Thank You to the Anchorage Daily News.

13 11 2008

I would just like to say, “Thank you Anchorage Daily News.” Not a surprised happy thank you, not a gushy appreciative thank you, but the kind of thank you that you say to the dentist that fixes a painfully absessed tooth. Or when your neighbors with the compulsively barking dog finally move. Or the kind of thank you you silently whisper to a sleeping infant who’s been screaming for the last hour and a half.

I say this kind of thank you to the Anchorage Daily News for removing the “Sarah and Me” online photo gallery that has been plastered on the front page for way way too long. Readers were encouraged to post photos of themselves or friends with the Governor. We were treated to an endless parade of people cheek to cheek with Sarah, and leaning into the camera with big toothy smiles. Here we are at the Governor’s picnic! Here we are at Fur Rondy! Here we are at the Miners and Trappers Ball! I couldn’t believe I ran into her at the hockey game! Wow!

So it was with great joy that I noticed that, despite the fact that I still see three images of Palin on the home page of the Daily News, our newspaper at least no longer looks like a fan-zine. I’m not exactly sure when they removed the gallery. It’s kind of like having a headache for a really long time, and then suddenly realizing it’s gone, but not quite knowing when it happened.

Whenever it was…..thank you Anchorage Daily News. Thank you.