Send Your Condolences to the Obama Family.

3 11 2008

As most of us know, Barack Obama suffered the loss of his grandmother Madelyn Dunham on Sunday night. 

HONOLULU (AP) — Barack Obama’s grandmother, whose personality and bearing shaped much of the life of the Democratic presidential contender, has died, Obama announced Monday, one day before the election. Madelyn Payne Dunham was 86.

Obama announced the news from the campaign trail in Charlotte, N.C. The joint statement with his sister Maya Soetoro-Ng said Dunham died late Sunday night at her Honolulu apartment after a battle with cancer.

“She’s gone home,” Obama said as tens of thousands of rowdy supporters at the University of North Carolina-Charlotte grew silent in an evening drizzle.

“And she died peacefully in her sleep with my sister at her side. And so there is great joy as well as tears. I’m not going to talk about it too long because it is hard for me to talk about.”

But he said he wanted people to know a little about her — that she lived through the Great Depression and World War II, working the latter on a bomber assembly line with a baby at home and a husband serving his country. He said she was humble and plain spoken, one of the “quiet heroes that we have all across America” working hard and hoping to see their children and grandchildren thrive. [snip]

“She’s the one who taught me about hard work,” he said. “She’s the one who put off buying a new car or a new dress for herself so that I could have a better life. She poured everything she had into me.”

Michelle Obama’s voice choked with emotion during a campaign appearance in Colorado as she asked people to remember the woman her husband called “Toot,” a version of the Hawaiian word for grandmother, tutu.

“Say a prayer for Toot and thank her for raising Barack Obama. I think she did an amazing job,” Obama told about 2,500 people at a suburban Denver high school gym.

Please use this thread to send out wishes of support, and condolence to the Obama family. 

I will make sure that the Obama campaign in Alaska is aware of the thread and ask that they send your messages and prayers to the Obama family as they try to process their grief in this bitter-sweet time, just one day before the election.

If you would like to light a virtual candle, please click HERE.

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3 11 2008
clip dragon palin

I wish his grandmother was alive to see tomorrow. But she will be with him in spirit and he knows it.

3 11 2008
MizKay [stuck in] Red Carolina

My heart sank when I heard, but I felt relief that he had been able to visit her last week.

3 11 2008

May flights of angels sing Madelyn Dunham to her rest:

3 11 2008
Margaret from Connecticut

my heart is broken for the Obama family. it is so very sad that Toot will not be here to rejoice in Barack’s overwhelming victory tomorrow evening!

Rest in peace.

3 11 2008
WV Democrat

I am so sorry for your loss but know that tomorrow, win or lose, “Toot” will be looking down from heaven and smiling. My heart goes out to you and yours…

3 11 2008
Bella the Bunny Girl

A grandmother who helps to raise you is a very special person and the loss is so much harder. Best wishes for the family in their time of grief.

3 11 2008

When my mother passed away there was really nothing anyone could say to console me…therefore in this spirit I offer my most heartfelt condolences…it’s been 9 years now for me and it got better with time…someone said something very valueable to me and I would like to pass this along to you and your family…it’s not something you ever really get over…something you get used to…I am doing my best to make my mother proud…your grandmother must be very proud of you already…she did a great job and I hope she heard me say that outloud.

Margery Kay Behrens

3 11 2008
Cassie Jeep Pike Palin (Wish I were Trout)

Already did…it’s a sad day for our next president.

3 11 2008
SC Torpedo Vindicator

May God be with Mrs. Dunham. Her job here on earth was not only finished but as is often said in the A.M.E. churches I have attended, “Well Done!”.

In a certain way, she must have known that is was “OK” at this point and that Barack could “carry on” from here.

To Barack, his immediate family and siblings, the heart of the world goes out to you and is with you.

3 11 2008

I am so sorry to hear about your grandmother – my tears are welling up as I write this. She must be so very proud of you – and we know how very proud you are of her – one of those quiet heros.

3 11 2008

Sincere sympathies to the extended Obama family on the loss of “Toot”. Sincere thanks to her for raising this remarkable man.

3 11 2008

My condolences to the Obama family. Her physical being has expired, but her spirit lives through her grandchildren and great grandchildren. Blessed is Toot because now this hardworking woman has become “toot” to millions of Americans.

Rest in peace, Madelyn Dunham.

3 11 2008

Thank you for all you did to make your beloved grandson such a wonderful man, Mrs Dunham.

You have given the world a great gift by the strength, courage and wisdom you instilled in him.

Rest in peace knowing that we will work with him for the next eight years to make this country a better place than the one you left. YES WE WILL.

