people dispute Obama’s experience. For one, he has a degree in International Affairs from Columbia (I think this trumps a journalism degree) as far as knowledge of the world. Secondly, he has his law degree and has taught Constitutional Law at the University of Chicago (a highly regarded university). Obviously our current administration has butchered the constitution so it would be nice to have someone in office that is well versed on the constitution.

All in all I think McCain really blew it. Hopefully the American people will figure this out and quickly!!

31 08 2008
elizabeth bennett

I would like permission to post your article on a local newspaper’s website.

31 08 2008

You seem to have a very serious direction of where you’re going. Also you live in Alaska, which we all know is the closest state to Russia. So given that you’re an expert on the Russia-Georgian conflict, can you let us know what we should do to rectify the situation? Thanks!

31 08 2008

Love the blog!

31 08 2008

PS I am a woman and I am very insulted by McCain picking Palin. I make a mean beef stew, but that doesn’t mean I’m qualified to be VP.

31 08 2008
Vida Mas Vida

My Dear AKM, Have you got some muck to rake! There’s nobody else to do this but you. Don’t sleep, don’t eat, and find that Sue Williams chick. (Although her grammer is too perfect for me to believe she’s from hicktown Alaska.) The mainstream media is moribund. This is your DeepThroat moment! Praise Jesus!

31 08 2008
mlh chicago illinois

I found your site while looking for information on who-the-heck-is-Sara-Palin. I am a non-commenting kind of girl, but I feel compelled to let you know how much I enjoyed your blog. Great writing. I have forwarded your link to several people. Who knew Alaskan politics could be so interesting?

31 08 2008
Steve Provost

Fine writing. Please keep it coming. I’m not a big fan of James Carville, but I read a quote of his the other day in which he said the intent of a candidate in making his VP selection should be to make the opposing campaign manager throw up. I doubt this pick had that effect on Obama’s campaign manager – he’s probably still marveling at his good fortune – but it is sickening to think there are so many fools in this country who’d vote for someone as unqualified as this.

31 08 2008

My oldest (and wisest) sister forwarded a link to your site to all of her siblings, and I am very glad she did. Please keep writing your eye opening take on Palin. The thought of her being 2nd in command of our country is terrifying. Hopefully the mainstream media gets a look at your site…thanks for your work.

31 08 2008

Great site, very well-written and amusing. Keep up the good work. This babygate thing, if it turns out to be true, has just got to be one of the most amazing stories ever told! How did she imagine she’d get away with it? I’m from New Zealand. Got as far as Fort St John in B.C. once, but turned right and went to Alberta instead.

31 08 2008

Just looking at Dave Jamison’s post (about five up). What does ‘sack up’ mean in Alaskan?

I have no idea….but I sacked him!

31 08 2008

Old Swimmer asked: “What don’t you like about John McCain?” and assumed we can’t answer that. Um, I don’t want to take up all your bandwidth, so I’ll hit the highlights… and I’m his constituent from Arizona. Let’s see – I’ll just take one: flip flopping on just about everything.

Lying to the WishList (Republican women who are Pro-having-control-over-our-bodies); Making a big deal about how he had no control over his body when he was a prisoner of war, but not wanting that freedom for 50% of the human race. Actually Saying he will repeal Roe vs. Wade. Flip flopping on the immigration issue, depending upon who is in his audience. Saying his first act in office will be to make sure the US never tortures another prisoner, but also publicly stating that he supported Bush’s stance on torture.

ah hell – i just can’t list em all here. Go see for yourself… then again, the guy IS 71. Probably can’t remember what stance he takes on anything anymore. Let’s hear it for the party sponsored by Depends!

There are funny YouTube videos on his flip flops- and all this from a party that named Kerry the flip flopper. http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=mccain+flip+flop&aq=0&oq=McCain+flip+

31 08 2008
John O

Hey, mudflats, thanks for all the referrals over the past coupla days.

I appreciate it, and you keep up the good work. You’re suddenly kind of a good source to know. Congrats!

Thanks again.

John O
Beware The Man

1 09 2008

very very great blog man..
i want to be like you.. hhe..

1 09 2008

I am so glad that I stumbled apon these via an etsy forum of all places. Thank you for your clarifications and Alaskan perspective.

1 09 2008

Thanks for all the work you do. I had no idea who Palin was much less what her history and political positions are. I appreciate the information very much and feel very lucky to have stumbled onto your site. Initially, I was excited about having a female on a national ticket but now after reading up just a bit feel incredibly insulted that my vote would be taken for granted merely because of the presence of a pair of ovaries. Do they really think women are that superficial and stupid? A few may be but the vast majority are not, thank God.

1 09 2008

i found you befoe the ruckus, and I’m enjoying your writing style, perspective and content of course. wishing you continued success as those thoughts form more blog posts. I know the feeling, you’ve got the energy bubbling up and the country’s interest. http://www.patriciabright.wordpress.com

1 09 2008

This is a great blog. I am very new to reading blogs — and yours is terrific. Thank you for giving us your perspective on the Palin nonsense. What a joke! I spent two days reading about Palin, and doing some original source investigation of my own on newspaper links. You will save me some work!!

1 09 2008
Barbara and Kraig

Thank you for this lovely blog…The elections are waiting there, to be lost by the Democrats…Everyone, please keep vigilant. The thought of McCain/Palin being the boss of me is intolerable…but a lot of folks don’t see it that way. Continue to show up. Contine to stand up. Continue to speak up. Don’t be intimidated by the Feds’ harrassment of the activists in Minnesota. For the moment, we still live in a free country. We all need to work hard to keep it that way. Thanks for all you do.

1 09 2008

Like many of the others, I found your web site this weekend and have also bookmarked it. I’ve really enjoyed reading your posts and have sent the address to several of my siblings – we were all born in Kodiak. So I do have some perspective on Alaskan politics and this woman is quite a piece of work. Our country will be in dire straits if she becomes Vice-president. (although it would be hard to top Cheney!) I was interested to see your photos of mudflats in Hope as my sister and brother-in-law have a cabin there. You really should try and get in touch with Keith Olbermann, and Rachel Maddow who will have a new show on MSNBC next week
Keep up the good work!

1 09 2008

Love your blog – came across it on HuffingtonPost when the Palin announcement was made. I’ve passed it along to everyone I know! I’ll keep checking back – Keep the updates coming from Alaska!

1 09 2008

Being hyperlinked by Gawker.com is something…Though I am not an American citizen (I have extended family who are though), I admire the relative freedom its citizens in expressing their views (including expletives and a few unprintables).

As an Aunt of mine quoted, “You can kick around the American Government, but never the American Spirit…” c”,

1 09 2008

I’ve so enjoyed your blog, and passed it on to many of my ‘lower 48’ friends….you really summarized my thoughts about the whole Palin commotion. I live in the Valley, and proudly display my Obama sign in my yard and in my car windows. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us….it is refreshing to know there are a few other like-minded individuals in our state!

1 09 2008
karen marie

thank you, mudflats, for welcoming us non-alaskans to your most excellent blog.

i hope people aren’t making too much of a mess and pick up after themselves, bring you a little cake perhaps.


p.s. despite how this palin mess might make alaskans feel they’re becoming a laughingstock, i am sure there are many like me who understand that the palin mess does not define alaska. it appears to be a lovely state with a lot of good-hearted people. be alaskan and be proud.

1 09 2008
Anna P

I am so thankful that you have presented the pink elephant that the mainstream media is walking around. I hear the GOP is already smearing you, trying to discret anyone who dares pull the curtain back (like TOTO) You GO DUDE!

1 09 2008
karen marie

after i posted my comment above i went back and read all of the comments from the top down.

what a party it is.

i don’t know how much you’re looking for things to poke in to but on friday i visited the official alaska governor’s page and there was a link to “first gentleman’s bio.” it was disabled (along with the archived photos, of course). on sunday i revisited the page and it had been changed and the link to “first gentleman’s bio” was removed completely. i sent an email to the webmaster about the disabled link on saturday, i think, but have not yet received a response. today i visited the page again and now the page has been again changed and includes a link to “first gentleman’s biography” but it’s disabled. i sent the webmaster another email asking to be supplied with whatever should have been at that link on thursday last.

i find it curious that there should be a link and no destination behind it and that they would then remove it, then put it back but still without a destination.

what is it that we don’t know about todd palin?

