Palin Sunday Funnies.

7 09 2008

Behold, Caribou Barbie from the fine folks at College OTR

Comes with everything you see here:  Dead caribou, M-16, snowmobile, sexy librarian glasses.  She even talks with such phrases as: “I’m a pit bull with lipstick!” “My family is off-limits” and “What is it that the VP actually does?”

  • There’s a Facebook group with 26,000 members called “I have more foreign policy experience than Sarah Palin.” Members talk about living next to Greeks or studying Spanish. You need an account to visit the spot.


  • Best joke of the week:  What’s the difference between Sarah Palin and Dick Cheney?     Lipstick.


The Gotcha Award:  Karl Rove talking about Obama’s potential VP selection, Virginia Governor Tim Kaine.

This one gets me every time.  Watch the explanatory hand gestures and finger pointing.  It makes it much easier to understand the concept.

Enjoy!  I’m off for a day of zen…