3 11 2008
Terri Sais

I am so saddened by this news. I had really hoped she would see the day her grandson became President of the United States of America. She is at peace now and no longer suffering from the cancer. I believe she went in peace because she knew what kind of Man she helped raise. I’m a lifelong Republican going totally Democrat this year. May god bless Senator Obama and his family.
I believe he already has!!

3 11 2008
Judy in Chicago

We all grow up to reflect those who taught us, inspired and encouraged us. I am saddened, yet I am so grateful to Madelyn Dunham for loving Barack Obama the way she did. I will vote for him tomorrow, proudly, with her in my prayers.

3 11 2008
Debbie aka Commando Coalfire Palin

After everthing I have seen in my life I strongly believe that had she felt that he would need her she would have hung on people who have reached the age she was have tremendous willpower and can continue to live a very long time on shear willpower alone, I believe she died knowing he would win and that he would be okay without her. Bless her, if I could ask her one question it would be Did you ever in a million years think your grandson would become the president of the united states?

3 11 2008

I think Toot will be working overtime now…to ensure her favorite grandson becomes our next President of the United States. She helped mold a wonderfully talented and intelligent man, husband and father. The memories he will carry and can pass on to his children cannot be taken away. My deepest sympathies.

3 11 2008
portland oregon native

My hearfelt condolences to the Obama family.
Thank you Mrs. Dunham for giving us the Barack Obama we have all come to admire and respect these past 2 years.

3 11 2008

Dear Barack and Michelle,
My heart goes out to you in this difficult time. I have been praying for your grandma every day. Although I had prayed that she would be here to see you elected President, I know that she is with our Lord in heaven and that she now knows perfect peace and joy. May God comfort you and your family in the coming days.

In His love,
Sue Conley

3 11 2008
enoughAlready n nc

My heart goes out to you and your entire family. Her life is an inspiration and a model for moms and grandmoms all over the world.

3 11 2008

The Day/Young Family in Victorville, California send our condolences and prayers the Dunham Family and The Obama Family. May Mrs. Dunham rest in peace. Sincerely, The Day/Young Family

3 11 2008

Sounds like Mrs. Dunham/Toot was an amazing influence on her grandson — and I look forward to Barack Obama being able to thank her on the US/world stage when he is sworn in as President # 44. Mrs. Dunham’s positive values will live on via her grandson and benefit us all.

Special thoughts going out to Sasha and Malia . . .

3 11 2008
BigSlick THAT ONE Hussein Clamp Noodle Palin

Barack Obama is proof that a Grandmother’s love CAN change the world.

Thank you so much Mrs. Dunham, for the love you have shared with us all.

3 11 2008
scarlet in Oregon

You gave your Grandmother the greatest gift of Pride in many ways and I’m sure it was boundless in these last months when you showed dignity in the face of all the opposition’s slander.

How wonderful that you had the pleasure and love of your grandmother and may the your sweet memories with her slowly replace the emtiy space in your heart.

Yes we will because your family has made us believe again!

3 11 2008

Thank You, Toot, for your extraordinary contribution to the world. Aloha!

3 11 2008
Denise ThatOneFromMSgaAZca

The nation thanks the woman who raised our next President. We are so grateful for her nurturing, sacrifice, belief in the future, and toughness.

3 11 2008

To the Obama family:

I am sure that Barak’s grandmother is watching this wonderful presidential event that will be the most positive change for our country from her perfect home and rejoycing as we all are doing.

Deborah Hoffman
Gig Harbor, Washington

3 11 2008

Barack and family…
I’m so sorry to hear of the passing of your Grandmother. What a wonderful family you have…the beautiful living and recently past…for they have all touched you, giving you the spine of steel and heart of generosity, which you kindly share with America and the world. We thank your family; we thank you.
Peace go with you

3 11 2008
Shove Maggot "That One" Hussein aka the problem child

I cannot begin to say how deeply I feel your loss. My own Grandmama, my last surviving grandparent is so supportive of your campaign. Even though she moved from Indiana to Idaho in the past year, I am proud to continue her support, via absentee ballot, from the battleground state of Indiana. She will be one of many who will cast her ballot for you, with tears in her eyes, from Boise, Idaho. I pray that her vote, along with her great love for you, will help you to hear the love from Idaho, Indiana, Illinois, Massachusetts. Maine, and all the other states from which I have cast my ballot FOR YOU in spirit, in the name of my ancestors.

3 11 2008
Allison in Kenmore, WA

I hope somehow she can know what an incredible contribution she’s made to this world. I’m a stay-home mom, white, 38 years old, upper middle class and I’ve never been more proud to cast a vote. I think Barack Obama is an remarkable man and there are equally remarkable women behind him who should also get credit for this rising star.
I was brought to tears today to hear of Mrs. Dunham’s passing and that she won’t see history tomorrow.
Be proud, Grandma Dunham!