2 09 2008

Just stumbled upon your blog and absolutely love it. My dad was in the military and moved to Alaska in 1980, when he retired they moved to the Valley. I visit them regularly in Wasilla (moved to Seattle after college), and, like you, was utterly shocked about the Palin choice. I’ve followed Palin’s rise in Alaska but never, ever, in a million years would I have imagined this. Looks like we have our distraction from any substantive discussion for the forseeable future. Thanks for the photos, also, been trying to convey the “uniqueness” of Wasilla proper to friends, and I think they sum it up nicely.

2 09 2008
Karl Vick

I’d quote you if only I knew who you are.

2 09 2008

I like your style. 🙂

2 09 2008

I found you on HuffPo also. Hilarious. Thanks so much.

2 09 2008


2 09 2008

Fantastic writing and a fresh, ground-level look at local politics and culture. So glad we (America) found you. Good luck, Be safe. Keep writing.

2 09 2008

It’s nice to read something of this subject from an Alaskan who isn’t a Palin clone. I’m glad I found your blog. Thanks for your efforts.

2 09 2008

I just wanted to send a grand and grateful “thank you” for being our host on a National scale — a scale that I’m sure you never previously imagined (nor, apparently, did Senator McCain’s vetting team). Finding your blog over the weekend was exactly what I needed. Your writing is as fresh as it is informative, and I applaud you. As a Progressive Arizona resident for over 25 years (I reside in one of AZ’s few “True Blue” counties), we have watched our dear Senator become more and more unstable over the last 8 years. His first major decision as our potential president has left me & my breathren breathless, angry, and frightened. And pissed. But please don’t stop writing! I promise you I’ll keep visting (and recommending) your blog long after your Gov has stepped down from the VP slot & drifted into obscurity (or jail).

2 09 2008

Like so many who have already left messages, I too was searching over the internet this past weekend for information about Governor Palin. Thanks for writing such an informative blog. I would really like to hear more about her association with the “Independence for Alaska” party, as this aspect of her concerns me the most. The Republicans made such a big deal about both Barrak and Michelle’s patriotism, what about Palins??? Thanks for all the great work and time that you have devoted to this blog. I know that not only myself but so many others are grateful

2 09 2008
Rachel Drinkard

Congrats on the rise to Internets fame! Good work.

3 09 2008

I think it’s mean to suspect John McCain of having some kind of age-induced dementia simply because he is 71 or 72 years old. I live with a guy who’s 73 and still totally with-it mentally and intellectually.
On the other hand, if only 50 % of what you are telling us about Gov Palin is 100% true, you’ve got to wonder about the old Republican presidential candidate guy’s ability to make wise decisions and help our nation get out of the mess caused by 8 years of Bush and his oil-influenced and extremely greedy cronies. I’m a big Obama fan from Day One, but– having seen the nation go for a second series of Bush wacking, my worst fears are now that — heaven forbid— the Dem’s will not make the grade again. Our nation is headed for total disaster if that’s the case on Nov 2, so all the Dem’s and their sympathizers had better keep their sleeves rolled up, and their noses to the grind stone– it’s not over until Midnight of Election day, or even later if we have to live through another chads nightmare!

3 09 2008

Hey, where’s the info on the Mat Maid scandal? Is it real or imagined? Inquiring minds want to know.

3 09 2008
Marc in Chicago

Hi there! I just discovered your website today after learning that the great photo of the Wasilla City Hall (which I posted on my blog yesterday) came from you. Today I’ve reposted your wonderful movie theater photo AND credited your blog for both photos. Having looked back at your old blogs from a few weeks ago and the ones you’ve posted since Palin entered the national spotlight, this must be a very exciting time for you–with hundreds of people from around the world posting comments on your blog. You’re suddenly famous, sir!!! Keep up the great posts and pics–and thanks for sharing them with the rest of us.

3 09 2008

I agreed with the comments encouraging you to connect somehow with national news – thinking immediately of Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow specifically. Although if yo are linked on the Huffington Post, they have probably discovered you by now. I will join the ranks of all those who are sending your site link to concerned citizens. I too was struck by the ego of this woman (Sarah Palin) to even think to put herself in the same league as Hillary Clinton in her speech – I was just appalled, but am surprised by how many find her to be “a breath of fresh air!” So congratulations on your excellent blog. Just want to mention the curiosity of the comments referring to you as “sir” since I distinctly recall you photos of Wasilla post mentioning have to ask your husband to stop the car – although I guess that is also presumptuous on my part since it assumes a heterosexual marriage!

3 09 2008

Dude plzz add me to your blogroll:

3 09 2008

Thank you for bring here to add a voice of sanity in a situation that is schizoid!

3 09 2008
Maryann Rose

I have really enjoyed your blogs, and have only read a few today, all informative and with a sly sense of humor. I’ll be bookmarking your page and checking in regularly. I always thought Alaska must be a fascinating place, and though I’m not fond of Ms. Palin, I’m getting an education about Alaska from your insightful point of view.

So, thanks! From Maryann in Orlando, FL.

3 09 2008

First, thank you for giving me back my sanity.

Living in Anchorage and having to try to explain this over and over again to friends / family Outside has just been miserable… Now I’ve sent them your link so that they can follow an Alaskan take on the latest September surprise.

AKM, you and I have had so many of the same reactions. When I read that the high school senior, Levi, was on a southbound flight; I too just covered my face. Kind of seemed like a Republic Convention tabloid rendition….

This feels so embarrassing – like watching an updated version of the Beverly Hillbillies (replace Hillbillies with Snowbillies).

To rewrite a phrase from a recent speech given in Denver –
Alaskans can be better than these last 8 people… really.

Sheila – artist in Spenard

3 09 2008


4 09 2008

McCain Camp Knocks Down Enquirer’s Palin Rumor

I guess the Enquirer claims Palin had an affair with her husband’s business partner. I haven’t read the Enquirer so I don’t know specifics. Have you heard anything locally?

LOVE your blog!!

4 09 2008

I have been reading your blog since Friday (Sarah Palin’s day one) and you are fantastic! So funny! So informative! Thanks!! You were brave to watch the speech last night. I couldn’t do it. Yuck.

4 09 2008

Love your blog – thanks for publishing. Please keep providing us with the facts and real life perspective.

I will be sure to pass this on to others who also have the ability to think for themselves. This being the case, they are of course Obama supporters.

BTW – my family and I visited Alaska this summer and had an amazine time. What a beautiful and unique place. We actually learned from speaking to people there that the politics were messed up. But, wow – we had no idea…

4 09 2008
christy kennedy

Thanks for a great blog. It’s my and many others’ newly favorite. Great writing. Funny, poignant, full of good inside poop, and dead on, issue-wise.

