Sarah Palin: Fiscal Conservative?

17 10 2008

Here’s another great installment from The Wasilla Project. Remember back when everyone was saying “Sarah Who?” and reading an email that went completely viral from a woman who lives in Wasilla? Her name was Anne Kilkenny, and she is featured prominently in this clip. You’ll also see some of those famous Wasilla landmarks I photographed on my photo safari through Wasilla all those weeks ago. Also featured is the quickly-becoming-infamous sports complex that was built just down the road from the Palin home at the exact same time that Todd was building the Palin house with the help of a couple contractor “buddies”.

Palin’s fiscal conservatism is still being touted by the Republican Party as one of her “selling points”. Hats off to the Wasilla Project for their outstanding work in showing once again that the Empress has no clothes.

And if it took Sarah Palin $50,000 to redecorate the mayor’s office in Wasilla, I shudder to think how much it would take to redo the “undisclosed location” where Cheney’s been hanging out?  I’d have to take that place down to the studs.