3 11 2008

Rest in peace, quiet hero.

3 11 2008

Dear Sen. & Mrs. Obama and family,
Although All Saints’ Day is Nov. 1, it is officially celebrated in our church on the 1st Sunday thereafter — meaning yesterday, Nov. 2nd, when we held the full, formal Episcopalian Eucharist in recognition of this Feast Day, according to our Church calendar. For Toot to have realized her cancer was too much for her earthly life to bear yesterday speaks volumes as to the day of her death — and I pray you take some comfort from that. For she is a true Saint — a Saint to the many beloved supporters who know in their hearts that your grandparents and your mother have raised you with the qualities the world so needs right now: kindness, empathy, intelligence, tolerance, steadfastness, oh my….. the list goes on! God Bless Her Soul!

Having spent the earlier part of this year dealing with the terminal death of a very dear loved one — oh God how I wish so many times we would have laughed & loved and supported one another in our eagerness for the change and leadership you will bring (I miss her so right now!), my tears were with you when you went to Hawaii ten days ago — because I just knew….

Your amazing courage, Sen. Obama, your temperament, your ability to connect with people at all walks of life — those are the gifts she has given you.

And she will not leave you, or your family. Ever.

God Bless You & Your Family.

May peace be with you!

3 11 2008
old salt

I have followed you since the day you announced. Your Grandmother did an amazing job! My condolences.

Larry Beck
USN Retired

3 11 2008

My deepest condolences to the Obama family on the loss of your beloved grandmother.

I have just made a donation to the campaign. It is made in honor of Madelyn Dunham. With all due respect to cancer survivors and their families- the negativity and divisiveness of this country is the “cancer” I wish to fight at this moment. So in her name, and to eradicate one kind of cancer, I made a donation to the campaign.

Rest in Peace Mrs. Dunham, and thank you for your grandson.

3 11 2008

Dear Senator Obama and Family,

I am saddened by the loss your family has endured today. Grandma’s are such special people in our lives. I am so sorry that 1 day before you are elected President that your “Toots” isn’t here to see it. I have lit my candle, 2 in fact, one for you Senator and one for Toots. We cry with you on this day in sadness but tomorrow we cry in joy! Oh isn’t life so mysterious to have this happen at such a time. I pray for you, I pray for your toots, I pray for our country at the biggest election I have ever lived through.

Thank you Senator Obama for being a rock even when it must be beyond difficult.

3 11 2008

As a Canadian watching this election from “across the line”, I see a man who surely was “raised well”. My thoughts and prayers go out to Mr. Obama and his family. The world is waiting for this. Someone said today that Toot has passed Barack onto Americans, for him to uplift, and for them to support. Well said!

But its not just Americans who owe their thanks to Toot for raising this man. At the risk of idolizing a mere man, we join with the US citizens to do what is right, to turn the page. He can’t do it alone! He’s only as strong as those who support him.

We will wait with bated breath!

3 11 2008
San Juan Islander


Deepest condolences to you and your family. May tomorrow begin a new journey for this country as you lead our nation to a brighter, more honorable future, for all of our sakes and in your grandmother’s honor. Thank you for taking on the responsibility that you have. I can imagine her joy and pride.

3 11 2008
New Boston Yankee

What strong memories you must have of your grandmother, Senator Obama? May those memories and the knowledge that she is in a better place comfort you during this time of tragedy.

3 11 2008
El from Saskatchewan

“When someone you love becomes a memory, the memory becomes a treasure”
The thoughts and prayers of people in many countries are with you and your family,

3 11 2008
Lacy Lady

Our condolences to the Obama family. I prayed that Mrs Dunham could live to see her grandson elected as President of the United States. But I know she will be with him in spirit, and looking down from heaven as he places his hand on the bible and is sworn into office.
May she rest in Peace!!
The Bear family—Iowa

3 11 2008
Dust Chinstrap

My family expresses many messages of sympathy and gratitude to the Obama family for their loss and for their service to the country during a very difficult time both personally and nationally.

It seems nothing will be easy during this unique season, but the loss of Mrs. Dunham just hours before the election is sad, stunning irony . I know she will somehow be watching keenly over tomorrow with a lot of love. Perhaps she will slip a word of encouragement into the ears of those who are wavering in the voting booth……….

*takes off earflap hat for a moment*

3 11 2008

My sincere condolences to the Obama family. Grandma Toot is an angel on your shoulder. She wil always be with you participating in your successful journey to make our nation a better place. We applaud her for what she has given the world. God Bless you all. May she rest in peace.

3 11 2008

Tears come in many flavors.

Some are tears of anger, some tears of joy. Some are tears of remorse, and some are tears of pure sorrow.