4 09 2008
Michael Knize

Here’s my take:
The people in the hall arrived in a desperate state with all their hopes pinned on Palin.
The viewing public tuned-in in droves to get a look at the new tabloid sensation and to see if the republicans would self-destruct.
Palin survived the night thanks to a combination of understandably low expectations, competent speech writers, her undeniable political poise and the impetus of her newfound celebrity.
For the delegates it was cathartic.
For the viewers it was a mixed bag.
But from my perspective she did not reveal the kind of star power needed to derail the relentless Obama strategy.
The right-wing base has been reinvigorated. Independents and moderates are scratching their heads still.
McCain lives to see another day. Palin lives to either be shuffled into the background where she can’t do any damage, serve as a cheerleader to keep the base energized or actually go out and become an operative in the campaign. To me she is only relevant if she does the latter and it will be a while before we know whether she can survive a starting position in the big leagues.
She may be a pit bull – but the RNC was like a preview viewing at a dog show – not the pit.
There are a lot of factors that will shape what happens next. Very hard to predict.
(I worked in SE Alaska in my younger days – carpenter, logger, etc. so at least I have some sense of the place and it’s people)

4 09 2008

The republican convention’s theme seemed to be about McCain’s heroism. Almost every speaker reminded us of what a hero John McCain is. Even John McCain on the last night told us what a hero he is and what he endured and suffered for his country. In the past six months they have run adds on the same theme. I doubt very few americans have not seen the film of McCain lying on the bed as he was a captive. There are probably very few, if any americans that have not heard the McCain hero story. Well, I have no problem with that, it’s all true, EXCEPT —- 58,169 troops DIED in Vietnam at the average age of 24. They are dead, most of them didn’t get a chance to marry , have children or live to the ripe old age of 72. Over 40,000 were wounded and disabled. Many of them coming home without one or two of their legs or arms, or eyes, or in wheel chairs for the rest of their life. So far over 30,323 of our troops have been wounded in Iraq, and over 4,100 have DIED in Iraq, at the average age of 21. They didn’t get the opportunity to have a family, they didn’t get the opportunity to divorce their first wife and marry again, or have children, or work in the senate for 26 years and be paid by the taxpayers of this country. The didn’t get to have more homes than they can count, or fly in private jets, or run for the presidency, they DIED!!. And so far over 30,300 have been wounded in Iraq, and thousands of them have come home without one or two of their legs, or arms, or eyes, or paralyzed. I know some of these veterans and none of them like to talk about their sacrifices because they can always tell you about someone who was worse off than themselves. They don’t consider themselves “heroes”, So sad that John McCain isn’t like them.

5 09 2008

Yes Akmuckraker, Yes !
you stated:”My biggest beef with Sarah Palin is not the fact that her daughter got pregnant. I dislike the fact that Palin, if she were able, would not allow other girls the right to make a choice in the first place. I dislike the fact that she brought her daughter to the convention and tried to hide the fact that she was pregnant by having her hold the baby in front of her. I dislike the fact that despite her support for her own daughter, she cut funding to Covenant House and to help other unwed mothers cope with the choice they did make, in a world that is not always kind. I have avoided diving into the Bristol and Levi myspace pictures and rampant speculation happening elsewhere. But the actual issues need to be discussed. I have tremendous sympathy for Bristol. Her life has become a lot more complicated than it needed to be. AKMuckraker”

As a volunteer at Covenant House back in the 80’s (for three years) and a teen mother, we are on the same page with our thoughts.

I am thankful that you choose not to repost that remake photo of McCain-Bristol from the downwithtranny site. It is pure victimization of a teen mother to repost it. I also post my thoughts here because it is off the front page and hopefully with less eyes to view. I wish to NOT further the victimization of teen mothers (or teen families) and discuss the issues (i.e. reduced funding to assist teens that are faced with creation situations).

I’m not sure how to go about discussing the stand our Gov has taken and not feel I’m furthering the victimiztion of a teen mothers, and feelings of the Gov’s teen mother.

As one can tell, I’m in total support of the teen mother (or teen family). And my fangs come out if anyone attempts to discredit a teen mother (or teen family).

Look, I been there. Hell, I was a walking, breathing statistical problem no matter what choice I made. I am soooooo thankful to have a choice. Yet urban Alaska people viewed me as a problem before they even knew me or my situation. I was treated as a problem before they knew anything about me. That is victimization in it crudest, most silent form.

My only problem with my teen motherhood situation, was a certian prevailing attitude, which can be appropriately described as this: A Middle school counselor approached my daughter and said she should not end up like me, a teen mother.

So, do you see where I want to discuss the stand our Gov has taken on choice, yet not victimize her daughter, now or in the future? It is the Gov’s views on choice that are the problem, not the teen family or the choice the teen presently has.

5 09 2008

Just want to thank you. You’ve got a great site here and you’re providing a wonderful public service. Bet when you started this, you thought it would only be local. I’ve passed your url along to about a dozen people and everyone’s delighted. Thank you again.

5 09 2008

Ditto what everyone else has said here — terrific blog– and I, too, have passed this along to everybody I know.

As an aside, someone needs to get Dorothy Emmons (the former Wasilla librarian) to come forth and tell her story. I was listening to an NPR show yesterday, with a rabid Republican lawyer on it, and when a man called in about this book-banning story, the lawyer told him that this story was “nothing but innuendo and rumor,” and that she was sick of this sort of attack on Palin. So, to have Emmons come forward would be really helpful. Fortunately, a lot of Palin’s other issues are public record (such as her support of the “Bridge to Nowhere” and her penchant for earmarks). The Democrat they had on the show pointed out that, at some point, Palin is going to have to answer some questions about her public record.

Anyway, great job and service you’re doing here. Thanks!

5 09 2008

Even though I just discovered your blog the other day because a friend sent it to me, I just wanted to say that I love it! Mostly for the reasons you started it because they’re the same reasons I started mine. As a journalist, I felt the need to write down my daily “I think I saw it on Mulberry Street”-type accounts and I gave into blogging. The only problem is now my mother has found it… oops…

In short – keep it up! It’s great stuff!

5 09 2008
David Dolan

I discovered your blog through surfing for information regarding the nomination of Sarah Palin and I must say that I really enjoyed reading it. You’re intelligent, funny, and pointed without lapsing into shrill demagoguery. Too many blogs on both the right and left leave me cold and I usually do not return to them. You should expand your blog’s scope and begin covering national politics. Keep up the good work!

5 09 2008


5 09 2008
Matt the man

Excellent work, AK. It’s so cool and important that the world is finding your blog… Amazing that you were there minding your own business and then this happens. Please keep digging into those mudflats and sharing everything you find…. it’s important that the truth come to the surface.

5 09 2008
KSE (Dixon, IL)

I found your blog thru Andrew Sullivan’s blog, and I just wanted to say “thank you” for all your work to keep us informed about Palin as a mayor and governor. Please thank Anne Kilkenny for her letter. I’ve been telling everyone about your blog and especially the letter. Keep it up! Take care!

5 09 2008

When I went there, the first thing I said was, “Wow! This is the Garden of Eden!” I’m not religious at all but Alaska is the place where God was most generous with beauty.

If I go back there, I’m afraid I’m going to get hooked just like you did. *sigh*

5 09 2008

Thanks a great deal for the work you have done thus far. It is a very bleak moment in U.S. history and I am glad to have people like you working to shape the public sphere.

5 09 2008

GOOD JOB……Thank You

6 09 2008
Julie P

I went ahead and took the liberty of adding you to my blogroll. CNN has a propensity of picking up my blog entries, especially those on Palin. Those entries are getting heavy traffic, most of it good. People are hungry to learn about her and while they are on my blog I found they are clicking around on my links looking for more info; therefore, I added you to my blogroll. I’ve sent a few people to your blog and I getting very positive feedback.

6 09 2008

How lucky for me to have Mudflats for my first blog experience. I’ve never joined in before, because of the mainly strident, loud and personal natures of most blogs.

Mudflats is different…thoughtful, concise and mainly civil. I have some sympathy with you because I was from the state that gave the world Cheney!

Keep up the good work.

6 09 2008
Nancy Valrance

Very interesting – how do I get a subscription to this blog?

6 09 2008

I happened across your site by accident and LOVED IT!! Of the thousands of sites addressing this political nightmare, your’s is the best and the first place I go each day. I lived on the Yukon in a village with my teacher husband for a short time , ( had to leave, they threatened to blow up our house) . People down here in the lower 48 don’t really have a clue about how things work in Alaska, and they see Sarah Palin as “one of them” . That’s a very scary thought! I have now trained my animals to attack anyone who utters her name! ( my animals consist of 4 cats and a a psychotic rooster) . You rock!, so you will be spared from any of my vicious animal attacks.

