Anti-Palin Rally on Her Own Capitol Steps!

11 10 2008


Despite the inclement weather, the Juneau Mudflats team has good things to report!  I got two sets of great photos from Mudflatters Doug, and Judy.  And Sandy Beach recounts the event:

I just got back from a very cold, very wet, very windy, but VERY enthusiastic anti-Palin rally.  Unlike last weekend, there were plenty of rolling news cameras, microphones, and reporters with little weather-proof notebooks so maybe we’ll get some press!
The crowd gathered in front of the Capitol steps, which is right downtown, around the corner from the unoccupied Governor’s Mansion. State employees were encouraged to come in disguise due to fear of reprisals by the Palin administration, a chilling thought. Speakers included fishermen, two pediatricians (including one former head of Alaska Public Health), a former state Game Board rep, college student for gay/lesbian rights who’s about to vote for the first time, two Alaska Native veterans, and someone who read an encouraging letter from Juneau state representative Beth Kertulla.To wrap it up, one of Juneau’s favorite singers, Vicki Van Fleet, belted the following, sung to the tune of Janis Joplin’s Mercedes Benz (lyrics by Sally O of Homer, Alaska):  

Oh Lord won’t you make me the Vice President
McCain’s just too soft on the environment
Being mayor of Wasilla was really quite hard
Now I’m Commander–in-Chief of the National Guard
Oh Lord I’m awaiting a heavenly sign
that with my lack of credentials the VP spot is mine!
Forgive my blind ambition and the lies that I have tossed
I must get to DC no matter the cost!!!!
Oh Lord won’t you give me a PR campaign
I’m cuter and younger than old John McCain
My sister’s ex-husband is my only stain
I’m no Tina Fey but I do gotta brain
Oh Lord won’t you make me the Vice President
McCain’s just too soft on the environment
Being mayor of Wasilla was my playing card
and being Vice President can’t be all that hard
Oh Lord won’t you make me the vice-presi – dent!


The reports say about 300 people showed up!  To give you an equivalent…  If that percentage showed up in Anchorage we’d have had about 3000 people!  And that incredible turnout was not only in the pouring rain, but on the steps of the Capitol building in Sarah Palin’s home state!  Hey Main Stream Media!  Can you hear us NOW??