Palin Cancels Appearances. “NOT Because of Poll Numbers.”

18 09 2008


Sarah Palin has cancelled her two-day swing through California next week, the McCain campaign said today.

Whether the planned Sept. 25 fundraiser in Silicon Valley, which will raise money for state and federal GOP efforts, will go on without Palin as headliner is unclear.

Campaign spokesman Rick Gorka said the Alaskan governor’s calendar was “fluid” and he could not say where Palin would go instead of California, nor if she would reschedule a visit here before Election Day. McCain and Palin are campaigning today and tomorrow in Iowa, Wisconsin and Minnesota. Then they will head to Florida, which is shaping up to be a very competitive state.

A Field Poll released earlier this week found that while Palin had helped McCain solidify support among his GOP base in California, the ticket had made no inroads among independent voters, a key bloc the GOP needs to win to be competitive in California. Among likely voters, the Barack Obama-Joe Biden ticket has a 16 percentage point advantage over the Republicans.

And a national poll out today showed Obama with a 5-point lead over McCain, a reversal from their standings before the Wall Street economic crisis hit.

Gorka said the decision to send her elsewhere next week was not made because of the polling results. “It’s a scheduling thing,” he said.

So…it’s a “scheduling thing”, but “her calendar is fluid” and nobody knows where she’s going to show up next. And it is NOT, I repeat, NOT because of poll numbers. Maybe she was afraid they’d make her play “Stump the Candidate.”