Obama Rallies in Opposite Corners

21 09 2008

Mudflatters from the ‘upper left’ corner of the U.S. and the ‘lower right’ corner of the U.S. had similar missions this weekend.  They turned out, each in their own way, to support the Obama campaign. 

The small gathering of about 24 Valley residents that gathered last week decided to meet again.  This time their numbers grew to more than 70!

Meanwhile, in Florida, Barack Obama himself wowed a packed house of thousands.  Now how can we get Barack Obama to come to Alaska??  He could gather a crowd that would dwarf the Pro-Palin rally easily.  I’m just saying…

So, here’s to AnnieNygmaAK in Wasilla, Alaska,  and Lynore in Miami, Florida, and thanks for being out there in the trenches, and sharing your pictures with the rest of your Mudbuddies!


And the Mudflats Award for Bravery Goes to… Wasilla Democrats!

10 09 2008

Obama supporters in Wasilla, Alaska!  Yes, you heard right.  A group of intrepid Obama-Biden supporters stood in the rain beside the highway in downtown Wasilla, waving signs and cheering as people headed home from work.

Several rally-goers called in to Alaska’s progressive talk radio station KUDO to report on the event.  By 5:15 they had about 25 people at the rally.  OK, before you think that’s not much…trust me…it’s a LOT, especially for Wasilla and especially considering that this is, basically,  the heart of enemy territory.  According to one caller, there were lots of people honking and giving the thumbs-up.  Of course, there were also those who chanted Sah-rah out the window.

Meanwhile, up in Fairbanks, another form of rally is taking place.  The “Welcome Home” rally for Sarah Palin.  And yes, I’m sure it is better attended.  And yes, they are handing out McCain-Palin buttons featuring a creepy line drawing of a pit bull with big red human lips that I cannot bear to post here.  (shudder)

But the fact that the Wasilla event happened, that 25 people showed up, that passers-by honked and gave the thumbs up at ALL is amazing.  So, a big hat tip and a sweeping bow to the bravest folks in the land!

(Anyone out there in Wasilla get pictures?  Email akmuckraker@yahoo.com)

And for those of you who feel compelled to look…..the pit bull button is HERE.  Don’t say I didn’t warn you.