Sarah Palin’s Medical Records Released….Sort of…

4 11 2008

Yes, finally….at the 11th hour, not only is Sarah Palin completely exhonorated of any hint of wrongdoing in Troopergate, now she has also released her “medical records”.  Methinks the public is growing weary of Palin’s shenanigans on both these fronts.  I know I am.

Now, whether or not Trig is her baby cannot ever be incontrovertibly proven without genetic testing.  But this “doctor’s note” from family friend Dr. Cathy Baldwin Johnson, which is obviously meant to put those rumors to rest, does absolutely nothing for those who are convinced that Trig is not her baby, other than perhaps fan the flames of uncertainty. 

For anyone who was really waiting for these records, the letter of reference from her family physician is a total non-story.  Palin had said that the dealy in release of her medical records had to do with the fact that they needed to gather the records together and that it was taking some time.  Then she said she would release them early last week.  The days ticked by…  Then, 12 hours before the polls open, they come out with a two page letter that says, “Dear America, Sarah Palin has five children, is healthy and exercises.”  It’s kind of like the Cliff notes of the medical records, because we really didn’t want to read that whole thing anyway, right?

Feel better now?