Sarah Palin and Her Juneau Neighbors Support Obama!

10 10 2008
The Governor's Mansion in Juneau, Alaska

The Governor's Mansion in Juneau, Alaska

An anonymous Mudflatter in Juneau was taking an evening walk past the Governor’s mansion, found the following political sign in the yard, and sent it to Mudflats for all to enjoy!

Presumably, the Governor herself is not an Obama supporter….however, it looks like quite a few of her neighbors are. The following images were passed on by a different Junea Mudflatter. I’ve circled the Obama signs, and pointed with a red arrow at the Governor’s mansion. Looks like Juneau is ready for change!

Saturday, all these Obama supporters in Alaska’s capitol will have an opportunity to make their voices heard! And in a “sensitive climate” where state workers are plentiful, participants are encouraged to wear their best Halloween disguises!