6 09 2008

Oh my! Your blog is helping me maintain my sanity! We need the perspective and facts you and your readers/writers bring to this insane Palin distraction.
And…while we are neck-deep in this distraction…Cheney is off to Georgia making agreements FOR US!
Barb and Janice

6 09 2008
Sarah P

Oh! This is so great, i’m such a fan of the news… did you ever see that segment, sports n’ shorts? who was that none other than yours truly, you betcha! Time fer’ dessert…


6 09 2008

Keep up the good and noble work. It is encouraging to see that not all Alaskans are rednecks, even a transplanted one.

FYI, you forgot the “mud” in “one man wrestling match” in your blog about Young. Considering the title of your blog, it is very important not to forget the ‘mud’.

6 09 2008

BTW, I notice that a lot of you seem to think that McCain made the choice but the choice was made by Karl Rove.

6 09 2008

you’ve probably already seen this, but fyi …
Alaskans Speak (In A Frightened Whisper): Palin Is “Racist, Sexist, Vindictive, And Mean”
September 5, 2008

6 09 2008
Migraine Man

I was sent a link to your blog by Ed Asner’s office. I had been looking for a printed version of the Anne Kilkenny letter that Randi Rhodes read on her show the other day. My brother does a blog from the Kenai Peninsula. He and I have completley different views on Palin, et al. I just now sent him the Kilkenny letter you posted. I thought you might be interested in reading what he had posted earlier. When you go to his blog, scroll down to August 31. Talk about polar opposites of ways of viewing Palin! Here is the link:

7 09 2008

cannot understand why any Hillary Clinton supporter would EVER vote for Sarah Palin. The only thing they have in common is their genetic chromosome. They are complete opposites in their political ideology. Notwithstanding, one woman has an extremely well defined platform and brilliant ideas and the other does not. See if you can decide which is which.

If women say they are switching their support from Democratic to Republican (which I have read repeately on other blogs and commentaries) because they wanted to vote for Hillary and could not, I find it odd that they would think that voting for Sarah is the answer. Perhaps they never really understood what voting for a woman meant in the first place — and they deserve what they will get.

Unfortunately, for all the rest of us who are sick to death of the last eight years of lies and hypocrisy, wars and cronyism, it would be better if America’s voters made an informed voting decision which is NOT based on whether Sarah has “become America’s sweetheart”. Running for the office of VP of the 50 United States has nothing to do with cute, charming, or gun totin’.

Furthermore, the very fact that a lot of men have expressed interest in her flirty little ways and cute bun, also shows that men in this country have not evolved much past the late 50’s. Sorry guys!

I thought we had learned a few things about equality during the latter part of the twentieth century.

Obviously, I was wrong.

Obama, here I come!

7 09 2008

I like your site. You seem to have current and very much needed information on Sarah Palin and family. There isn’t much out there. Keep us informed, soon your information will find it’s way to the national media.

7 09 2008
7 09 2008
Mike in Illinois

Great site.

Call me paranoid but the following scenario has recently occured to me:

(1) McCain is elected President due to the silent racist backlash in Western PA, Ohio and FL.;
(2) McCain dies in office and Palin becomes President;
(3) Things heat up with Russia and she decides to heed the words of her minister that the End Times are coming but will spare Alaska and initiates a thermonuclear exchange that ends all life on the planet.
(4) This arrives right on schedule with the end of Time as predicted in the Mayan calendar.

7 09 2008
Valerie Curl

Hmmm…I should have gone with my intuition and saved your email addy after discovering your site shortly after the Palin selection. However, I had no idea your blog would become so popular.

Congratulations. You’ve all the skills of a journalist and an ad writer. A joy to read.

Regardless, I just watched Palin’s performance during her ’06 gubernatorial debate on C-SPAN. I’m curious. Her performance, compared to Andrew Halco, is really extremely weak. In comparison, she’s a definite lightweight. So, how did she win the election? Was it because she’s a Republican in a largely Republican state and the people voted the ticket? What overriding appeal did she have over a candidate who seemed much more educated and knowledgeable on the various topics? Was it money?

I don’t understand it.



7 09 2008
Valerie Curl

Oy Vey!! If those really are the books she wanted to ban, then heaven help Alaska…and the rest of us.

I’ve read about half of that book list, and many of the books on that list are great books. Classics that expand the mind and lead to greater understanding of the human condition.

8 09 2008
Muda Bentara

Thanks for our sharing ….

8 09 2008
Mary from TN

Is this Alaskan Republican still supporting Obama?


8 09 2008

Thanks so much for your reporting — and — PLEASE — save the election for us!

8 09 2008

I love mudflats,

from a midwestern/califoria perspective, I find your opinions refreshing and insightful and i have been OBSESSED with Alaska lately.

Dudes and dudettes, check out this lovely lady on the improv scene and pass it on.

Can you believe that this gal has not made it big time?..she is big time talent.

Share share share…this is good!

Welcome Sarah Palin!

Palin caught rehearsing the first draft


8 09 2008

Thank you so much. Great writing. I was terrified and depressed until I read your blog. As a Hillary supporter (meaning sassy old white woman) I was disappointed for many reasons not the least of which is the ageism and sexism rampant in the US these days but I can assure you that all the other sassy old white women I know who voted for Hillary have no intention of voting for those two refugees from some horrible Karl Rove White Trash Reality TV Show. Palin is an insult to everything I believe in as a woman and her choice as VP provides a clear example of exactly what McCain, Rove, Dick “Darth Vader” Cheney and the rest of the pillagers and looters think of women.

These people are not Republicans. True, honest Republican conservatives are an important part of a two-party system and deserve respect. These people are greedy, rapacious, destructive liars and George Bush, as one of my male friends from Montgomery, Al puts it, is nothin but a low-crawling frat boy. In 8 years they have destroyed stability in the Middle East, sold us down the river to the Saudis, helped to provide China with the means to bring us to our knees, destroyed our economy, trashed the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, made huge inroads against Roe v. Wade, allowed a unique American city–New Orleans–to be destroyed and that’s the tip of the iceberg that’s melting.

Meanwhile they and their cronies are all walking out the door with piles of cash. There’s no money for our infrastructure, not enough money to properly take care of our veterans who have put themselves in harm’s way, not enough money to repair levees that date back to the 1800’s. But McCain can’t remember how many homes he has? Please. Enough. We, Hillary ladies will get back to you with our beefs once Obama has been elected!

9 09 2008
Phil Ramsey

Hey, how do I get to join the Mudflats Newletter Blog
I enjoy reading it

Phil Ramsey
Green Libral and proud of it

9 09 2008
9 09 2008

can you please post as many pics as possible of alaska legislators wearing the “where’s sarah” buttons? i can’t find any in a google image search or in stories.

for those who aren’t familiar, for the story from LAtimes yesterday, go to:


please post pictures!

and thanks again for mudflats!

9 09 2008

oops. forgot the ? mark. the buttons read: “Where’s Sarah?”.

sorry. had to correct that.

9 09 2008

Thank you for your fascinating insider view. This Canuck has you bookmarked.

9 09 2008

Hello Friends, I now have time to become politically active. Feel free to share this with any and all. Thank you for reading this!

An Alaskan Woman’s Perspective on Sarah Palin

I am Mary A., age 55, from Fairbanks, Alaska. I wish to voice my strong disapproval of the choice of Sarah Palin as the Republican Vice-Presidential Candidate. I expressed total disbelief when McCain selected her, as did most people in my life. Never in my wildest dreams had I considered her to be even remotely qualified to be our nation’s vice-president, much less our president should that ever be the unfortunate case. I have chosen to write down my thoughts and concerns and to share them with other voters in our state and nation. I want people to know what an Alaskan resident thinks about this choice and why. I have lived here for 30 years, and yes, my family enjoys many activities in the outdoors and in the wilderness. We own guns, we hunt, we fish,we enjoy moose burgers and caribou and salmon and halibut. We pick blueberries and cranberries and harvest gardens. We have sailed in Prince William Sound, the Gulf of Alaska and in Southeast Alaska. We have hiked and kayaked in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and other wilderness areas. We are active citizens, always vote, have raised two children here, and are proud to live in Alaska. But Governor Palin would never be our choice vice-president.

