Alaskans React to “The Interview.”

12 09 2008

Sarah Palin has her first public debut since getting the VP nod under her belt. The first part of her series of interviews with ABC’s Charles Gibson aired last night. I anticipated that Alaskans far and wide from Juneau to Little Diomede would be glued to their TVs and hanging on her every word. I was very surprised when most people I spoke to this morning said, “I couldn’t bring myself to watch.” Lacking anyone to talk to for local reaction, I spent my morning coffee time perusing the reactions on the Anchorage Daily News blog. Interesting.

There were not nearly as many supportive answers as I expected. Here’s a quick tally:

Bravo – 17

Boo Hiss – 51

There were some interesting subsets of comments as well.

Eyerolling at the “You can see Russia” comment – 5

I am so embarrased – 5

Charles Gibson was trying to ‘trap’ her – 5

Negative comments about Obama – 4

The Dems are Desperate – 4

Vote Bob Barr – 1

Vote Ron Paul – 1

Here’s a smattering of comments for your reading pleasure. If you want to read them all, go HERE.

Bravo Sarah! Good job on a interview that was not a calk [sic] walk.

What an idiot!! She has no idea what she is talking about. Having her in there with her religious ideas is scary enough. But couple that with no understanding of world politics is horrific. Vote Obama and Biden and save our country from these lunitics.

It’s sad really. That people just look past how completely unqualified and unprepared she is for this position. Why? Because she’s from Alaska? Because she’s pretty? Charming? Listen to what she’s saying! She may be a great governor, but that certainly doesn’t mean she’s ready to lead the country. Seriously – you can see Russia from Alaska – so that makes her qualified to do what exactly?

Sarah is my ticket for VP. I’m a Democrat. It doesnt matter what any NBC reporter says, or what the OBAAMA dems mythbuster compagne conludes in Alaska, and quit frankly I don’t care what her qualifications are at this point because she will learn as she goes. She has less polical blemishes on her record as compared to any long term politician. Yes…she may have less experience about foreign policy affairs but I know she will do a good job. Sarah is the fresh new face we need as VP. With all the false claims the dems have made has made me change my view about OBAAMA’s tackics. I say keep up the false accusations and more folks will be changing sides to McCain and Sarah.

I think Palin is likable and does come off as an average person, but that is why Bush got elected and I am hoping the last eight years has taught us that one thing we don’t want in the white house is someone who is average and likeable.

Isn’t the candidate supposed to know more than the interviewer? Sarah should go back to TV sports reporter and let Gibson have her slot as VP candidate.

Great job Sarah! We support you and John McCain.

Message to the citizens of the United States of America: Welcome to Mayberry.

Keep it up SARAH, tell Charlie what we’re about, it makes him mad when you stuck to your guns, he was trying to get you to admit, nice try, but, didn’t work, He’s worried that your interviews with him will look good! and Its good that WE are doing this, because it shows how important our COUNTRY is! your doing a GREAT JOB.

Bobbing and weaving. Our Gov can duck and block better than a boxer with no punch.
Cramming for a test and then getting a passing score doesn’t mean you have a real understanding of the problems.

The bashing continues, the liberals are rabid, Sarah continues to push the McCain/Palin ticket higher in the polls. The Democrats have again given the the republicans the election, putting Joe Biden in as VP was a gift and as the saying goes shows the liberals are “dummer than a box of rocks”.

I think McCain mght be voting for Obama in this election because by now he MUST have figured out that he himself is just not the right candidate for the job, considering who he picked for his VP running mate. By now he must be thinking he would really, really like to go in the “way back machine” and change his mind about his choice. Poor guy must be black and blue by now from smacking himself in the head every time she opened her mouth and answered one of Charles Gibson’s questions. Yikes!

My pit bull is smarter than Palin. She’s doing all the tricks the McCain campaign taught her to do. Very trainable.

I’m sure that those who saw the interview and aren’t likely to blog on the Anchorage Daily News site probably had a more favorable reaction. And I suspect from some of the comments I read that the focus will be “Why didn’t anyone ask Obama if he thought he had enough experience?” And “Charlie Gibson was aggressive and tried to trap her!”

Good thing all those world leaders she hasn’t met yet will play nice.