Happy Thanksgiving!

27 11 2008

Mudflats will be taking a small hiatus today to enjoy the company of friends and family away from phones and electronic devices.  On a personal note, I’d like to thank the extended Mudflats community for all your words of support an encouragement over these last two “interesting” months!  It would have been impossible to get through that time without you!  Although I can’t claim to have read every comment since August 29th, I do get through the vast majority of them, and your insight, analysis, wit and warmth have been astounding.  So here’s to Mudflatters everywhere!  >>>>tink<<<< (toasts you with your beverage of choice)

I’d also like to thank Snoskred and Sephy for creating the forums and spending untold hours getting everything running, and creating a dynamic alternate space for conversation and interaction.  And they couldn’t do it without the help and support of the other administrators (Charcoal and Icy) and the slew of moderators that do their level best to keep things running smoothly.  It’s no easy task and I am continually amazed at the sheer amount of man (& woman) hours that goes into it all…  >>tink!<<

And also a huge thank you to Mudflatter Lisa who is the creative whiz behind the Mudflats Shop!

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

(And fear not….we have a troll patrol on duty.  So if they show up to the party, remember not to feed them!  You can pm Snoskred on the forum to hasten the alert!)




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27 11 2008
Scrimshaw aka Sack Panther Hussein

Um…. foist?
Enjoying oatmeal and thankfulnesses.
Blessings all around.

27 11 2008

I wanted to stop by and thank you for the home that I found as my world went off kilter after Sarah Palin came into our lives so many months ago. To have found this oasis among the craziness that ensued throughout this election has been like having found water in the desert.

My best wishes to all the wonderful people that make up this online community. You AKM have given so many a home and for that you should be proud. Happy Thanksgiving to all.

God Bless America…..

27 11 2008
crystalwolf a.k.a. caligrl

Many blessing and Many Thanks to all the Muddpuppie Flatters out there and AKM!
We have much to be Thankful for this year!
I was so heartened to the link a muddpuppy posted yesterday of Barack and his family giving out chickens at a food pantry! I don’t remember any President or President-elect doing such a thing. I know times are still rough, but there is hope now!
♥♥Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!♥♥

27 11 2008

I have to say that this is just about my best Thanksgiving ever. We finally have some hope that we can reclaim this once great country and that there is a possibility of peace on earth and goodwill towards man. If anyone can pull it off, that person is Barack Hussein Obama, our President Elect.

Four years ago I joined my local Unitarian Church to find some spiritual connection to help me deal with the grief I was feeling for our country. This Thanksgiving I am having dinner at the church with all the wonderful people I have met there. This time we will be meeting with joy in our hearts rather than despair.

27 11 2008

Wanted to stop in and say “HAPPY THANKSGIVING”. We have alot to be thankful for, especially Mudflats and AKM and all you wonderful mudflatters across the U.S. and world.

27 11 2008

Happy Thanksgiving Mudflatters. And thanks to my fellow citizens who voted for President-Elect Obama and those around the world who supported us in our efforts. Pray for peace and for peace of mind.

27 11 2008

Happy Thanksgiving Mudpups!

Have a thankful day!

27 11 2008

marksmyword (08:54:58)

What that wiseone said!

27 11 2008
the problem child (a jerk, also)

Happy Thanksgiving, all!

27 11 2008
trish in SW FL

Happy Thanksgiving to all of the Mudpuppies, and special thanks to AKM and the Forum staff.

27 11 2008

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving ! So grateful there’s a Mudflats !!

27 11 2008
Ripley in CT

Happy Pie Day!!!

Come on, you all know that’s the real thing that gets us excited!!!

I am thankful for all of you out there who made the last coupla months bearable via this blog. And to you AKM *clink*. I often harken back to the night of the election when we were all in the chat together, laughing, crying, cheering, jumping up and down, and virtual hugging each other. I’ll never forget where I was when “our” president won.

I give thanks.

27 11 2008

Eat well be thankful…

When I bought our house, we learned of our neighbors, 2 brothers, quadriplegic, paralyzed in the same mishap, recovering in the hospital.

One day I’m picking up the trash that had blown in the yard, candy wrappers plastic containers boxes.

I was very angry at the thoughtlessness of it all.

I was standing in my driveway, bending over to pick up a box, and read the label on its side- urinary drain bags.

Good news. My neighbors were well enough to breathe on their own, and come home. One was even well enough to actuate his wheelchair by blowing in a tube.

So here I am, breathing, standing, bending over, able to ‘hold it in’, in the driveway of the house I own with my spouse whom I love, and, all in all, we’re pretty healthy and happy, and complaining!?

