Happy Thanksgiving!

27 11 2008

Mudflats will be taking a small hiatus today to enjoy the company of friends and family away from phones and electronic devices.  On a personal note, I’d like to thank the extended Mudflats community for all your words of support an encouragement over these last two “interesting” months!  It would have been impossible to get through that time without you!  Although I can’t claim to have read every comment since August 29th, I do get through the vast majority of them, and your insight, analysis, wit and warmth have been astounding.  So here’s to Mudflatters everywhere!  >>>>tink<<<< (toasts you with your beverage of choice)

I’d also like to thank Snoskred and Sephy for creating the forums and spending untold hours getting everything running, and creating a dynamic alternate space for conversation and interaction.  And they couldn’t do it without the help and support of the other administrators (Charcoal and Icy) and the slew of moderators that do their level best to keep things running smoothly.  It’s no easy task and I am continually amazed at the sheer amount of man (& woman) hours that goes into it all…  >>tink!<<

And also a huge thank you to Mudflatter Lisa who is the creative whiz behind the Mudflats Shop!

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

(And fear not….we have a troll patrol on duty.  So if they show up to the party, remember not to feed them!  You can pm Snoskred on the forum to hasten the alert!)