Tonight my tears taste both sad and sweet. Timing is everything, they say. Toot, you waited until the end of the campaign to leave, and I’m sure Barack drew on your strength throughout the grueling tests he faced. Yet now you’ve gone, and as of tomorrow, it will be time that Barack accepted the mantle that will be handed to him. It is his time now, and he must walk a path that you helped prepare him for even if you cannot follow.

I join the many hearts reaching out to Barack and Maya, as well as Michelle and Sasha and Malia in this time of change. It is a new season. Let our tears wash away what has been and welcome, and cleanse, that which comes.

3 11 2008
Resa in California

God has Obama’s Grandmother now and He will always be with Barak, Michelle the girls, and his sister!

Peace and strength to Obama and his family.

3 11 2008

Godspeed, Mrs. Dunham. Help us if you can.

3 11 2008

My condolences. I know that there’s another angel in Heaven looking out for the entire Obama family. May your time and memories with “Toot” sustain you through these trying times.

3 11 2008

Dear Barack, Michelle, Malia and Sasha,
My heartfelt condolences to you and your family. May she rest in peace knowing she did a fine job in this life and gave this nation a bringer of hope and light.
May God bless your family.

3 11 2008

Sincere sympathies to the Obama, Soetoro-Ng, Dunham, and Payne families… and to their extended families and close friends as well. I guess the first order for “Toot” is gonna be playing a game of duplicate bridge with Charles, but I imagine them both with their arm around their daughter as they watch that those election night basketball games (the literal one & the figurative one), looking down from above.

May the values and wisdom of “Toot” and of all our grandmothers live on in your life and in our lives, across this country and around the world. Space and time cannot separate us from those we love; those who live on in our hearts and in our minds.

3 11 2008
HamletsMill aka Rot Pipeline Palin

Thank you Mrs. Dunham. Thank you so very, very much for your Great Work every single day in raising your Grandson up right. In doing so you have helped save our nation in your excellence in that endeavor. We appreciate every effort of your life. May your Soul wing it’s way to the highest realms of light. Your luminous honored Spirit will be with all of us tomorrow in our hearts as we go forth to vote for the betterment of our nation. We salute you. You are Grandmother to us all now. You are with your Husband now. May you Rest in Peace in those realms.

As an American my heartfelt condolences from my entire extended family worldwide to the Obama family.

3 11 2008
mhrt oregon"steve"

Senator Obama this is a very dark and sad day for you and your family. I am sure Toot was touched by family from the side of the angels who already know the out come of this election. Now she can watch the election with family, free of pain. When Mr Obama is elected president of the United States of America I am sure we will hear it shouted from the sky.

3 11 2008

My condolences to the Obama family on their loss. You beloved Tutu is no longer in pain and lived to see her grandson achieve things that were unthinkable when he was born. She will always be with you in your heart and memory.

3 11 2008

Here’s a little tribute I did earlier today.

Madelyn Dunham R.I.P.

Thoughts and prayers to Barack and his family.

3 11 2008

This amazing woman, Grandmother Dunham, guided her grandson to become one of those rare gems that shapes the world to be a better place. Her light will shine through her grandchild to brighten the future for so many.

To Barack and Michelle Obama,

We feel your sorrow deeply.


3 11 2008
strangelet Hussein

I am not a religious person. The death of a beloved family member is always a source of sadness, because we can no longer share life with the deceased. However, the loss — though sharply felt — can also be an occasion for great joy: joy in admiration of a great life; joy in the mitigation of pain; joy in the interpersonal connections that have been forged through the influence of the departed. For believers, joy in the certainty of eternal reward.

For all of us, the joy comes a little while after the sadness and grief, but it comes nevertheless. In the long run, we do not remember our loved ones as they were at their time of death, but as they were in their lives. And this is as it should be.

I certainly extend my sympathy to Mr. Obama and his family during this time of sadness, but I trust that they will be sustained by the memory of a remarkable woman.

3 11 2008
Eyes Wide Open in Pittsburgh, PA

Pittsburgh Steelers are beating the Washington Redskins. This is predictive of an Obama victory tomorrow.,119267

3 11 2008
Alabama For Obama

May the good memories help you through such a bittersweet time! Our sincerest sympathy!

“To live in the hearts we leave behind is not to die.”
Thomas Campbell

3 11 2008

Thank you for giving us this loving, caring man to lead us out of the dark days of our country. Rest in peace.

3 11 2008

All my love and comfort and sympathy to your entire family. At this moment
my mother is fighting a similar battle. Isn’t it the truth that such women, like “Toots” are what make the earth live and keep on living. She has given
so much in her life and her legacy will live on in your work – and you in
turn will inspire others, and so you pass on her teaching. blessings to you all tomorrow and in the days to come.

