Candlelight Vigil Tonight at AUUF

30 07 2008

The Anchorage Unitarian Universalist Fellowship will be holding a candlelight vigil tonight at 7:30 in solidarity and support of the Knoxville, Tennessee Unitarian churches affected by the senseless acts of violence that left two dead this past Sunday. Vigils have been held all over the country.

From the AUUF:

“We were all shocked and saddened to learn about the horrible events that took place at the Tennessee Valley Unitarian Universalist Church in Knoxville.

Apparently a deeply disturbed man entered the sanctuary yesterday during Sunday morning service, shouted “hateful things” according to a witness, and opened fire into the crowd during a children’s program. Two adult members of the church were killed, and 6 others are currently in the hospital being treated for serious injuries.

Such senseless violence happening in a place of worship and peace is difficult to process. Especially difficult is the fact that this horrible incident is now being investigated as a hate crime after a letter was found in the shooter’s car indicating that his motivation was born out of hostility toward “the liberal movement.”

We invite any and all to attend who wish to be together in reflection, compassion and support.


The service leader will be Ruth Greenwood. AUUF is located at 3201 Turnagain Street, Anchorage.


Thanks much to the blogs Bent Alaska and Progressive Alaska for announcing the event, and for asking the question – Do right wing hate pundits have some measure of culpability when their words are taken to heart by deeply disturbed individuals looking for someone to blame?