Yes, she was a mayor of a small town in Alaska with a small population of under 7000 during her tenure. She was elected with less than 700 total votes. Now she is the governor of our state which has less than 700,000 total residents, and has been so for only 18 months. She was elected with a total of 114,697 votes. Slightly over 239,000 people voted, the lowest voter turnout since 1990. You know, 17 cities in the U.S. have populations greater than the entire state of Alaska! Being Governor of Alaska is like being mayor of a U.S. city where only 239,000 people voted! She’s been learning about government in a small isolated town, and in a state with a small, and isolated population. A small population base makes for a small and often less selective candidate pool. Her experience from a national and world perspective truly is miniscule. It does not make her ready to be a major player on the world stage.

The more I have learned about this candidate since her selection, the more concerned I have become, both about what she is and what she isn’t. Many of my friends, both male and female, have echoed my concerns. Her characterization of her few government accomplishments is disengenuous to put it lightly. She has reaped the benefit of state coffers that are nicely in the black simply due to the state’s royalty share of oil profits. Outrageous world oil prices have given us a budget surplus, not policies from Sarah. She has not had to balance the budget or overcome deficits. She has actually increased our budget considerably. She has not cut our taxes. Alaska does not even have an income tax, nor state sales taxes. What taxes is she talking about? She was definitely for the “Bridge to No Where” until the very last minute and Alaska has kept the money allocated for that project. She has been an active supporter of other earmark funds as well. I am concerned about her national misrepresentation of herself.

During the last year and a half our state has been getting to know this new governor. Her relatively high approval rating may well be due to the “honeymoon” effect of her short tenure to date. That “honeymoon” was starting to end, however, since even before this VP nomination. Questions had already been raised by Alaskans about Palin and her professionalism and judgment. Topics that were already newsworthy concerns even before this selection include: unprofessional and disrespectful talk show behavior, rocky relationships with other elected women in government, and actions against government employees based on personal vendettas. However, most people were still giving her the benefit of the doubt, or, having been so busy living and working, they had paid little serious attention to state government or to Sarah. Plus, of course, when state coffers are overflowing and both permanent fund and energy assistance checks are in the mail (totaling over $3000 per person), constituent approval is understandable.

I do not ever want to be for or against a candidate simply because of age, race, religion, or gender. I do not want to vote for a candidate simply because I can “relate” to him/her. I can relate to many of the parents of my children’s friends. I can relate to women who have been soccer moms, hockey moms, homework moms, PTA moms, orchestra moms,…… as I have been. I can relate to the women in my thirteen year old book group. I can relate to people who enjoy singing, and dancing, and music. I can relate to my coworkers and colleagues. I can relate to these people in my life, but I don’t want to select any of them as my vice-president or president simply because I can “relate” to them. So far Sarah has not let me know what she truly thinks and believes about important issues. During her speeches, she simply replays what she said at her convention speech. I can only assume that she wants my vote based on gender, her religious views, her less than honest portrayal of her accomplishments as small town mayor and governor of a state with a small population, and because she can deliver caustic jabs at her opponents.

Despite her assertion that she is for honest and transparent government, she is apparently not willing to be transparent as a vice-presidential nominee. She has not yet answered any serious queries by the press so that I can get to know more about her other than Alaskan issues and “scandals”, her family matters, as well as her views on abortion, sex education and contraception. I want her to answer serious questions so that I can learn her views on important issues and about why she believes she is prepared for this position. The fact that she has hired a lawyer in regards to “Troopergate” makes me wonder how upfront she wants to be with this ethics investigation. Or, does she just want to stall this inquiry until after the election?

I want any candidate I vote for to be one of the best thinkers and decision-makers our country has to offer. I want them to be someone who can be respectful, who can unify, who can consider all sides of an issue, who can listen, who can evaluate, who can learn from the past. I want a candidate who can be respected both from within our country and from without. I now know that Sarah went to five colleges and then graduated with a degree in journalism and a minor in political science. I would like to know more about her background as a serious student and a deep thinker. If her grades were good or if she participated in university level organizations, this would be one way for me to know about her intellect. I have not yet seen a release of her GPA and most colleges where she attended can’t remember much about her. I want to hear her speak intelligently and “off the cuff” on many issues before I know whether she has the intellect for national office.

So far, most of her comments and her demeanor in the national spotlight have been sarcastic and divisive. This is not what I want in a national leader. She has been praised for becoming McCain’s “pit bull” and talking tough. But you know, if she can talk tough, she needs to truly be tough. Why isn’t she talking to the press on her own? Why is she able to dish it out yet is afraid to take it? The fact that McCain’s campaign says she needs to get ready to talk to the press, that she needs to prepare, and that the press needs to treat her with “deference” only shows me that she’s not ready to be on the national stage on her own. This is not what I want in my vice-president or possible president. She needs to be ready to face some truly formidable characters in many different regions of the world, with very high stakes at risk. How can she be ready for those sorts of confrontations if she can’t even “face” her own country’s press? How can she say she is for transparency in government if she refuses to open herself up to the press? Whether or not she has been under scrutiny for her personal life, she can’t hide from the press. She accepted this scrutiny when she accepted the nomination. Believe me, even more intense scrutiny comes with the job, even more than when interviewing for the job. How can I continue to interview her for this job, which is what I believe a campaign is about, if she won’t even answer my questions via “the press”? If she is elected, will she also feel that she has no obligation to speak with the press? Scary thought. As a woman, I want a female candidate to believe in herself and to feel confident and comfortable talking to the press. She is letting the McCain campaign treat her as a “fragile flower” even as they use her as their “pitbull”. A strong and confident woman would insist on talking to the press for herself. If she can’t handle this scrutiny, or this pressure, what will she do in a national crisis?

The more I learn about Sarah Pallin, the more I believe that she has not put “Country First” when she accepted this nomination. Sarah has not been honest about her accomplishments. She has not been realistic about her educational preparation. She has not been realistic or transparent about her knowledge and preparation for dealing with the national economy. She has not been realistic or transparent about her knowledge and preparation for dealing with world affairs. She is not ready to face her own country’s press much less world leaders and the world press. She is not prepared for this important national and world position and SHE SHOULD KNOW THIS! Is she flattered by the nomination and unable to see beyond her ego that she is unqualified? Is she complicit in realizing that she is not qualified yet is simply being used as bait for the religiously conservative fundamental and female votes? My conclusion is that Sarah is in this for Sarah. She’s willing to sell our country out for the glory of the nomination and for the chance at being a Republican window dressing. She won’t be getting my vote!

9 09 2008

Thanks for the clues. Truly amazing. I think my 12 year old son has a better handle than Palin. Appreciate the insight.

10 09 2008

Just wanted to drop a quick note and say I’m really enjoying your blog. Thanks for the great information and a much more realistic view of Sarah “The Pitt Bull” Palin than the Republicans want to sell us.

10 09 2008
Carrie Ann

You are a better journalist than the media whores we have on TV! When bloggers do better than coroporate Television, it’s time to dump the media into a sewage pond. I love your blog! Can you tell? – former Alaskan living in Washington state where the republicans are just luke warm weird!

10 09 2008

yup yup…sure kris. “yawn”

10 09 2008

Lucas…you are coming here to talk about love and peace?? Is this the same type of spin that the McCain camp uses? You gotta be kidding.

10 09 2008

Two words, THANK YOU! I have just stumbled on your blog tonight and am so thrilled I did. Your very well written views and opinions are a breath of fresh air. Hmm, kinda like that smog free Alaskan air I grew up with. 😀 I was born and raised in Fairbanks and have been longing for the peace of mind I found living in Alaska for years. We’re a military couple PCSing our way through the “lower 48”…currently in California.

I will be a frequent visitor and have already forwarded your blog address to a few people I know will be appreciative readers. Can’t wait for your next post!