3 11 2008

My sweetheart and I left our blue state of Washington to join my dad in North Carolina, and have spent the past two days campaigning here. Just last night, I said, “I hope Toot makes it to see Tuesday.” So we were terribly sorry to hear of her passing, and imagine that there’s very little opportunity for the Obama family to experience their grief right now. May all go as we hope and pray it will tomorrow, and you’ll all get some much deserved private family time to remember Toot together.

3 11 2008
Nebraskan for Alaskans

May I extend my sincere condolences to the Obama family on the loss of their beloved Toot. I am sure that her heart was so full of pride over the accomplishments of her grandson. We are thankful to her for her influence in shaping the man who will become the next President of the United States. God bless you all and may your hearts always remember her fondly. She will always be with you.

Beth McCabe

3 11 2008

Grandmothers are special people with very special gifts. I believe that one of those gifts is to see what is truly special in their grandchildren and to foster their talents. I have no doubt that Madelyn Dunham recognized the gifts of Senator Obama and spent her lifetime helping him develop into the husband, father and leader that he is today. She was able to leave this life seeing her grandson be the person he was destined to be. Her spirit lives on in the hearts and memories of all that loved and knew her.

3 11 2008

Sail on, Toot. May the wind be to your back. Thank you for raising such a fine grandson who inspires us and will be a great President.

3 11 2008
CO Almost Native

My prayers and condolences go out to Barak Obama and his extended family on the death of his beloved grandmother. May she rest, content, in heaven, knowing what that a fine man she helped raised will now use what he learned from her to make the world a better place. My the love and caring of all of us at mudflats comfort all of you until you can say your final good byes.

3 11 2008
MizKay [stuck in] Red Carolina

Dear Senator and Mrs. Obama,
I do not have the words to express what is in my heart. Please hug your girls for me, and know that I am praying for comfort and strength, and for serenity, for you.

My expression of sympathy can be partly heard in this recording of In Paradisum, from the Requiem by Gabriel Fauré, set to art by Alphonse Olbert.

With blessings to Madelyn, and to the Obama family; (text being sung translated below)
“May the angels lead you into paradise,
may the martyrs receive you
in your coming,
and may they guide you
into the holy city, Jerusalem.
May the chorus of angels receive you
and with Lazarus once poor
may you have eternal rest.”

3 11 2008

One thing I have learned from my wonderful boss, who is a nun: That those we love are with us in spirit and can help us connect to the source of all guidance, comfort and love. May Madelyn Dunham rest in peace and may perpetual light shine upon her.

3 11 2008

From one Grandma to Toot – Thankyou. You obviously had an impact on your grandson. You can take credit for the person he is. You never know when your words can affect a child’s life. I think of this every time I talk to my granddaughter. And I think back to my childhood when someone has said something that made me think. Us grandmas must speak the truth because we have lived long enough to know. Everyone dies but we can live on with the impact our words have had. I have seen it.

3 11 2008
kate aka chin duststrap

I am sorry to hear of the loss of Mrs. Dunham, I had so hoped she would be able to see her grandson as President.

My sincere condolences to the Obama family at this time.

3 11 2008

Dear Senator and Michelle Obama and family:

My prayers and sympathies go out to you during this time. I realize that it is a bittersweet moment, but know that she will be there in spirit.

God bless,

Melissa W.

3 11 2008

My sincerest condolences to your and your family Barack. Please know that you were the light in her world, and now that light shines in you. Let the love poured on you keep you warm.

3 11 2008

Dear Obama Family and Dunham Family,

I was so saddened to hear of the loss of Madelyn Dunham. She did a wonderful job of raising a man that I am confident will be an excellent leader and the right 44th President. His conduct in this campaign should make you proud. I marvel at the strategy and execution of this strategy which should bring victory tomorrow. I am so sorry she wasn’t able to live to see it. I am glad Barack was able to see you in Hawaii. You have my deepest condolences.

3 11 2008

My family and I send our condolences and prayers to Senator Obama and his family. We are grateful to “tutu” for being the one who inspired Senator Obama to be who he is today.

3 11 2008

I am so sorry for your loss.

Thank goodness for our memories. Our memories are what keep our loved ones close by long after they have departed this life.

So, know that Toot will continue to be part of your lives in the memories you share, and the stories you tell.

3 11 2008
Michele aka Mullet Troll Palin

I wish to extend my sincere condolences and sympathy to the Obama family in this difficult and sad time. I wish that Mrs. Dunham had been able to see her grandson become President of the United States of America. But perhaps she knew already what kind of man she raised. Thank you, AKM, for giving us a chance to light a candle for Toot. May God bless you and your family, Senator Obama.

