Obama Rallies in Opposite Corners

21 09 2008

Mudflatters from the ‘upper left’ corner of the U.S. and the ‘lower right’ corner of the U.S. had similar missions this weekend.  They turned out, each in their own way, to support the Obama campaign. 

The small gathering of about 24 Valley residents that gathered last week decided to meet again.  This time their numbers grew to more than 70!

Meanwhile, in Florida, Barack Obama himself wowed a packed house of thousands.  Now how can we get Barack Obama to come to Alaska??  He could gather a crowd that would dwarf the Pro-Palin rally easily.  I’m just saying…

So, here’s to AnnieNygmaAK in Wasilla, Alaska,  and Lynore in Miami, Florida, and thanks for being out there in the trenches, and sharing your pictures with the rest of your Mudbuddies!