Would You Rather Freeze to Death, or Be a Socialist?

28 11 2008

On Thanksgiving weekend, when Americans are thinking of all they have to be grateful for, many are also burdened with worries about the future. Matters as fundamental as keeping warm are very real for thousands of Alaskans living in rural villages where the price of heating oil hovers around $10/gallon. The costs associated with flying heating oil out to rural communities that are off the road system is astronomical. Many communities are experiencing theft of heating oil by neighbors desperate to keep warm, and others in coastal communities are scouring the shore for driftwood to burn. These things are incomprehensible to most Americans, but are a stark reality in Alaska. Many families are abandoning the native subsistence lifestyle that their families have been living for thousands of years, and moving to Alaska’s urban centers because they feel they have no choice. This is causing a whole host of other challenges for the rural communities that are losing residents, and for the urban centers coping with the influx of rural Alaskans coping with culture shock.

For the past three years, Venezuela President Hugo Chavez has been donating free heating oil to Alaska villages, and economically depressed communities in 23 states across the country. This has the effect you might imagine in Alaska. Some are deeply grateful. Those are usually the cold people. Others are furious at the gesture from this unapologetic socialist, and either accept the gift begrudgingly, or have outright refused to take it. Those in the latter category are starting to rethink their position facing the hard reality of the coming winter, and the fact that some rural families will be spending in excess of 40% of their income on heating fuel.

I am unsure if the irony of the socialist free fuel dilemma is lost on Alaskans. While some state leaders are squawking that

a) Chavez is a Socialist

b) Socialists are evil

Therefore we should reject them and all they stand for.

They seem to be OK with the fact that

a) Sarah Palin also gave away money for free fuel to all Alaskans in the form of an energy rebate check.

b) This sounds awfully…..socialist

c) Sarah Palin was openly railing against socialism and all things socialist across the country on the campaign trail.

Many say, “We shall forget this comparison because we don’t like cognitive dissonance and we shall not ever admit that a socialist idea has any merit at all, nor that any Alaskan might think we need to be doing the same thing as Hugo Chavez. Humph.”

The main difference, of course, is that Chavez is providing the fuel to rural communities that have at least a 70% Alaska Native population, and Sarah Palin gave it to everyone, including wealthy Anchorage residents who spent it on…whatever.

Speaking of the $1200 energy rebate check issued by Palin,

Anchorage Rep. Bob Lynn, a Republican, said he doubts the state would cut checks again because oil prices are dropping and the payment was meant to be a one-time measure.

Lynn said it’s not right for Alaska to receive oil from Chavez. “We need to be able to take care of our own. The United States needs to do something about this,” he said.

Still, Lynn added later, “It’s one thing for me to speak philosophical thoughts here in the warmth of my home in Anchorage. It’s another thing to have a wife and kids in danger of freezing to death out there.”

Bingo. It’s time for Alaskans and Americans to stop screaming “Socialist!” like it was a four-letter word and get over the reactionary knee-jerk rejection of an entire political philosophy because of the fear of a label. Fear of freezing should trump fear of a word. We need to address these problems using concepts with long-term solutions, and not be afraid to use what works because of how it sounds. And we need to recognize where the need exists most and focus our efforts there.

It’s going to take some conviction and courage from both sides of the aisle in Alaska to deal with this, especially considering the ironic anti-socialist rhetoric that came from our Governor on the VP campaign trail.



McCain is a Greenie. Palin’s a Socialist. Hillary’s the President.

4 06 2008

Soooo, where exactly am I?    Did I awaken in some alternative reality yesterday, and didn’t realize it?

First, there’s John McCain standing in front of a big green wall, talking about alternative energy, and how he’s the change candidate. HUH? Did he just think that because running as a ‘change candidtate’ seems to be working for Obama, he might as well give it a shot too? I guess no one told him that this is only a great strategy if you actually ARE a change candidate. And I don’t know what idiot adviser told McCain it would be a great idea to give a speech in front of literally dozens of semi-enthusiastic supporters, that would practically have to be cut off so the media could cover Obama’s speech in front of 17,000 screaming Democrats with 15,000 more outside just to hear the audio.  Not a good plan.

Second, I’m holding my sides laughing about the Newsweek article that has Alaskan’s all a-twitter comparing Sarah Palin to Hugo Chavez.  Having claimed my staunch neutrality about Sarah Palin, I’m enjoying standing in the middle of the swirling tornado that has become the Palin phenomenon and enjoying my popcorn.  Is she a crazy creationist wingnut?  A big business-hating, free-gas-doling socialist?  A maverick hockey mom? The next Vice President?  No one seems to know.

And third, did Terry McAuliffe really stand up there last night and introduce what should have been Hillary Clinton’s graceful concession speech by saying, “Please welcome the next president of the United States”?  (double take) (double take again).  This tale of the campaign that wouldn’t die, even after it was dead will, supposedly, come to an end on Saturday.  Rumor has it that Clinton was on the receiving end of a 32-person conference call from her top supporters in Congress who were outraged that she didn’t take that opportunity to bow out gracefully.  As someone once said, she “never misses an opportunity to miss an opportunity”.

 Well it’s bedtime in Alaska.  Where will I wake up tomorrow?  Maybe….the Twilight Zone.