11 09 2008
John Henry

This is the best thing to come out of this fiasco. Thanks for this excellent blog. In a world where Exxon is one of the largest advertisers on all of are news programs, this blog is truly a public service.

11 09 2008
Mudflats on Sarah Palin & The Donnie Darko Connection « West Coast Grrlie Blather

[…] Do read the comments as well. There are comments about Sarah Palin everywhere, even on the “About Mudflats” page.  (NB: Mudflats is a blogger, so don’t bother leaving me comments about how the […]

11 09 2008
G. Stone

Is this true? We need Bridge Facts and they seem to be in this post and they’re convincing – but as a Mudflats admirer I’d like them confirmed – this is getting ridiculouser by the minute:

What follows is a post from another blog that contains “facts” I haven;t seen elsewhere, bout timing, etc. :

The rest of the story:

There was a separate earmark for the Gravina Island Highway (the road to no-where) which was to lead to the bridge-to-nowhere. The language on that earmark wasn’t changed. Alaska had to use the money for the highway or return it to the federal government. Surprise, surprise the Gravina Island Highway is under construction. Since there isn’t a bridge, it ends at an empty beach.

This road-to-nowhere is what Palin should have said “no thanks” to. Her claim of reformer, maverick, looking out for taxpayer money would be more believable.

I want to know who she said “no thanks” to because the language designating the earmark for 2 bridges was changed by congress in 2005. She was elected in 2006.
In a compromise with Stevens because the bridge had become so controversial, congress removed the designation for the BRIDGES but allowed Alaska to keep the money. So who did she say “no thanks” to?
Plus, there were 2 bridges involved. The one we know as the bridge to nowhere and the Knik Arm Bridge (officially named Don Young’s Way). Work is continuing on that bridge. Not actual construction yet but all the preliminary work with planning, environmental impact statements etc.
I think the ethics of continuing that bridge are questionable. The bridge designation was stripped from the earmark. True Alaska got to keep the money but it seems like a wink wink to still use it on that 2nd bridge.

11 09 2008
Betty Fisher

Sarah Palin is against Birth Control, not just for unmarried people, but
for anyone. No one seems to bring this out because they seem to
assume that she only means for unmarrieds, especially teens.

Women, in particular need to know this…but EVERYONE is ignoring it!

11 09 2008
santa claus

If, as I have heard, Ms Palin believes creationism is sensible and merits a place in the school system then I would suggest that her intellectual abilities are severely dysfunctional. Religious concepts like this and belief in them especially to the point of introduction into the schools makes me wonder how she might suspend her reasoning abilities as VP or potential President. If she can with a straight face suggest that dinosaurs roamed the Earth a mere 6000 years ago I fear for the furure of our country. Magic, superstition and religion do not belong in our government and personally I am fearful of allowing someone with this bizzare concept to make rules that others have to follow; this is a religious concept that belongs in the middle ages, akin to believing that the sun and planets circle a flat earth. Somebody tell me that its not true that she believes in creationism, please- I’m starting to get scared. How can anyone with a rational mind deny the mountains of evidence that Darwin began to accumulate which has been repeatedly proven over and over again? Religion does strange things to some people indeed. It borders on psychosis. If she gets elected and espouses this concept it means that she and countless supporters are delusional. This is very frightening- the country has gone mad.

11 09 2008

Dude….what is going on with the interview. I am waiting for your commentary.

11 09 2008


12 09 2008
Kate Henry

I love your blog. But, I have a request. Can you post the replies in reverse order so that the newest are at the top. It is frustrating to try to get to the newer posts when there are 400+ posts. Posting in reverse order keeps the article fresh and relevant.

12 09 2008

Thanks for keep all us folks outside of AK, with your truths,

Kind, Regards, Gregor
Nuclear and Indigenous Items of Interest blog http://gregornot.wordpress.com/

12 09 2008

Said this before, will say it again.

Thank you. Great site. Well written.

13 09 2008

THANK YOU for consistent, well written, informational posts. I am thrilled YOU were READY ON DAY ONE! Obviously, as a concerned citizen, you have been working at the grassroots level of Alaska’s politics for a long time. You have helped many of us in the lower 48 understand some of the ongoing complexities of your state’s political issues.

13 09 2008

Is it just me or does Sarah Palin seem to have come straight out of a Coen brothers movie? You betcha!

13 09 2008

This Site! WOW! Don’t intentionally change a fuckin thing

14 09 2008

There’s another Eddy Burke, a singer/songwriter from MN (I think). I listened to a couple of quick clips of his music and he sounds like the opposite of your Eddy Burke. It might be worth your time to call him and see if he would like to come out in support of the ‘Alaska Women Reject Palin’ group–that would prolly make a few of the Palindrones scratch their heads.

14 09 2008
Alaska Women Reject Palin - Debate Politics Forums

[…] the liberal attack machine is once again reduced to blogs as their "hard news source". About Mudflats __________________ Pain can be such a beautiful thing McCain/Palin – Change we can believe […]

14 09 2008

Thank you for sharing your insights and introducing a part of Alaska I didn’t know about. I look forward to learning more from and about true Alaskans. Excellent article. Keep it up.

14 09 2008

Excellent blog!!!! Great job with the post about Alaska women rejecting Palin!!!


14 09 2008
Thinking Woman

Bravo, Alaskans. I take a lot of comfort reading about this! Keep it up.

I just started my own blog September 13 here in the Washington, D.C. area.


I would like your advice about doing an anti-Palin rally here In the DC metropolitan area. There are many furious people – men and women – who want the truth to be told.

How did you get so many people involved in your rally?

What do you think about a nationwide day of rallies – call it something like “Thinking People Care About Issues” with a strong anti-Republican and pro-Democrat rallying cry?

Please write back to the blog and help your East Coast partners. Thank you!

14 09 2008
Carolyn Baker

So glad to find your site. Relatives of mine just moved to Anchorage from northern CA, and I wondered – despite the natural beauty and colorful history – if they’d find it hard to make friends. I’m giving them your url so they can warm their hands at the fire on Mudflats, as I will be doing.

14 09 2008

As a “been there from the start” watcher/first time blogger, lifetime Alaskan woman, I just want to take a moment to thank you so much for doing this. No longer a stranger in our strange land.

May I suggest the boots logo be changed to X-tra Tuffs?

14 09 2008

I’ve heard several comments about the thousands of extra dollars it has cost state agencies to conduct official business in Anchorage instead of in Juneau, due to Palin’s insistence that she remain closer to home. That means lots of to/from air travel by state staff who are dislodged from their Juneau headquarters, plus hotels, meals, etc. Has anyone computed those extra costs?? Also — I agree about the Xtra-Tuffs. The yellow boots are far too ‘chi chi’ for AK.

14 09 2008
Bob Lippman

GREAT GREAT GREAT-I am a 64 year young person who owns guns and has opinion leanings on both sides. But for the last 2 years I have taken on the Obama cause and work real hard to see that he is elected… He is the future of this country. I have to tell you that Alaska’s Ms Moose-hair do is a very dangerous person. She is totally out of touch and stupid or maybe dumb as a fox…
Anyway,I do not understand how any woman could even think of voting in her direction with her views on Pro-Life and other crazy things that completely erode a womans right for choices.
Great to see your site.
Bob Lippman and Family
Palenville,NY (located in the Catskill Mountain area of NYS)

14 09 2008

Greetings from Wisconsin (cold and snow too).
My friend from Seattle told me to check out this site.
Why does stuff like this not get on the national news? That is the anti Palin rally.
During our primary in Feb or March this year, I attended two rallies. One was for Obama and one was for (Hillary) but it was Bill Clinton representing her.
I am forever an Obama supporter.
1 1/2 hour before the Obama rally there were huge crowds waiting to get into the small venue (The Waukesha County farm expo center). It ended up packed.
The next day Bill was at the same place. I arrived 30 min before he was to arrive and there were only 4 cars in the parking lot. I was going to leave because I did not want to be part of this embarassingly small amount of people.
I decided to stay with the thought “People have paid thousands of dollars to see this man and I get to see him for free. More people did arrive but very few compared to Obama.
Obama won the state no problem and not with squeek by numbers (17%).
Hopefully, your scouting of these two rallies is an omen of what is to come for Obama.
My first thoughts about Palin. “Does McCain have no sense of decency for the sake of this nation?”

