ACORN Speaks!

29 10 2008

If you believed John McCain and the Republican Party, you’d think that ACORN is a subversive, sinister organization specifically designed to allow Mickey Mouse (whom they have registered to vote) to systematically tear apart “the fabric of our Democracy”, strand by strand….

Nevermind that anyone who actually went to vote while representing themselves as Mickey Mouse would doubtless get caught, and also be committing a felony.  I mean, come on….what’s a felony these days?  Look at Ted Stevens!  He’s got seven and he’s still running for the United States Senate with the blessing and support of the Alaska Republican Party!

Also, the GOP would like you to please pay no attention to the fact that John McCain himself was the keynote speaker at a 2006 rally cosponsored by ACORN. And don’t listen when he looks at the crowd of people wearing red ACORN t-shirts, “What makes America special is what’s in this room tonight.” That would just confuse you, dear voter.

Today, ACORN will be releasing its first TV ad, just so you can see how scary they are, and look at all their heinous democracy-fabric-ripping.

This week, ACORN will be on the offense in the media, for a change. With less than a week left until Election Day, they will try to dirve the media’s focus to protecting people’s right to vote, and exposing real cases of GOP voter suppression, while pushing forward with historic “Get Out the Vote” efforts. Voter fraud is a red herring. Voter suppression is a real threat.