New Poll Numbers for Alaska

8 10 2008

We’ve all been waiting for some current poll numbers from Alaska. Here are the latest numbers from Rasmussen.

McCain 55% Obama 40%

Before his selection of Vice Presidential running mate, McCain led in Alaska by a mere 5 points.

McCain favorability rating in Alaska:

Favorable: 64%

Unfavorable: 36%

Obama favorability rating in Alaska:

Favorable: 48%

Unfavorable: 51%

Palin favorability rating in Alaska:

Favorable: 63%

Unfavorable: 37%

Biden favorability rating in Alaska:

Favorable: 51%

Unfavorable: 46%

It is interesting to note that Palin’s favorability rating has plummeted by 20 points since she became the Republican VP nominee. The people of Alaska have been learning a lot about our Governor since late August, and many don’t like what they see. Others are simply rooting for the home team. Others know the issues and where she stands, and like what they see. And while she still retains popular support overall, she has been actively burning bridges with political colleagues on both sides of the aisle, and no amount of federal earmarks are going to build them back. There’s an old adage that says “be nice to people on the way up, because you’re sure to meet them on the way down.” It could be a painful homecoming for the Governor.

Meanwhile in the rest of the nation….

Gallup National Daily Tracking poll:

Obama 52% McCain 41%

This is Obama’s largest lead yet. While McCain isn’t doing much to “change the game,”
and his less than stellar performance in last night’s debate plays a part in Obama’s growing lead, we can’t ignore the Palin effect. The initial “bump” was obvious, but while support from evangelicals and hard-core social conservatives remains galvanized, Palin’s fringe views, low-ball tactics, and obvious empty-headedness on issues of foreign policy have turned her in to a millstone around McCain’s neck in much of the nation.

Obama may not win Alaska, but the numbers are strongly trending back his way. And, for the first time in a long time, there are two very viable Democratic candidates for 2 of our 3 congressional seats, all currently held by Republicans. Progressives in the state are waking up, and Alaska is becoming purple one way or another.