Palin Friday Frivolity!

12 09 2008

Once in a while, in the middle of all this insanity, we all just need to sit back and have a good laugh. I’ve been compulsively chuckling over this one for the last 10 minutes.

We know that Sarah and Todd Palin like to name their children with sports/Alaskan theme names.

Track, who was born in Track and Field season.

Bristol, after Bristol Bay.

Willow, after the town north of Wasilla, or the Willow Ptarmigan (Alaska State Bird).

Piper Indy, after the Piper Cub airplane, and the Polaris Indy snowmachine (snowmobile for you ‘outsiders’). And an interesting quote from Palin has her saying Indy could also refer to “Independence”…. Hmmm.

Trig Paxson, after the town of Paxson, north of Wasilla.

So haven’t you ever wondered what your name would be if the fates had made Sarah and Todd Palin your parents? Now you can find out.

Behold the Palin baby name generator! Just type your name and find your Palin name instantly.

Get ready! Find YOUR Palin name HERE!

Have fun, and I’ll check in later.


Engine Nighthawk Palin

Al Franken Draws the U.S….almost.

7 08 2008

This is really amazing.  Watch Al Franken draw an amazingly accurate map of the U.S., freehand in front of a crowd.  Well, actually, not ALL of the U.S.  He says right off the bat he won’t be drawing Alaska…not even as a big square island off the coast of California where we usually are.  No Hawaii either.

At the end, some guy asks what he’s got against Alaska and Hawaii.  “Is it that Bridge to Nowhere Thing?”  Franken laughingly answers, “Yup. It’s the Bridge to Nowhere.”

And once again we get to thank soon to be ex-Senator Ted Stevens and soon to be ex- Congressman Don Young for yet another 15 seconds of fame…. Sigh.

Palin’s a Talking Head on the Straight Talk Express…

15 07 2008

Check out Sarah Palin’s new incarnation as a talking head (literally)!  The latest offering from Jib Jab is here, and if you watch carefully, shortly into it, you’ll see John McCain on the Straight Talk Express, and there, second from the right, next to Mitt Romney, is none other than Sarah herself.

If you’ve never seen anything from Jib Jab, you owe it to yourself.  This one’s on the 2008 election – complete with Hillary’s box of dirty tricks, Bill Clinton’s unexpected meeting with a frying pan, and Barack Obama riding a pink unicorn.  Plenty of fun on the conservative side too.

Ray Metcalfe Gave Me $2 Million Cash!

27 06 2008


‘Tis the season for political events, meet & greets, and luncheons with candidates.  It’s always interesting to check out the promotional stuff that circulates around. I thought I’d take an inventory of my political loot to date from events without a ‘suggested donation’, just to see how they stack up.

Diane Benson – Campaign button in my choice of blue on red, or red on blue.

Ethan Berkowitz – Button. One style fits all.

Mark Begich – Bumper sticker, two-sided sign (blue & white), 2 slices of pretty good pizza and a slice of cake.  Not bad…

Ray Metcalfe – 2 crisp $1,000,000 bills!

Each bill features Mr. Metcalfe’s face and “Which Earmark Did You Get?” on the front, with “In Ray We Can Trust” on the back, along with info on Veco, bribery, Ben and Ted Stevens and Ray’s part it investigating all of it. While Mr. Metcalfe won’t be getting my vote, he definitely wins the prize for creativity this primary season, and gets my appreciation for a good laugh. Let’s face it, there’s nothing funny about an Ethan Berkowitz button.

John Edwards Sees Dead People??

15 06 2008

After John Edwards dropped out of the presidential race, I was bummed.  He was my #1 choice despite the fact that my brain kept saying “please not another southern white guy”!  His message was spot on, and that’s what mattered.  So, imagine how jazzed I was when my significant other sitting at the computer calls out, “John Edwards is coming to Anchorage???” 

Me: (eyes bugging out of head)  What?  Are you sure? 

SO: (earnestly)  I’m looking right here at Craig’s list and someone wants a John Edwards ticket!

Me: Is it the Anchorage Craig’s list?

SO:  Yes!  Look!  John Edward ticket for $185!

Me:  Edward?  or Edwards?

SO: Oh. 

Me: (frantic Google search for “John Edwards Anchorage”.  Please let it be true…. A site pops up.  John Edward in Anchorage tickets available!) He has captivated audiences worldwide.  He uses his unique abilities to connect people with loved ones who have passed on. (HUH?)  Discover the comforting and hopeful message of this world-famous medium, best-selling author and renowned motivational figure.  AAAARGH!

Obviously a case of mistaken identity.  So much for that.  That was the shortest emotional roller-coaster ever. Up-Up-UUUP-splat. 

Well, there has been talk of Obama coming to Alaska, which would certainly give Mark Begich or any other Democratic Congressional hopeful a great bump.  If I were Obama, I’d come up here just to make sure I didn’t have to work with Stevens or Young.  Ever.  Maybe John Edwards could tag along for fun?


Corrupt Bastard Dominos!

30 05 2008

This is great!  Check out Ray Metcalfe’s website, and play corrupt bastard dominos!  He’s got a nice header, and when you click it, you can see a whole string of corrupt bastards starting with Bill Allen, and ending with ‘Uncle Ted’ Stevens who falls last, with a satisfying thwack, right on his face.  I did actually laugh out loud and confess to playing this little game more than once. Kinda like throwing darts, without leaving a hole in your wall.  It just feels goooood. Here’s the link –  Try it!

A Democratic Convention Consolation Prize!

24 05 2008

Well, I’m sitting here watching the rain and feeling more than a little pouty that I’m not enjoying the fun & games at the Democratic Convention in Palmer, today.  For great coverage check out Celtic Diva’s Blue Oasis and Progressive Alaska.  They’re up there singin’ in the rain!

Meanwhile, if you’re like me and unable to attend, here’s a little gift to cheer you!  Jesse Ventura schooling Pat Buchanan on gay marriage.  Quite amusing.


Attaboy Chris Matthews!

16 05 2008

Good morning! If you didn’t catch this last night, enjoy. But a word of warning, put down your coffee or you might end up blowing it out your nose! Chris Matthews calls right-wing idiot Kevin James on the carpet for not knowing what the hell he’s talking about. And Neville Chamberlain gets resurrected for 3 minutes of fame.