How to Get Promoted in PalinWorld.

9 09 2008

Immediately after Palin was selected as John McCain’s running mate, the campaign began singing her praises about ‘executive experience’, and also her experience as “commander-in-chief” of the Alaska National Guard. VoteVets reminds us what happened next.

But the reality of the situation–that Palin actually had little to do with the National Guard quickly became apparent. In fact, the idea was undercut severely by comments made by the actual commander of the Alaska National Guard–its Adjutant General, Major General Craig Campbell. When that happened, it eventually turned into somewhat of a national joke, culminating in the humiliation of McCain/Palin campaign spokesman Tucker Bounds on CNN when he tried to promote Palin’s “foreign policy” experience during the Republican National Convention.

But suddenly–and strangely–the commander of the Alaska National Guard, Major General Campbell, changed his story. By the end of the convention, he was praising Palin’s experience, talking on TV about how she had taken control of Alaska’s National Guard operations and how she was a “great” leader.

(**Mudflats Warning – Get your toothbrush ready. This one’s going to make your teeth hurt.)

Interestingly enough, Palin promoted him with his third star–to the rank of Lieutenant General–only three days later.

Essentially, Campbell had been unhelpful to the campaign at the very least. But all of a sudden he became one of Palin’s biggest supporters. And he was then promoted to be one of the two highest-ranking state National Guard officials in the country.

Up until now, we’ve only gotten lessons in how to get fired in Palin’s world. But now, it seems, we know what it takes to move ahead.