So, What the Hell is ‘Alaskan Bush Justice’?

22 08 2008

I’ve been listening to Vic Vickers’ radio ad for at least a week now – the one where he says Chief Justice George Boney became his mentor and taught him about “Alaska’s system of bush justice.” I’ve been trying to figure out what that actually means, and I finally asked several lifelong Alaskans if they have any clue what this “Alaskan bush justice” is?  They stared at me blankly.  One friend, born and raised in the bush asked, “Is that like ‘Frontier Justice’? I ask myself the same question. No one seems to know.

You stole my chain saw, so I’m gonna disappear your dog? That guy slept with your wife? We’ll take him on a hunting trip and he’ll meet with an unfortunate accident? What are we talking here??

Or maybe it’s Bush justice, (like the president)?  I’m going to make my croney the mayor who is going to declare you an enemy combatant and ship you to a secret CIA prison in Big Diomede?

Maybe it’s me. It must mean something…Maybe I’m just out of the loop. But I know it’s not just me.  Alaskans will just keep shaking their heads and chuckling as Vic keeps pouring money into the media so he can continue to not resonate with Alaskans.

Post-Indictment Poll Looks Ugly for Stevens.

2 08 2008

Ivan Moore Research released some brand new Alaska senate poll numbers today.  Numbers in parentheses were taken 7/18-22.  The second set were taken after the indictment from 7/30-31.

Stevens –  35  (43)

Begich –  56  (51)

Margin of Error 4.8% 

Ker……..plunk.  Looks like barring a well-placed lightning strike, Begich has it.

And lest you worry that he’ll be defeated in the primary leaving a less tarnished candidate to go toe-to-toe with Begich:

Ted Stevens: 59  (70)

Dave Cuddy:  19  (21)

Other:  2 (2)

Undecided: 20 (7)

Looks like Stevens is in.  But, you never know…Vic Other…er, I mean Vic Vickers is waiting in the wings ready to make his move! (stifling laughter)  Well, if he loses, he can still have something to look forward to in 2009…his very first Permanent Fund Check!