14 09 2008

Please help us on the mainland to understand what is going on. This is frightening. Do not let these guys intimidate you. We are pulling for you and your efforts

14 09 2008
marguerite manteau-rao

I have become a big fan of your blog. Great source of news on my favorite subject. Sarah Palin. Got to get my facts straight for Fake Sarah Palin Blog:


14 09 2008

My cousin sent me this web site and I must say that I’m amazed at the turn-out you all had at the Anti-Palin rally! I live in the mountains of Western North Carolina where most of the locals are Republican to the core and will probably vote McCain/Palin unfortunately. I’ve been trying to read everything I can find about Palin and Alaska and just didn’t figure I’d see anything that wasn’t highly in praise of this train-wreck ticket.
PLEASE – – keep speaking out, keep rallying – whatever it takes to bring your concerns to the media and the lower 48! People down here need to see that Gov. Palin isn’t all she’s cracked up to be!

14 09 2008

Found you through an email, great stuff. I live in the land of the Potato (Idaho) and just say you were born in Idaho or went to school her for a semester or two and everyone here thinks Ms Palin is there buddy and so great, absolulty blinded by everything.
Idaho is as Red a State as you get in lower 48, we deal with the same type of rural state political system, cronyism, corruption and extremist christain values, it just crazy and a bit scary. I really enjoy reading the info, thanks, Good luck and take care.

14 09 2008

Thank you for your blog. I’ve spent a lot of time in Alaska and I’m so happy to see a voice like yours out there. The MSM (of which I was a card carrying member) is happy to portray the place solely as RED state Palinville, and we know that’s not the whole story.

Please keep it up! And a request, if you add this wordpress plug-in http://sharethis.com/ – people can easily share your posts in a variety of ways (facebook, email, digg etc). Would be a great way to spread the word. Feel free to contact me if you want more info.

Thanks again, take care.

14 09 2008

One of the best blogs I have found. We in Idaho have our share of fanatics. We are all working very hard to restore our credibility with grassroot efforts. Reading this blog and the overwhelming response, I am quite excited about our future for America. keep up the great work.

Moscow, Idaho

14 09 2008

WOW!! What a showing at the “Alaskan Women Reject Palin” rally!!! This gives me great hope that she will be exposed for the charletan that she is. Please continue to keep us posted on these doings so we down here in the lower 48 can stay connected to THINKING folks in Alaska. I was VERY happy to find your blog!
Watching the polls tip over towards the McPalin ticket since SP was usherd onstage, I am terrified that too many Americans care about nothing more than the fact that SP will never have an abortion! “Ya know Charlie…we can actually SEE Russia from some places in Alaska!” and “oil! ” is her offering when asked about her foreign policy experience? That should scare voters to death…..assuming any are listening!

Dahna in California

14 09 2008

Seriously, great blog! Although I’m a journalist (or at least, trying to…I just graduated from college this past June), I’ll have to admit that I’m not really big on politics. I’ve been coming to your blog to read up on Sarah Palin and I am really glad to have found an Alaskan’s perspective on everything because I feel that it’s really lacking in the general media. Keep up the great work! I’m adding you to my blogroll!

14 09 2008
Terry Carroll

Thanks very much for this public service to the other 49 states. We need you badly right now. This crazy Sarah Palin fever dream that has gripped much of the nation is spooky. Information from the mouths of Alaskans is what we need to cure this ailment.

But it must be costing you all lot with all this traffic. How can we help?

I would like to donate $100. Please give me directions. (Add a pledge button on the front page.)


Terry Carroll
Oakland, California

15 09 2008

Very informative and interesting! Thanks for sharing. Cheers,lea

15 09 2008

I am praying for this country, because a house divided against itself cannot stand. I know that the mccain people don’t care about the rest of the world, they should. We owe everybody. Foreigners own a lot of the United States. They are under the illusion that we are the only superpower and the truth is our strength is dwindling everyday. Banks are failing, peole are losing jobs and homes. So, for those of you that will destroy this country because you don’t want to see Senator Obama in the White House, and we all know why, all I can say is GOD BLESS AMERICA.

15 09 2008
Mary C

Congratulations to you Alaskan folks for carrying out the First Amendment! As a former resident of Fairbanks now living in California, I am so amazed that some of the lower 48 folks think ALL Alaskans would support Governor Palin, who really is Dick Cheney in drag! All of us voters & taxpayers deserved better than this horrible choice the GOP served up. Governor Palin is a snake oil salesman, who I hope news organizations keep investigating and reporting on through election day. All Americans need to say enough to this political pandering and non-issue campaigning by the Republican party. I’m proud to be supporting Obama/Biden in 2008!

15 09 2008
The Heat is on in Alaska! « Ugot2Bkidding

[…] to AKMuckraker over at Mudflats, “Sarah Palin does not speak for all Alaska women, or […]

15 09 2008

Great Blog – I visited Girtwood about a year ago, and vowed to one day return. I still can’t find a burger that tops the silvertip ….

15 09 2008
What’s a Blog? « Midd Blog

[…] bloggers do not provide original news or information. For example, I have been recently reading Mudflats, a political blog based in Alaska, because “AKMuckraker” has been providing first hand […]

15 09 2008

Thank you so much for doing what you do.

15 09 2008

Your blog has many fans in Big D…..Dallas, TX that is!
Thanks for all of the great info on Palin and what she’s really done and not done for Alaska.

15 09 2008

Surprised to see so many Chicagoans on this site. Get in touch…

16 09 2008

I have read that Governor Sarah Palin spoke earlier in 2008 to a meeting of the Alaskan Independence Party. Is there a videotape or written transcript of her speech?

16 09 2008
Kenneth Mark Hoover

Great website. We need more people who are willing to stand up and Speak Truth To Power. Our strength is in our numbers and it’s good to see there are lots of brave Americans who are fighting these right-wing smears in Alaska.

Keep fighting, and keep showing the Republicans for the putrid creationist-freak America-hating liars they really are.

Obama/Biden ’08!

16 09 2008
Burt Cohen

Any way I could interview a spokesperson on my radio show Thursday at noon eastern time, about the rousing success at the recent demo??
Thanks very much

16 09 2008
Alan, Alycia and Dibby Dog

Thanks for keeping us in the lower 48 states up to date……..the media makes it seem that Mrs Palin is universally loved and supported by everyone but Bears, Moose and Democrats that are intelligent.

I just hope your Governor has not screwed you people out of all of the past support of that great GOP group in Washington……I have a feeling that Mrs Palin is going to be the Republican scapegoat for McCain’s own poor campaign judgement in running such a negative campaign. Troopergate isn’t helping Sarah Palin either, but I am a Democrat and love seeing them squirm while wearing out that pigs lips!!

OBAMA / BIDEN in 2008!!!!!!!

17 09 2008

Thanks for this! I grew up in Anchorage and have been studying overseas for the last few months. I’m asked lots of questions about Palin now and I’m getting my answers from here.

