Oregon Mudstock!

5 12 2008
Thanks to Mudflatter pdx mb in Oregon for reporting back about the Oregon Mudstock!  Sounds like they had a lovely afternoon, and how cute is that Littlest Mudflatter??  Looking forward to reports and photos from Southern California, Anchorage and the Inauguration in D.C. coming soon!
Our Oregon Mudstock was an intimate, but enjoyable affair. We met in Tualatin Oregon (northern Willamette Valley, but south of Portland) on Sunday following Thanksgiving. Perhaps the timing made it difficult for others to make it. We know you were all with us in spirit. Probably the unbelievable gorgeous weather didn’t help. Don’t tell anyone, because we want to keep it a secret here, but Oregon has some of the best autumn weather you can find. In between those infamous gray rainy days, we have days with crisp blue skies, brisk-but-not-frozen temps and even some fall color that may rival New England this year. Okay, I’ve never been to New England, but the trees have been stunning this year! Anyway, our Oregon Mudstock fell on one of these days…
Attendees included pdx mb (occasional poster), Jeanine and Susan (don’t have your mudflats names, but both say they are mostly lurkers), and the star and youngest member of our group, Pearl (no mudflats name and too young to post, alas…). Susan brought us a gift of her Obama postcards that she had printed and used for various campaign activities. Pearl had a darling Obama silkscreened tee shirt, and Susan was also wearing a beautiful necklace of an Obama logo carved in wood. At that point we were all still hopeful that Jim Martin might still pull off a victory in Georgia, hopeful about Merkley’s future performance in the Senate, and encouraged by PE Obama’s very presidential actions. Can we have the inauguration already?
We also delighted in the knowledge that our Oregon group also includes one Anne Kilkenny (no relation) and another member with ties to Wasilla (her aunt and uncle owned a store for many years before the strip mall invasion). We’re sorry they couldn’t make it. There’s chatter about an inaugural mudfest…
Dutifully reporting,
pdx mb



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5 12 2008
GJ in ID

Too, cute the littles Mudpuppy. And sounds like you all have a good time. I’ve got to get up and out of the valley here pretty soon. I can’t remember the last time I left town.

5 12 2008
GJ in ID

I’m also looking forward to reports on the Mudracker Ball. Alas my pumpkin didn’t turn into a magic coach, so I wasn’t able to make it. My broom is in for repairs.

5 12 2008

So California Mudflats is this Sunday, and I can’t wait! Thanks to all the people who helped organize this!

6 12 2008
Steph in NOW MN also

What a beautiful Pearl! (Love the name!) Sounds like it was great to get together…anyone forming a Minnesota Mudflats? If there is a Kansas one, I will send good vibes to you, but I am never going back to the red!

6 12 2008
wired differently

A three and a half hour drive just wasn’t in the cards for me, so I was with you only in spirit. Thank you for the report!

6 12 2008

How did I miss this? I’m right here in Portland…that’s what I get for not reading Mudflats every single day. I’ll try to make it next time, although Jan. 20 – hmmm, might not have the great weather we’ve been having this fall.

6 12 2008
say no to palin in politics

that’s cool you guys got together! it’s going to get exciting as more and more of us gather in our states or even visit others perhaps while traveling.

I for one am looking forward to spending time getting involved in helping Barack bring about change…..I just ordered my first Barack shirt, didn’t buy any during the campaign now I wish I would have…..I did get a button that says “Barack to the Future” kind of a star trek look, lol.

The new shirt is celebrating the Inauguration, short sleeve or long sleeve $12-$14 plus any extra you can afford to contribute to moveon.org

New Obama Inauguration Shirts
We’ve made special shirts to commemorate Obama’s historic inauguration, and we’ll use all the proceeds to help pass Obama’s progressive agenda.”

Donate and get yours today »

6 12 2008

pbx mb, hi, I’m your Oregon North Coastal mudflatter, and there really ARE mudflats out here, on either side of the Young’s Bay bridge out of Astoria. They look JUST like the Alaska mudflats on the banner above, except when I’m driving over the bridge in the morning they usually are reflecting the morning sunlight to the southeast…

Tualatin is a bit far for me to go unless I have a batch of other errands to run “over the mountains” — must watch gas consumption, fixed income, donchaknow? Couldn’t have made the get-together anyway, I guess, we were venders at a craft fair (that didn’t fare all that well in these troubled times; nobody wants to buy anything) in Seaside that weekend. Maybe next time?

6 12 2008

Thanks for the report and sending in the picture, pdx mb! We had a great time meeting up with you and Jeanine. And thanks for the compliments on my Littlest Mudflatter 🙂 A better look at her Obama shirt is here if anyone wants to see:


Hope to see you again to celebrate in January! Woo hoo!

6 12 2008
pdx mb

Love the shirts, Susan! To the other Oregon/SW Washington mudflattters, we hope we can all get together at some point. Would be great to put faces to names! Happy Holidays!

6 12 2008
Oregon J

Sorry I missed the Oregon Mudstock get together. I too am on the Coast, and it’s hard for me to get into Portland. But yes, I was there in spirit!!

Good to know that you all are just a few hours, away, at least – and that goes for those of you elsewhere on the coast of Oregon.

Maybe we can plan something midway…

And oh, I love the snow on the website. Very very cool.


6 12 2008
Debbie aka Commando Coalfire

I was planning to attend also but never got word when it was. I really would have been there, really.

7 12 2008

Greetings from the world’s very first Mudstock in Pittsburgh! Wow is that child beautiful!

I send you the sacred Mudstock song!

8 12 2008

I’d like to come †o the next PDX gathering. Do we have to wait until inauguration week? That seems like forever…. I volun†eer my house, tea, coffee, etc. if that helps (located in NE PDX).

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