Bed Time in Alaska Open Thread – Brenda?!

14 10 2008

Apparently the irresistable siren song of the swing set has lured Brian the moose back to the yard. And as we have established that Brian is really more of a grand idea, than any one particular moose, you will notice that this one is sans antlers, and therefore a female. Brenda?

After the original Brian got the swingset tangled in his antlers and dragged it into the woods, we retrieved it, and set it back in place. Now, it seems obvious that the appeal, whatever it is, crosses the gender gap. Brenda rubbed her head all over the bars and played with the swings for a little while – long enough for me to snap this picture.

Never a dull moment in Alaska.


More sidebar toys!  If you look on the sidebar, you’ll notice a few additions. 

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