Michele Ware
North Carolina

3 11 2008
Phnxrising Hussein

Dear Senator Obama, Michelle and the rest of the Obama Family,

Sincerest condolences from my family to yours in the loss of a woman who very obviously meant the world to all of you and who gifted us the impact of what that loving example has afforded your character. May you find comfort in knowing you are not alone in your time of mourning and you all will be in the thoughts and prayers of a truly grateful nation. Rest in Peace Mrs. Dunham.

3 11 2008
West Virginian aka Halter Grasshopper Palin

My first thoughts were that Senator Obama’s grandmother would not get to see him become president of the United States. Then I realized that she will know and maybe she already knows the answer. I’m sure she is in a much better place, free from pain. I also know that if given the chance to return to earth she would choose to stay where she is now.

She left a wonderful legacy in her grandson. As a grandmother I only hope that I can have an influence for good on my grandchildren.

My thoughts and prayers are with the Obama family.

3 11 2008
More Light than Heat

A job well done and a life well-lived. Thank you, Toot, for your influence in shaping your grandson into the man he is today. You have earned your rest, and tomorrow when I cast my vote, it will be in gratitude for your efforts and in hope for a brighter future for this country and for the world. I know that your family and friends will remember you well, and the rest of us will be his support.

Gini Armstrong
Palmdale, CA

3 11 2008

Condolences from the Segle family (Washington State) to our next President’s family – the Obama’s. May your grandmother’s light shine down on you from Heaven to show all what many of us already see in you. We are so proud of you. May God bless you and yours.

3 11 2008
Crust Scramble - SouthGA

My thoughts and prayers are with you. Today is my Daddy’s birthday, who passed away November 25, 1998. So even though I didn’t know your Grandmother, I will always remember her, and say a prayer for you and those you love on this day. Bless you and your family in this time of your sorrow.

3 11 2008
eajphd Molten Contra Palin

In life and death she has born witness to the results of her efforts by redirecting attention to the significance of Senator Obama’s roots and his deep connectedness with decent hard working people. She has been an inspiration to many in teaching the lessons of tolerance, perseverance and commitment to family. For that she will be missed and yet always remembered.

3 11 2008
Diane Gerlach

May she rest in peace. She is one of our quiet heroes.

3 11 2008
caligrl Hussein wolves eat Palin

Dear Barack and Michelle,
My sincere condolences to you on the passing of your Beloved Grandmother “Toots’….I’m sure she is looking down with a smile, on Her Grandson as he is swept on a Victorious wave tomorrow, Nov. 4.
All of America weeps with you in your loss…

Laura D’Amico

3 11 2008

May the decency and integrity which you instilled in him be passed on by him, in his turn, to your descendents…and also to the people of the world.

3 11 2008
santa cruzin'

Dear Mr. and Ms. Obama and Ms. Soetoro-Ng,

My deepest sympathies on the death of Madelyn Payne Dunham. How difficult it must be to carry on without your grandmother and not have the privacy to mourn her as you would wish.

Mr. Obama, we all hoped that “Toot” (what a lovely honorific) would celebrate your election with us. Thank you for making her a priority. Your taking the time to say goodbye to her proved your strength of character to me.

Ms. Obama, thank you for your gracious remembrance of Toot as the woman who raised Barack, and giving her credit for a job well done. She and your mother are great role models for your daughters in a multiracial world.

Ms. Soetoro-Ng, thank you for doing the daily hard work of caring for a declining elder. Also for giving your brother the ability to campaign without worrying about her wellbeing. And for being there to the end.

I hope your sacrifices will be rewarded. Every vote cast tomorrow for Barack Obama as President of the United States can be counted as an expression of our gratitude and shared grief.


Carol G.
Santa Cruz, CA

3 11 2008

Dear Mr Obama
I am so sad that your Toots did not get to see you elected to the office of president of the united states. How hard to deal with loss at this very stressful time! My heart goes out to you and your family.

3 11 2008
Etaksew - AK

Godspeed, Madelyn Dunham.

Thank you for giving us your grandson, Barack. We need him somethin’ fierce.


3 11 2008
Big Al from Las Vegas

My God, I can’t imagine it. The grandmother that helped raise him- The backbone of his family and childhood passes away the day before he is elected President. I am all choked up. I lost my grandmother last year. She was the only family member that showed me unconditional love.

At my grandmother’s funeral I stood up and gave the best tribute I could give. I told funny stories about her sense of humor and the mourners laughed which is the way she would have liked it. So, forgive me if I post some funny comments on this thread. I mean no disrespect only honor for President Obama’s loss.

