Bedtime in Alaska – Adventure Thread!

16 11 2008


OK, Mudpuppies!  Welcome to…..Adventure Thread!  What’ makes tonight’s open thread an Adventure Thread?  It involves a bit of travel!  Don’t worry….it’s not far.  I’ll explain in a moment.

In an attempt to improve the functioning of the blog, we’ll be having the Bedtime Open Threads over on the Forum.  Don’t panic!!  Change is good.  The Forum, if you have not been there, is a big series of rooms, each one designed for a particular type of conversation.  Many Mudflatters have been happily conversing over there for more than a month now.  As a matter of fact there are almost 1400 like-minded Mudpuppies signed up to use the Mudflats Forum right now!

The great thing about the Forum is that our wonderful Forum Administrators Snoskred and Sephyroth are able to build new rooms any time we want!  So the latest one is designed to be….the Bedtime in Alaska Open Thread!  It’ looks a little different than it does here, but it serves the same function. It’s a place where everyone can go to have open discussions.  And it also gives you easy ways to use smileys, and send messages, and all sorts of other fun stuff.  And if you don’t want to use those extra features, you don’t have to.  All up to you.

This blog will remain unchanged.  You can still leave comments after a blog post, and I love it when you do, but the blog functions best when comments are related to the topic of the post.  So, if I’ve posted on ConvicTed Stevens, and you are itching to talk about Joe Lieberman, that’s great….just pop over to the Blog chat at the Forum and post it there.

This is good for many reasons:

  • It’s easier for newcomers to the blog to figure out what’s going on, and easily join in the conversation, because it’s about what they just read. 
  • It also reduces the total number of comments on the blog by transferring some of them over to the Forum.  When hundreds of comments pile up on one post, things start to run very slowly.  Then posters get sad and email me and ask why everything is so slow…
  • I probably won’t be regularly posting 6 or 7 times a day now that things have settled down a little.  Don’t worry, I will still be posting as frequently as I can, but if the number of posts decreases, and the comments stay the same….log jam in the series of tubes, and the reloading time to comment gets longer.  So, it will make it easier on everyone if off-topic posts find their natural home over on the Blog Thread on the Forum.
  • The Forum can handle as many comments as you can dish out!

And best of all, there are friendly people on the other end of the jump who will help you and answer any questions you have. 

So, when you arrive at the Forum, you’ll see a bunch of posts, and you’ll see page numbers for the thread, and you’ll see a reddish-greyish button that says “Reply”.  To read the comments click through the pages, and to reply, click…you guessed it….Reply!

(Once you get used to this basic function, you’ll be able to change your settings to put the most recent post on top! Nice!  And you’ll be able to change your settings to keep you right in the thread after you post, just like here.  You can read all about it in this FAQ sheet from Sephyroth – Click HERE)

So, ready?   One…..two…..three….Click HERE!! 




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