Mark “Stomach of Iron” Begich Speaks.

13 11 2008


Mark Begich made a radio appearance on the Ed Schultz show today. He sounded pretty confident, but not cocky. He’s been through this before. When he was elected Mayor of Anchorage, he won by 18 votes. So his current lead of 814 seems like a landslide! His strong showing in districts with military bases, and out in rural Alaska speak volumes, coming from areas that have traditionally gone to Stevens.

He also discussed Sarah Palin’s potential plans for the future, including either throwing her hat in the ring if Stevens wins and is booted out by the Senate, running in 2010 for the Senate seat currently held by Lisa Murkowski, or running for President in 2012. He also used the word “debacle” when describing the McCain-Palin campaign, which made me smile.

Begich picked up on Palin’s recent quote, “I am not one to appoint myself or a member of my family to take the place of any [Senate] vacancy.” As you all know by now, she couldn’t do that anyway because it’s illegal…but it was a pretty obvious jab at Senator Lisa Murkowski, who was appointed to that position by her father Frank Murkowski when he left his Senate seat to become Governor of the state. He’s the one Palin trounced in the primary when she ran for the position. She may have Murkowski #2 in her cross hairs.

Begich also mentioned that his need to keep his operation going an extra week or two, means he is still welcome donations to the campaign. So, if you want to help him keep the staff he needs to make sure that this counting process goes smoothly, and keep everyone running full steam until the vote is finalized, you can throw him a little love at

Donations big or small would be most appreciated, I’m sure.

Ted Stevens Caves.

23 05 2008

This must have been a tough one for ol’ Uncle Ted. He’s been openly opposed to the GI Bill for quite some time. Despite the fact that he himself benefited from the GI Bill after World War 2 (or was it World War 1?), and despite his fellow senator Lisa Murkowski cosponsoring the bill, he’s held fast. But the climate in Alaskan politics must have gotten a little too hot for his comfort lately. Those recent poll numbers showing Mark Begich leading by 5 points in his upcoming senate race must have been keeping him up at night. Or maybe it was Shannyn Moore on progressive KUDO-1080am urging listeners (the KUdogs) to call his office and shame him into supporting the bill. Or maybe, like the Grinch, his tiny heart grew three sizes that day……(yeah, right). Whatever it was,  he didn’t quite have it in him to vote ‘nay’ to legislation that supports our troops who’ve been getting screwed by their government since 2003….at least not the day before Memorial Day weekend.

Don Young’s Late Night Mystery Meeting?

16 05 2008

Tonight in Anchorage the Hispanic Affairs Council invited all candidates running for Alaska’s sole House seat to a forum.   Ahem!  Roll call, please!  Sean Parnell?…check.  Gabrielle LeDoux?….check.  Diane Benson?….check.  Ethan Berkowitz?…check.  Hmmm.  Someone’s missing.  Who might it be?  Ah, yes. Don Young….    Don?  Are you here Don?  (crickets)

Of course not.  After agreeing to attend the forum via teleconference from Washington D.C., the congressman suddenly canceled at the last minute, due to (get this) a ‘scheduling conflict’.  A scheduling conflict from 9-11 pm Eastern time?  What might this secret nighttime meeting be?  A conference with his pillow?  Poor time management? He obviously didn’t make time to attend the grow-a-spine seminar. 

It shouldn’t surprise us that he turned tail at the prospect of meeting face-to-virtual-face with those chomping at the bit to end his 18-term career.  He’s been dodging the media, the public, and any question-asking entity for months now.  Questions are just too darned uncomfortable.

Coming on the heels of the announcement yesterday that the special Legal Defense Fund he set up (after already spending more than $1.1 million on legal fees) had shown ‘no activity’ in its first reporting period, this has been a bad week for the Don. 

He’ll have to surface at some point if he hopes to make a serious run.  We’re waiting….