Pitbull’s Nose Whacked With Rolled-up Newspaper.

11 10 2008

Joe Biden, in comments at an outdoor rally in Missouri, has whacked Palin the pit bull in the nose with the proverbial rolled-up newspaper.

Joe Biden Thursday night told Sarah Palin not to lecture him on patriotism, after weeks of attacks mocking him for his statement the wealthy should be patriotic and pay higher taxes because not enough has been asked of them.

“Sarah Palin had great fun saying Joe Biden thinks paying taxes is patriotic. Well, let me tell you what Joe Biden thinks,” the Delaware senator said at an outdoor rally. “Joe Biden thinks that anybody who takes millions of dollars offshore to avoid paying their fair share is unpatriotic.” “That is not patriotic and it will stop, it will stop in an Obama-Biden administration! Enough! I’ve had it up to here! Don’t lecture me on patriotism,” shouted Biden, getting drowned out by the applause of his supporters.

As much as Barack Obama’s calm, cool, collected presence has served him well in this election, every once in a while it feels good to have a nice Biden counter-punch.  He makes us feel like Democrats have spines.

Biden also tackled head on the fact that while McCain and Palin have both been openly questioning Obama’s patriotism, and implying he is a terrorist sympathizer while he isn’t present,  this serious accusation is mysteriously absent when Obama is there to defend himself.  During Palin’s speech at the Republican National Convention she said, “We tend to prefer candidates who don’t talk about us one way in Scranton and another way in San Francisco”.   Biden has now made it patently clear that his ticket prefers candidates who don’t talk about them one way in hate rallies, and another way in Presidential debates.

“In my neighborhood you want to say something about me, look me in the eye and tell me,” said Biden. “Say it to me straight up. Say it to me head on. That’s the code, that’s the ethics! Say it to me! “

For Democrats, them’s fightin’ words.  I don’t know if Biden was pointing at his chin when he said it, but I’ll bet his words ran true with Palin’s coveted “Joe Sixpack” voter.  There’s been a perceptible shift in the last couple days that sees McCain and Palin backing off a little, while Biden gets in the ring. 

The Republican ticket may be realizing that there are some Republicans who don’t much like being thrown in there with the “angry mob” that has become the McCain-Palin base. There are Republicans who are ultimately willing to vote against their own party to protest the smear tactics, and what some would call outright hate-mongering by McCain and Palin.  Every strategy seems to dig them further into the hole.