Most Despised “Democrat” Tries to Buy Friends.

8 08 2008

That’s right…I speak of none other than Joe Lieberman. I know of no other politician that can cause such an immediate escalation of blood pressure among Democrats than the Connecticut Senator. The fact that he is going to be in office until 2012 is almost unbearable to most Dems. The fact that he has been throwing his weight around reminding everyone of the fact that it is HE that preserves the razor thin Democratic Senate majority is even worse.

All Democrats have at this point is watching the clock tick, and counting the days until November when, if they read the signs correctly, the majority cushion will become much more comfortable and Lieberman will be instantly and gratifyingly marginalized.

But wait…. What’s this? Lieberman has just made a donation – a big FAT donation – to the DSCC to the tune of $100,000. This contribution comes on top of last year’s donation of the same amount. Apparently Joe thinks that’s what the going rate is to buy friends. Behold the grown-up political version of   “If I give you my lunch money can I sit with you?”

Insiders are saying that he’s scrambling to keep his Chairmanship of the Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, which several Democrats are chomping at the bit to pull from him after the November election.

On top of this year’s $100,000, his PAC has donated an additional $30,000 since last year. Will this be enough to change the opinion of those who regard Lieberman as the Benedict-Arnold-turncoat-McCain-hugging-Judas-Escariot-war-monger of the Senate? Is $130,000 the cost of a chairmanship, or will the Democrats ‘pull the Chair out from under him’? Stay tuned.