I’m thankful I have that vivid memory of bending over, reading that box.
It reminds me of the things I have, for which I am grateful.

And thanks to AKM, and you mudpuppies, for this amazingly popular helpful, hopeful and positive blog. Its more than I could have ever expected.

: )

27 11 2008


27 11 2008
say no to palin in politics

okay, this is funny but when did it happen? whose the funny guy who changed everything P*a*l*i*n to turkey talk on the forum, funny!!!!! Thanks for the laugh. I’m grateful for that!

27 11 2008
Goalie in NM

Thanks AKM. Hope that you are deservedly enjoying the festivities of the day and the warm company of family and friends.

Happy TG to all – and in counting my blessings today, I think of not only my family and friends but of my muddy buddies.

Also, a shout out to all here who are alone or are suffering in someway….you are in my thoughts and prayers.

I am so very blessed. Today I celebrate life. Life that has almost been taken from me with cancer…but, I am a warrior and I have slayed the dragon twice!

Give thanks – as our life is a gift that is so precious!


27 11 2008

Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

27 11 2008

Blessings for a T-day filled with great food and surrounded by family and friends. Even though this is a thoroughly American holiday, the blessings are extended to all in the true spirit of gratefulness for our friends around the globe 🙂

27 11 2008

Hope you have a happy Thanksgiving! Thanks for this wonderful blog and the forum to keep up all informed and entertained. 🙂

27 11 2008
Icy Russia Palin

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

We’re shootin’ the breeze over in the Chat Room….if you’d like to join us!


27 11 2008

Happy Thanksgiving to all & thank you AKM & staff for this wonderful site which I visit so often for information & laughs.


27 11 2008
Frank LI,NY

A very happy and healthy Thanksgiving to all the muddies.

27 11 2008
A Very Happy American

A very Happy Thanksgiving to AKM and all you mudpuppies for making the last two months bearable when I was surrounded by surly Repubs. I am so very grateful for this blog and for my lovely little family and our humble home. And blessings to our President-Elect, Barack Obama and his lovely family. I look forward to seeing them living in the White House. Enjoy the day, mudpuppies.

27 11 2008

Happy Thanksgiving to all Mudpuppies and to AKM especially. I hope you all have great food and the company of friends and family on this lovely day.

I am thankful for the cimeraderie here at Mudflats and for all the hard work of AKM

27 11 2008
MonaLisa (in CT)

I’m so thankful, for SO many things…

♥ My Family ♥ My Friends ♥ Health ♥ My Very Full Belly ♥ Barack ♥ Mudflats ♥

Thankful, also too, for all Mudpuppies, everywhere, ’cause it’s all about global-community-creation, you betcha!

27 11 2008
Forty Watt

Giving thanks for PE Obama, all of you who made it possible, AKM, Snoskred, Sephy, Lisa and all the moderators on the Forum. Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

27 11 2008

Happy Thanksgiving, everybody!

My family and I enjoyed a nice fresh Costco turkey with all the trimmings, and no children’s psyches were irreparably harmed by sights of bloody turkey slaughter at any point in time (that’s because we’re all 19 years and older….much older).

I just got another e-mail reply back re: my Alaskans For Truth e-mailing to AK senators and representatives: Rep. Anna Fairclough responded today with a detailed and informative note. Kudos to her!

27 11 2008
Kelly M

Thanks for helping me maintain perspective through the weirdness, and it has been weird. Huge thanks to the voters of AK for electing Begich, and the voters of the US of A for electing Obama. Change is a very good thing.

27 11 2008

Well, it’s 8:45 here near the east coast and Tday is almost done. Hope ya alls had a great day. I know I did. Too bad I have no more room for mincemeat pie with scotch flavoring.

Tried to serve, well, no, I did serve stuffin’ muffins. That didn’t go over to well.

“What’s this sh*t?” was what one crankly great aunt asked.

“That’s not stuffing. What are you trying to pull?” said her sister.

Ain’t it great to have 90+’ers at the table? At least they dislike the word butcher as much as do I.

Fortunately, there was plenty of stuffing in the bird. And I didn’t even to mutter a disclaimer about the bird not being the one taken to the kitchen while Palin spluttered whatever to the tv reporter.

To AKM, his/her merry pack of maken’it-happeners and to all you fellow mudpuppies, sleep well. Palin knows her antics are being watched.

27 11 2008

happy thanksgiving from the 2nd biggest state in the union.

