15 09 2008

In Alaska, the image of Sarah Palin has been a constant presence on TV screens, magazine covers, cartoons, and the front page of the newspaper every day since her VP nod. Shortly after the ticket had been announced, there were yard signs, and bumper stickers. Then came the “Super Sarah” t-shirts with modified Superman logo, and the “Our Mama Beats Your Obama” shirts. Those really started to drive me crazy.

And then the universe said, “You want something to complain about? I’LL give you something to complain about!” And lo, the pitbull merchandise arrived – buttons, stickers, more t-shirts, and even hockey jerseys, all with lipstick.

I thought I’d seen it all, including a Super Sarah t-shirt for sale in our local Natural Foods store, merchandised ironically beside the “petroleum-free” lip balm display, and just above the reusable shopping bags.

But wait, there’s more! This email just came, announcing that I could “Bring Sarah to [my] Kitchen!!!” (with 3, count ’em 3 exclamation points!!!) Wow!!! Now available are five designs of…and I quote…”classy tempered kitchen boards” for your chopping amusement.

Images aren’t yet available, but two of the five designs just say “Palin ’08”, apparently assuming that McCain won’t last very long. Another design makes reference to Palin firing the personal chef, saying “We cook for ourselves.” And, of course, what would a Sarah Palin cutting board be without a handy recipe for moose stew?

And for the discerning collector, you can visit Wal-Mike’s roadside store in Trapper Creek, Alaska, and purchase this fine vintage “Palin for Governor” frisbee, now worth $1500. Wake me up when it’s over.