3 11 2008
A. T. Lang

Today is the day my Mother passed away five years ago. I know what you are feeling. May GOD bless you and your family and bring you comfort.

3 11 2008
Big Al from Las Vegas

Results from Early Voting Exit Polls:

24% of Rednecks believe Barack Obama is related to Elijah Muhammad.

27% of Indonesians believe Barack Obama is related to Muhammad Ali.

3 11 2008
Tired Mom (VA)

My sincerest condolences on the loss of your beloved grandmother. May you and your family find strength in the outpouring of love and support from all of the “strangers” who also feel they are a part of your extended family. You are receiving a huge virtual hug, while we type and cry real tears. Your loss is also our loss. Your pain shared. Your steadfastness and courage is admired and appreciated. We are here for you now, as we know you will be there for us tomorrow.

Rest in peace Madelyn Dunham – quiet hero

Sabine Stanley
Seven Pines, VA

3 11 2008
Big Al from Las Vegas

Results from Early Voting Exit Polls:

49% of Independent men would like to see Cindy McCain and Sarah Palin participate in a charity mud wrestling exhibition.

51% of Independent women would like to see Sarah Palin and Michelle Obama debate the First Amendment.

3 11 2008
Big Al from Las Vegas

Results from Early Voting Exit Polls:

68% of white women would like to see Barack Obama co-star opposite Jimmy Smits in a film adaptation of the television series The West Wing.

74% of Alaskans feel Tina Fey is someone they can hunt moose with.

3 11 2008

It seems to me that an angel has just arrived in Heaven upon earning her wings… and she is smiling.

3 11 2008
Peggno in SoCal aka Seagull Junker

My condolences and love to the Obama/Dunham family.
I write with gratitude to the wonderful woman who gave the world this wonderful man. Her heart, wisdom and values will live on – in Barack, Michelle, Melia, Sasha and in all of us who have been inspired by this family.

Peggie, Simi Valley, California

3 11 2008

Obama Family-Prayer of Christians-O LORD, grant those who have died the joy of your presence, and us who are living the happiness of knowing this….Condolences from Rich & Annette-Prescott Valley Az

3 11 2008

sending our love for Madelyn Dunham, humble heroine, and our love and prayers for the Obama family, now and always

3 11 2008
Cindy aka Rake Trinket Palin

No words can heal the agony of a loss of such magnitude. I imagine the world feels turned on its axis, just now, and as if it will never right. I hope that the senator and his family will be able to take the time they need to grieve and remember the remarkable woman who so shaped a man who has inspired so many of us.

My condolences.

3 11 2008
gal from Cal

We were all rooting for Toot to make it to election day — a day that must have been filling her with such pride and amazement. I’m proud of this woman who loved her biracial grandson with all her heart…both grandparents really were extraordinary for their times. As a teacher in some of the most troubled inner city schools, I see grandparents and great-grandparents stepping into the gap. I tell them how much I admire them and assure them that they are making a huge difference in a child’s life. I think Toot will now become their patron saint. Look what she did so brilliantly!

3 11 2008
Shikago aka Chief Hussein Shikago

Dear Mrs. Dunham,

I wanted to write you to say thank you for everything you did for Ann, Barack and Maya. Your dedication and love shaped the next leader of the free world. Who knew, right? From building bombers to your care and guidance for a scrawny little mulatto boy you called “Barry” and whom in return called you “Toot” I just wanted to say, job well done. I know your Stanley was waiting for you.

Proudly signed,
Chief Hussein Shikago

Michelle, Barack & Maya

“Remember in the depth and even the agony of despondency, that very shortly you are to feel well again.”
Abraham Lincoln

3 11 2008

Aloha Toot – Ke Akua Ho’omaika’i Oe 🙂

Qld Au

3 11 2008

Dear Toot,
You left this earth 2 days too soon. But maybe your purpose is to watch from a special place over your grandson. There is a “rainbow bridge” for pets who have passed to await their owners. I think a similar “bridge” exists for you to await all who have loved you and who you have loved. Sit tight. They have many important things to do before they see you again. Just watch over them. Barack and his family will be fine, and you should be so proud.

To the Obama family: my sincere condolences. But there is nothing that could take your love of her away. It is forever.

3 11 2008

I know words sometimes don’t help and nothing will ever replace TooT, but God never takes away without out giving something back, so look around you, look at the people who love you, just call us your extended family. We all love
Toot because she gave us You. What a Man you are and what a President you will be and we all can thank Toot, she’ll never be gone because she is part of you.

3 11 2008
Sandy Beach

I feel certain that your grandmother knew before she left that you are going to be our next President and is incredibly proud of you, as are we. What a wonderful note to leave this earth on! It is a sad time but also a joyful one. All the best to you and your wonderful family.