27 11 2008

Happy Thanksgiving to all. 😉

And to those who arrived on the forums to see Turkey Giblets where they should have seen Sarah Palin and a few other word changes, thanks for enjoying our little thanksgiving joke. We felt that after the Turkey Slaughter and a bit of a stressful time for all getting used to using the forums that we could *all* do with a laugh. And much laughing was done here, though it had to be silent laughing because we made the changes about 4am my time and the other half was asleep. 🙂

27 11 2008

DrChill (09:37:03) very cool, Dr. Chill

Just dropped by after saving at least one precious turkey from the funnel of death (vegetarian and proud of it 🙂 )

I’m thankful for so many personal and family things, I can’t possibly list them here. I’m thankful for President Barack Obama and his cool sidekick Vice President-Elect Joe Biden, for their exceptional leadership and vision for our country, their love and respect for each other, their beautiful families, for America, and the world…because that really shows and is something wonderful and magical to emmulate. I’m so proud of these gentlemen.

Happiest of Thanksgivings to AKM, Brian, Brenda, Li’l Moose, and my friends and fellow Mudpuppies on the Flats (incl Snos, Seph, Icy and Charcoal) …the rest you know who you are. Good on ya, everyone; be brave and happiness will come. Love to you all.


27 11 2008

President-elect Obama, of course, but we all think of him as President already 😉

27 11 2008

Thank you, AKM.

I found you on that fateful morn and have discovered a kindred spirit (albeit, you can WRITE!). It has been a a long time since this progressive Alaskan felt the camaraderie beyond a few locals who, by and large, keep their heads down.

Here’s to keeping our head up!
CRFlats (Copper River Flats, home of Worlds Best Salmon and T-day Meal)

27 11 2008
QuiltAK AKA Northern Quilter AK

I’m thankful for Copper River Salmon! Thanks for explaining your name CRFlats! One of our best ever “Food TV” moments was a Copper River Salmon dinner on the banks of the Russian River! Ya, we bought it and took it with us – but I gotta have some of the first Copper River Salmon of the Season! It is the BEST!! OK, I’m also thankful for everyone here. Reading this blog sure has helped the past few months. It’s a permanent part of my daily check of what’s going on in the world. I’m also greatful for the hope and change the future looks to bring for all of us. Thanks and happy Thanksgiving !!!

27 11 2008
Tired Mom (VA)

Happy Thanksgiving one and all MudPuppies! I’m thankful for all of you and for having this wonderful place to meet up with new freinds! Thanks AKM and all the foum staff.

27 11 2008
fawnskin hussein mudpuppy

happy thanksgiving, mudflatters, one and all.
love and good thoughts for each of you.

27 11 2008

Happy Thanksgiving AKM and Thank You for all you do.
Thanks for OUR OB (OBAMA).
Thanks to all the MUDPUPPIES.

27 11 2008

Happy Thanksgiving AKM and all associated with The Flats.

Our strength has been renewed by wonderful meals and fellowship with family and friends.

We now gird our well-packed loins to carry on the fight against…..all that has been previously discussed but will not be named on this day.

27 11 2008
Lighthouse (CO)

I have been woefully neglectful of the Mudflats for the last few weeks, and I am thankful for a holiday weekend to catch up here!

I am also thankful that – in spite of the scary things happening in our economy – we have hope for a brighter future!!

Now, I’m going to repeat my post from the end of last night’s thread.

I know there are people everywhere who need varying degrees of help, this year more than ever, but just in case you’re having trouble finding someone to share with this year, I want to encourage you to visit the Yahoo group, SantasAngels and see if there’s a family you can adopt for this Christmas.

This year, our family will be sending a batch of gifts to three little girls in Delaware, because I am also thankful for my family, my two jobs, and the fact that I have this abundance to share with those who are having a difficult time this year.

So, even if you don’t check out SantasAngels, I know you can find SOMEONE to share a little bit of SOMETHING with, on whatever level you are able to do so. Because…it’s goooooooooood!!

27 11 2008

good food,

and my friend is beating lung cancer…
life is good.

best wishes to you all.

27 11 2008
Denise sansMSgaAZca

Happy Thanksgiving to my Muddy Family. Smiles. Warm hugs. And points of view to spare.

Mudflats is one of my blessings counted today.

27 11 2008

Thank you Mudflats, and Happy Thanksgiving to you.

Thanks for all your great mudflat muckraking. Quite a year for Alaska, but sounds like things are on the upswing for your state. Alaskans for Truth, a new Democratic senator, and more. Thanks for the inside scoop and your service.

27 11 2008
Phnxrising Hussein

Thanks to this community and its ability to grow and work towards becoming the change that we really do wish to see in the world. It does not mean it will be easy nor that it will come overnight. We will not always please everyone but it certainly is a beautiful step in the right direction to be among so many thoughtful, impassioned people the world over. To those who celebrate Thanksgiving in my part of the world…..hope it was happy. To those in other lands with whom we share a common humanity….we are more than ever grateful for your presence and growing alliances one person at a time. I am thankful for much this season and among it all is all of you! <>( raises glass of lovely mimosa!)

