Bedtime in Alaska – Night Kitchen

17 11 2008

I know the question that you all must be asking yourselves.  What does Brian think of Sarah Palin’s potential multi-million dollar book deal?  And what does he think of the moose chili she’s been dishing up to the national media? 

Well, I’ll just let Brian speak for himself.


I’m happy to see so many of you enjoying the Blog Thread over on the forum for off-topic conversation!  There are always some growing pains when change is involved, but for the most part everyone seems pleased!  I am pleased too.   Here’s one of the reasons.  I wanted to share part of a lovely email I got today which is posted with permission:

My husband, the computer geek of the family, found your blog during the election; and I became an avid fan/reader.   I’m a 61-year old technophobe who is terrified of pressing the wrong button or doing/saying something stupid, so I just remained what you blogger experts call a ‘lurker.”  I loved reading the comments from others who shared my feelings and fears.  

I’ve continued to read the blog because Alaska is still near and dear to my heart, but I’ve always felt like an interloper because the people who are regular contributors seem like family, and I believed that I would be intruding into private conversations.  I admit to sometimes thinking, “It’s nice you can chit chat and feel such camaraderie with one another, but what does this have to do with the original subject?”  I also thought the rush to be first without saying anything was really beside the point especialy since you had addressed that issue in an earlier blog.

So, when I logged on last night before going to bed, I was delighted to see that you had come up with a fantastic way to allow the friendships to continue while enabling readers like me to feel more confident in posting.  Thank you, I believe you will have a more coherent dialog in the thread comments, and I expect to see new readers commenting more frequently.

That just made me smile. 

So, to the ‘Night Kitchen’ crew, I’ve left you a shiny new thread (a clean kitchen) over on the forum.  If you haven’t been there yet, it’s a little bit different, but it works the same.  You’ll have a thread and you can post back and forth to each other on whatever topic moves you.

The link is HERE, and the thread is called ‘The Night Kitchen is Open’!  Also, open threads will be posted throughout the day in the same spot for your conversational pleasure.

Good Night Mudflatters!  See you in the morning.




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