Election Central Live Report from Alaska

2 11 2010

First results are in with 27% of the vote

AK Senate – Murkowski (write in) 39% Miller (R) 34% McAdams (D) 25%

AK House – Don Young (R) 66% Harry Crawford (D) 33%

AK Governor – Sean Parnell (R) 57% Ethan Berkowitz (D) 39%


Those numbers are holding across the board with 34% of precincts reporting. Southeast Alaska and rural areas have not reported in yet.


And still they hold at 40% returns.


Don Young has entered the building. Guess what he had on his arm? Yes, the Mayor’s party planner. No, I am not kidding. This may require a trip to the beer garden.

There are chants of Don Young! Don Young! Don Young! Whoops and hollers. He’s doing the rounds with the TV stations. Lots of sign wavers with the same yellow sign he’s had for probably all 20 terms.

Scott McAdams is in the house. Cheers went up from all corners of the room. Overheard opponents’ supporters talking about what a great campaign he ran. He’s talking to TV right now and saying we’re waiting for the numbers from Southeast Alaska and Bush Alaska to come in.

Bill Wielechowski (the best Bill in Juneau) is in the house. Looks like he held his seat. So did Pete Petersen who faced tough opposition from a Karpetbagger from Kodiak. Chris Tuck also kept his spot in the legislature. All three of them are definitely “good guys.” We need to appreciate these victories which really mean a lot too.

Sean Parnell (R) has entered with scads of red balloons and cowbells. Interviewing with Mead Treadwell on Channel 2. He has taken the governor’s race.

With 68% of the vote, the AK Senate race sits at
Write-In 39.33%
Joe Miller 35.32%
Scott McAdams 24.36%

This is very close. If ALL of the write in votes are for Murkowski, this is a tenuous lead at best. This doesn’t count in voter error and legal challenges which are sure to come.

Joe Miller sign wavers are here. Not too many… and no sign of the Bearded One. ADN reported via Twitter that he refused to talk to the press and will not be coming to Election Central. Is anyone surprised?

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Scott McAdams just sat down to talk with Shannyn on the air. He said he’s proud of the campaign.

Lisa Murkowski is in the house. Chants of “six more years.” She’s being interviewed by Channel 2 now.

Now there are chants of “We made history!” That one is premature at best. With only four points separating her and Joe Miller, and all the perils of a write-in campaign yet to be navigated, we undoubtedly will be following this election for a while longer than we’d hoped.

Senator Bill Wielechowski is on the air with Shannyn Moore. He retained his seat in a fairly conservative district. He has knocked on about 7000 doors in his district. Shoe leather, and sincere hard work has paid off for “the best Bill in Juneau.”

Thomas Van Flein, the attorney for Sarah Palin and Joe Miller is in the house. Neither of his clients are present.

The hall is starting to clear out, and the TV crews are packing up.

McAdams, Scott T. DEM 24.15%
Miller, Joe REP 64212 34.89%
Write-in Votes 73551 39.96%
With 78% of the districts reporting

Alright, time for me to pack it up too. Murkowski is not declaring victory, because obviously we don’t know anything. It’s going to be more drama, folks. Buckle up.




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2 11 2010

come on over folks !
1st numbers in

Click to access results.pdf

2 11 2010

forgot to say- you can refresh that page…

2 11 2010

yay for backups!

2 11 2010
Enjay in E MT

finally made the jump over here –
come on scott
rack up some numbers !!!

2 11 2010
Jaime from Wasilla

Remember that not all of those 39% write-in votes will be for Murkowski, and if it comes down to a recount, some of the votes for her will be rejected.

2 11 2010
Ripley in CT

awww… reminds me of the good old days!!

2 11 2010
Lisa Boyles

C’mon Scott! Baby we are routing for you in Palmer!!!!

2 11 2010
puffin shrapnel palin

DC here, waiting breathlessly for good news.

2 11 2010

oooh Roger Ebert just tweeted:
To fuck Murkowski, Miller added 150 more write-in candidates to the list voters were given. Democracy in action. http://j.mp/avr1Ji

2 11 2010
2 11 2010

Ouch! Those early results do not look good! Are we assuming all “write in votes” are for Murkowski? I guess it doesn’t really matter with the other percentages. 😦

2 11 2010

We are over in the treehouse too – if any of you want to come on over!

2 11 2010

Does anyone know if the weather has been a problem for the rural voters?

2 11 2010

Thanks for the back-up. Not happy with the numbers, but its been a dismal night.

2 11 2010

Would the not yet reporting SE have large metropolitan areas likely to be democrats?

2 11 2010

good grief…that party planner…guess she’s getting lots of raises…

2 11 2010

Juneau-Ketchikan-Sitka are SE – so there should be some good votes there

2 11 2010
Lori in Los Angeles

Joe Miller announced he will NOT be going to election central. He is behind closed doors. I guess a hand-count is inevitable, and AK results will likely not be final until end of the month.
The only consolation (if Lisa wins) is that Palin (again) LOSES.

2 11 2010

Been following #aksen on twitter, and listening to Shannyn, and hoping the results would be in McAdams’ favor. Not happening, huh? 😦

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