Obama Victory Rally at “Mudflats Point”, Grant Park, Chicago. » shikago2


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6 11 2008


7 11 2008
Rankle Hiway Hussein of the Obamanation

Thanks for the photo, shikago2. I worked the election as a Politicak Observer (Arizinan for Poll Watcher) and only got home at 11:00 PM Mountain, so I almost missed everything. Almost. I was especially awed by the huge crown of “everybody, come on down” folks going silent to hear McCain’s concession speech.
A local news station ran it direct from Mountain Shadows (a VERY ritzy resort in Paradise Valley) and I couldn’t help but compare that bunch of “elite Republicans” booing at the mention of Barack Obama’s name, with the huge crowd at Grant Park going silent.
Glad you were there, and could give this first hand report. Thanks

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