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22 11 2008

Good night, Mudflatters!

For those of you who were having a hard time deciphering the insanity that was the last post, I have added a handy visual aid. It’s my not-so-great attempt at putting together a chart connecting the felons, former CEOs, welders, current and former love interests, and immune-from-investigation cohorts in the latest saga from the Ted Stevens trial…. Silly you. You thought it was over. It will hopefully help to untangle the web of corruption for you.

And, of course, the Night Kitchen open thread is ready and waiting for you over on the Forum!



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22 11 2008
Deuce2 AL "Renegade"

AKM: Thank you very much for taking the time to clarify what is going
on with whom. It is oh so much appreciated. Now then, as I am gloating about
becoming Governor in the vast expanses of the FORUM, I am humbly taking
this opportunity to post this comment.


22 11 2008
BigSlick YES WE CAN! Clamp Noodle Palin

The only thing missing is the Thorazine.

ni ban me

22 11 2008

Holy cow. I mean, ah, Holy Moose (shout out to Brian and Brenda)! You’re right, you just can’t make this stuff up.

Hope all you Muddies are having a fun time–I’m counting down the days to 20 Jan, hoping a few of my $$ for retirement are still around by then! Been busy with a sick family member for the last few. OY, it doesn’t rain but it pours.

22 11 2008

My apologies to addressing Muddies harshly yesterday… Allow me to correct:

I should not have doubted you all understand that the Ted Stevens story occurred for a higher purpose!

VECO built the house as part of the chain of watch towers over Russia to protect the nation’s oil. That inlcudes Sarah’s house too, also as well (and that is why it has so many large windows).

Sadly, Sarah missed the chance to pardon Ted instead of the Turkey.

22 11 2008

Thank you, AKM. I especially like the lines with the heart and the broken heart. 🙂

The only difference between politics here and in Alaska, it seems, is that all these kinds of shady business and romantic relationships do exist here as well, but only native South Carolinians, and more precisely, only those who have lived in a specific area all their lives, and their families for several generations, would be able to describe them. And they’re not talking. B-)

22 11 2008

I love the flow chart but have given up trying to make sense of what all these people have been up to for quite some time. Your flow chart identified the mess for what it is though: a big soap opera with a bunch of bad actors.

22 11 2008

Sorry if this is not best spot to post…or if it OT, but it just tickle my feathers things morning while reading about SP on Huffingotn Post this morning (11/22)

A recap of Huffington Post Comments for 11/22/08 on SP Turkey Pardon
FrustratedFarmer: Being a small organic farmer who raises and processes all of his own food plus, I see nothing wrong with the video. Tasteless? Yes. Do I like Ms. Palin? No.

Reply posted 07:00 AM on 11/22/2008 – Schnitzel: Uh…there’s nothing wrong with taking a dump either, does that mean we want to watch the governor of alaska do an interview in a porta-potty?

Reply Posted 07:34 AM on 11/22/2008- ShakeYourComplacency: Good point. This has nothing to do with slaughterhouses. It’s about where a governor should stand while doing a tv interview on Thankgiving. One of the signs of mental illness is acting inappopriately, and not knowing what behavior is appropriate in contex. It’s worrisome that she has that problem.

Anyone will tell you this is surreal. A governor who pardons a turkey, something children like and see, and then walks a few steps to have that same audience watch turkeys being butchered, while she drones on about nonsense, is inappropriate and baffling

Please…no out house TV interviews for SP!

22 11 2008

Delighted to see the tread open again… now we’ll have to see if the community will re-gather… Jamie?, Clare?, Ireland, hello? 🙂

22 11 2008

Sorry off topic. Did you see the new Thanksgiving ad for Gov. Palin this morning. Geesh… would have loved to see one for our military guys/gals!!!

22 11 2008

Sheeeshhh!! Your dear gov is still making the news here in Georgia. Go figure!
Is Alaska big enough for celebrity Palin?
Michael Blood, Associated Press Writer

Alaska may get its wish if she has to resign to take advantage of these $$ million deals. She’ll be able to buy her clothes from the RNC!! Trust me on this – she’ll be a multi-millionaire with her own Televangelist show, not running for office.

22 11 2008
jan jan (Possum)

OMG!!!! What a thought!!!! SP as a televangelist!!! Can I visualize this???
Another reason why I am a Buddhist…

22 11 2008
Lacy Lady

Greta is still defending poor Sarah. Asked everyone to e-mail Dave Letterman last night for blasting poor Sarah. What a joke!!!!!!!! Anything to keep her in the news. Greta needs to get a life!!

22 11 2008
mmboucher (Florida)

Why don’t we all e-mail Greta and tell her what WE think of Sarah instead!!!

22 11 2008
CO Almost Native

Ooohhh…I think I get it. However, I don’t think there is any visual aid that can decipher the inner workings of David Anderson’s brain.

I will leave it to the judge; he’s had to deal with the juror who went ballistic (stayed on the panel), the juror who went to the races (booted off), the media circus, old,fragile vs.crotchety Uncle Ted…good luck with this one.

I’ll grab a bowl of popcorn, put my feet up in my Stressless Back chair, and enjoy the show.

22 11 2008
Scrimshaw aka Sack Panther Hussein

There’s a new blog entry Friday, from Juror #11:

“It Will Never Go Away!”

22 11 2008
CO Almost Native

From Huffpo to Palin, with (tough) love:

Just this past week, shortly after conducting a string of national TV interviews and skipping a state education conference, she was scolded by the Anchorage Daily News. “There are … low graduation rates, plummeting North Slope oil prices, proposals to build alternative energy projects, the gas pipeline,” the paper said in an editorial. “It’s time for the governor to refocus on Alaska’s needs.”

Let’s see: 200+ interviews, speeches, movies, book deals vs. doing her job (running the state of Alaska)…choices, choices:)

22 11 2008
UK Lady

Just when you thought this Alaskan drama couldn’t get any worse! I must be naive, but I really thought this was all about greed and money. The Bill Allen, Stevens fiasco etc. But then I read a link left by an (I think Alaskan), called Jennifer. Last blog around 22.50.

Dig in to it and you find a steaming cesspool of drugs and underage girls. Allen’s name seems to have come up in at least one and possibly two statutory rape investigations. Not to mention a possible hit job on his own nephew.

Gruesome – I re-post link from Jennifer

22 11 2008

This is hilarious. Perhaps this would have gotten McCain a few more votes:

22 11 2008
Grammy in PA

gobsmacka (10:22:19) :

HAHAHAHA! Excellent video – SMACKA!

22 11 2008
El from Saskatchewan

gobsmacka: I love this video too. A real LOL. Something I don’t do very often.

22 11 2008
Tommy Turkey

Did you just see what they did to my sister?!!!

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