27 11 2008
mhrt oregon

so much to be thankful for family, friends , united team work…..i remember Planned Parent hood for palin….the night michele bachmann p!ssed off so many people…the people who walked in red parts of their town…the people who went to other states….the people of the states who turned their states blue…..the people who almost turned their state blue….the people of alaska who started all this with their rallys…….to AKM and her elves who work so hard to keep us united….yes we can….

27 11 2008
Martha Unalaska Yard Sign

I am thankful for a wonderful family who supported & joined in my efforts during the election, and stood by for me when I was in despair after two months of receiving horrible & gloomy emails spawned by the most hateful and cruel people in the country (you know them – the zealot ghouls who flocked to Palin rallies). I am thankful for this cyber family at Mudflats who also stand for what is good, meaningful and bountiful in these crazy times. I am thankful that AKM has the gift of humor, smarts and insight which is a wonderful combination of talent. I am thankful that I have two of the best dogs on the planet. I am thankful for having an amazing husband. I am thankful for my beautiful, but screwed up state with all of its character, wilderness and fresh air.

And last but not least, I’m thankful that session doesn’t start til January so I have a month and a half in which there is no possibility of bumping into SP! By the way, do you guys think the throwing water and melting thingie is true?

27 11 2008
knikgoose Hussein justaskin

Happy Holidays to all.
I’m having vegetables. That Turkey ImPalin’ news from last week has ruined my ability to look at dead birds as food anymore.
But I WILL have all the rest!
God Bless Everybody. (MUST Include Chavez, LOL!)

27 11 2008
Aussie Blue Sky

Thanksgiving Is Not Just A Dead Bird
by Paula Poundstone


27 11 2008

Long time mostly lurking – Thanks akm for this great venue and thanks to
all the wise and witty contributors to the forum. This has become my
favorite spot for entertainment and edification. I hope the coming 4 years
will bring us some peace on earth.
Keeping warm in Chugiak.

27 11 2008

Welcome yardwork,

we’re neighbors..

28 11 2008
Cynamen Winter

Happy Thanksgiving to you all… I too am grateful that change is in the air. And for those who may have missed the following message, here’s a warm reprise:
Here’s a holiday message from the Obama’s.


They are cute-a-plenty!

28 11 2008

Very cool, Cynamen, just checked in before going to bed, and spied the Obama holiday message link. Thank you…a nice ending to a thankful day. 🙂

28 11 2008

Happy post Thanksgiving Mudflatters.
Checking in daily from Germany and wanted to say that although we didn’t have a holiday here or turkey either, I am anxious to read more and more of this site! Thank you for your efforts and all of the smiles, giggles and whoo hoos you’ve given me for the last few months. Keep up the good work.

28 11 2008
katek formerly cd

I’m a day late but I, too, wanted to wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving. It’s been a rough economic fall season, but YOU DID IT, and there is hope.

Enjoy any leftovers!

28 11 2008
Proud Community OrganizerWA

Well it is the day after Thanksgiving and still more work to do, but the reward is left overs!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I want to thank AKM and all of the mudpuppies for keeping me educated and enlightend about issues I would have ignored in the past. The virtual hand holding through this election season has kept me sane.

What a great gift I found when I stopped by to learn about Alaska!

28 11 2008
Lacy Lady

Hope everyone got to see the interview of Barack and Michelle Obama with Barbara Walters. Great show—–The Obama kids will have to take the “new” dog for a walk, and scoop the poop!!!!!! ha—-Oh—-and make their own beds. Love it!!!!!!

28 11 2008
Scrimshaw aka Sack Panther Hussein

This year Paula P. did a great list of comedic Thankfulnesses…

Thanksgiving is Not Just a Dead Bird
by Paula Poundstone –


“I’m thankful that I don’t have to housebreak my puppy in the Blue Room
of the White House.”

28 11 2008

I hope that all our “mudpuppies” and especially AK and family had a wonderful Thanks Giving!

I am so grateful and thankful for having found this place, its founder and fellow posters. I am also grateful and thankful for the forums that sprang to life off this wonderful blog.

Thank you everyone!

28 11 2008
claudia in nyc

A great big Thanks to every one at Mudflats. You continue to be a source of sanity and a much needed buoy in the form of intelligence, wit, and clarity. Thanks for hanging in there. We in the lower 48 have nearly lost our minds with the relatively short exposure to Sarah and company we’ve been forced into. I cannot imagine how you have coped with her for two years. Enjoy your time off. I have a feeling we still have a lot of work ahead of us…

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