17 09 2008
Maggie Fisher

Hello Mudflats in Alaska,
I came upon your blog site via realpolitics.com, then the reference to Charles Gibson’s interview of your governor, therein I believe your blog was highlighted. I finally was able to get up off the floor after laughing myself silly reading the comments from the person (was it you Mudflats) that attended first the welcome home Sarah event then the “little” gathering of those opposing Miz Palin. What a hoot! I immediately called some of my friends – we are all avid Democrats and Obama-Biden supporters working fervantly here in good old Michigan – and said to them get to the mudflats blog, it’s well worth the effort! Yes, we are all rather stunned “down here” in the lower 48 about the seemingly dazzling effect Miz Palin has had on the general population, especially those of the Republican genre. You’d think she was the second coming or something similar. And, yes, there are already media pieces on credible sites saying she is now way way over-exposed even after only 1 interview with Charlie Gibson (and apparently some people think Charlie was downright mean to her, I dont know, didnt see the interview so cant comment); but in Michigan we are told of Sarah Palin dolls, people clamoring to the eyeglass shops to get her style of glasses, her shoes were critiqued by anothe site and said oh how cool she’s wearing shoes that were ear-marked for the 20’s generation….give me a break…I dont care what kind of shoes, hairdo, glasses, or even designer labels are in the back of a candidates clothes – male or female – which goes to prove to me, again, just how uninformed so many voters are. You probably will get hundreds of more hits on your blog and deservedly so, you go girl, I like what you say and the naysayers, oh well, we can always expect those of narrow mind and narrow vision to whine can we not. I’ll be back to read more…
Maggie in Michigan
PS I dont have a web site if that’s what that means up above so hope this gets thru to you…

17 09 2008
Maggie Fisher

I almost forgot, last night at a Democrat group meeting I went to, we were told that the National Organization of Women (NOW) has endorsed Barack Obama – I know you people are pretty far north up in Alsaka so wasnt sure that reached you yet – just kidding!!
Maggie in Michigan

17 09 2008

Thanks for making this website available. Love your comments. I am also from the NYC area.

Question: Why haven’t I seen this information about women against Palin in the news??? Shouldn’t this be out there in the news media. Can this be publisized to the main networks. All that is being seen are those who are for her. Can you get the word out. Can all of us do our part and get the word out?

17 09 2008
Nancy Edwards

I just spent an hour reading all these comments and counted the term “terrified” over 100 times. I am TERRIFIED also; that makes 101. McCain’s life expectancy is 75; he’s battled four bouts of a deadly cancer; his father died at 69; his grandfather died at 64.
In my opinion he’s also showing signs of early dementia. This goes way beyond mere gaffes and approaches utter confusion. He suffers from untreated PTSD from his POW days and experiences blind rages. The goes beyond merely having a “short fuse”….the man actually loses control!!

He is likely to die in office, leaving an extremist, unqualified, ego-driven and ignorant woman as the leader of the free world. Someone else said, “Cheney in drag”. Right on.

All these months, I thought that nothing could be worse than four more years of
Bush; I was wrong. Sarah Palin as president comes as close to the end of days as
any rapture could create. God or the Universe HELP US ALL.

18 09 2008

Here’s the thought I have on this, a diabolical and very conspiratorial one at that, and that thought is that this was all staged by the Republicans. Why would they do such a thing you ask? Here’s why it makes sense, and keep in mind that you’re dealing with Karl Rove disciples here…This email account was the subject of much scrutiny by “troopergate” investigators, and there was a possibility that they would figure out a way to legally gain access to it in order to see if it contained any correspondence pertinent to the investigation. Shortly after it was revealed that hackers had broken into the account, it was deleted, destroyed forever, poof, into thin air it went under the guise of protecting the privacy of Sarah Palin and all of the people she corresponded with. This now eliminates the problem of the private email account and the investigation. She can claim that everything was lost because those pesky liberal hackers invaded her privacy. Think about it. The hackers involved have only released some very benign stuff from the email account onto the Internet to prove that it belonged to her. Now the email account is eliminated without any suspicion at all. Had she deleted it altogether unprovoked it would raise all sorts of “what is she trying to hide” red flags. This way, there’s the “I had to protect my family” security blanket. Not to mention that it makes her a sympathetic figure because of the ways that the evil liberal Internet people are trying to destroy her.

18 09 2008

I think there needs to be ANOTHER Women Against Palin RALLY!!!!

18 09 2008
BallotVox » Blog Archive » Some Alaskans Protest Palin

[…] Mudflats says s/he’s “just a citizen who is paying attention.” Attention in particular to the “muck of Alaskan politics.” S/he has lived in Alaska since 1991, and the size of the anti-Palin protest amazed him/her. (Hat tip again to Sue Salinger.) I’d been disappointed before by the turnout at other rallies. Basically, in Anchorage, if you can get 25 people to show up at an event, it’s a success. […] […]

19 09 2008

So, I’m guessing you lean to the left. Any rebuttals on the Obama flack? No, didn’t think so. Keep bloggin and the liberal drones will follow.

20 09 2008

Finding this blog has so far been my favorite consequence of Sarah Palin’s nomination for VP. Though I hope it will ultimately be eclipsed by her helping to drag the McCain ticket to defeat.

21 09 2008
End of the Week Links — 9/14 «

[…] If you can’t get enough news on Palin, here is a blog post by Mudflats, a political blogger from Alaska. He describes the Welcome Home Rally for Palin and the […]

21 09 2008
BrØnw3n’s World » Alaska Women Reject Palin « Musings, writings and opinions from Bronwen Aker, Technical Trainer, Public Speaker, Net G33k.

[…] quote the original author, AKMuckraker: Never, have I seen anything like it in my 17 and a half years living in Anchorage.  The […]

23 09 2008
maggie chicoine

Thank you for an excellent read. As a Canadian, I am enjoying the election antics from a comfortable far away place. Our elections are not nearly as colourful, or interesting, as the American counterparts. This is a blog which draws me into the foray and the flippancy. I’ll be back.

23 09 2008

As you are my Sarah Palin-“go to blog” it is ok, to use part of your blog then give you credit and “to read the rest of the story” link you your blog post. Correct?
Thanks, gregor

Kind, Regards, Gregor
Nuclear and Indigenous Items of Interest blog

23 09 2008
Laura T

Can you include a bit more on “Sister Palin’s Traveling Salvation Show”?

Ok, so the speaking in tongues was weird enough.Then we learned that Alaska was believed to be a “state of last refuge” during the rapture. And we learned that Palin believes that the rapture will “definitely come during her life time”.Then we had the statements that the war in Iraq was sanctioned by God. Then we had the Armageddon recruiting video for the Wassila Assembly of God Masters Program.

Now we have a witch doctor AND a witch hunter by the name of Thomas Muthee who Palin partially credits with making her Governor of Alaska.
Click here: YouTube – Palin’s Witch Hunting Pastor

Can this become any more scary? I read quite a bit about Muthee and found the most FRIGHTENING line in his church’s mission statement: Their mission is to rid the world of all false religions.

Consider this. Consider the times. Consider the Islamic extremist vows for “Holy War”. Now consider the United States being led by someone equally extreme and equally committed to a “holy war”. And realize that like the radical extremist suicide bombers, Palin would have no qualms at all about killing herself, or others in the process because, like the suicide bombers, she believes her place in heaven is assured.

I am stunned and I am afraid. Very afraid.

24 09 2008

I am so glad I was directed to your site~! I really enjoy your writing and opinions and the comment threads you generate. I am adding you to my Blogroll. I linked to your post, Alaska Women Reject Palin Rally Was HUGE, and forwarded it to all my friends/colleagues ~ I hope you don’t mind. Thanks again for devoting so much time to these important issues.

4 10 2008

This is a great website. Who designed it? With what program? I’d love one just like this.

4 10 2008

My link didn’t work? I’ll get back to you

4 10 2008

5 10 2008

Seen this?

<a href=”http://www.ThatPalinWoman.com” title=”www.ThatPalinWoman.com”

11 10 2008
I want to give a special shout out to… | Daily Astrology & Adventure by Eric Francis

[…] Being a fellow Aquarian, (not anywhere near HER natal aspects, by the way) I want to inject this blog with my own non-sequitor “cheerleadiness”, but not completely change the subject. I want to give a special shout out to a perfect example of being true to Planet Waves’ ongoing theme of the “Personal is Political”, and introduce you to my latest daily crave: Mudflats Blog. […]

13 10 2008

Ditto to steve, femalady, Anthony, dal and many others. AK your is a unique style of writing which makes your blogs a must read, always enjoyable and informative. I hope you will consider cross-posting at Dailykos and also Huffington Post.

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