3 11 2008

My deepest condolences to the Obama and Dunham families. I was so hoping she would hang on a few more days to see her grandson make history for this great country of ours. But I guess the view from heaven will have to do. God bless. RIP Madelyn Dunham

3 11 2008
Linda Gordon

My thoughts and prayers are with you and your sister. May God bless each of you and may you always remember the love she had for you and your sister. I am so proud of you myself and I know she had to be. I have grandchildren and you cannot imagine how much she loved you until you have one of your own. She must have been so proud of you as we all are. I hope you can get through this and remember the good times. I admire you for going home to see her. God bless and God’s speed.

3 11 2008

Thank you Ms. Dunham, for doing such a completely wonderful job in helping to raise your grandson —so many of us will be forever grateful!

My heartfelt condolences to the Obama family. I am so sorry that this happened on this particular night, Sen. Obama. She had every right to see you win the presidency, and it makes me very sad that she did not live to do so.

Sincerely, Nicole

3 11 2008
Judi NJ AKA Stepper Choke Palin

My heart is broken that you were not here to see this historic day, but I
know you are watching out for our wonderful Barack and will be with him
tomorrow and all the days coming.

To Barack Obama and his family, please know that the prayers and love of
so many, many are with you.

3 11 2008
Lighthouse (CO)

It’s never easy to lose a loved one. The timing here is so ironic, while the entire world looks on, and that can’t make it easier for you. However, we are honored to commiserate with you at this time and remember this very special woman.

The wishes that are going out to your family, Senator Obama, are very sincere. Millions of thoughts are prayers are with you tonight. My prayer for you at this time is for God’s peace in your heart, and, when you have time to take a breath, for rest.

My belief is that Toot is watching over you tonight. Her spirit is still with you now. I thank God that you have the memories to cherish.

3 11 2008
DM Wilcox, California

Through love we have eternal life.

My family’s deepest condolences to yours on the loss of your tutu, Madelyn Dunham.


The Wilcox Family

3 11 2008

Our family sends our deepest sympathies on the death of your grandmother Madelyn Payne Dunham. We know how important she was to all of you, and that you will always think of her, and miss her very much.
We are grateful to her for having raised a fine man, and a lovely daughter. She has left world a better place because of her love and careing. We are grateful her legacy will live on in her fine family.

We will hold your family in our prayers.
The Thorp Family

3 11 2008

“A thing of beauty is a joy forever…it will never pass into nothingness.”

Dear Senator and Mrs. Obama, Malia, Sasha and Maya,
May memories of your beloved Toot sustain you now and forever. May the day come when a smile passes your lips as you recall something she said or did. And may her wisdom guide you always.

Warmest regards,
New York City

3 11 2008

My deepest condolences to the OBAMA family. My thoughts are with you.

3 11 2008

My deepest condolences to you and your family at this time of grief and sorrow, Senator Obama. May light perpetual shine upon your grandmother, and grant her eternal peace.

3 11 2008
bridget alley

Dear Senator Obama, Michelle, and your darling daughters, Sasha and Malia,
We are so saddened to hear about the passing of your dear grandmother Toot. There is no good timing when it comes to life. When is the right time?
She was a hero in your life…and it is too much perhaps that she will not be able to witness your great success tomorrow in becoming the next president and the first African-American president in our history. In no small part did she play. We just finished reading your book, ‘Dreams of My Father’, and as much as your father was brilliant, your mother intelligent and curious, your grandfather forthright, it seems as though it was Madelyn…Grandma ‘Toot’ who was steadfast, down-to-earth and real.
Our hearts go out to you on your great loss, our congratulations on your great success tomorrow. God bless you and your family. We know that Madelyn is already very, very missed. Love, Bridget Derse Alley, Hannah Alley, Zachary Alley, David Derse, Joseph Derse, Patricia Petrie and Bobbie Alley

3 11 2008
caligrl Hussein wolves eat Palin

Big Al from Las Vegas (20:25:52) :
*Note – Posts which are not messages of condolence to the Obama family will be deleted from this thread. If you have something to say on another topic, please use the last thread, the forum board, or the chat room.

3 11 2008

May the memories you have of your grandmother console you during this time of ultimate loss.

Love from Alaska,
Erin B.

3 11 2008
star the wonder pup

Yours in mourning a life, but as the flower dies it sets forth seed for the next generation. May your service honor her memory.

3 11 2008
Michelle and Christian

Dear Senator Obama and Family,

We were so saddened today to hear the news that your grandmother passed away. We want to offer you our deepest sympathy.

Our condolences,
Michelle and Christian
Marin County, CA

3 11 2008

Palin released her medical records tonight- not.
Her physician released a letter saying she’s in excellent health.

3 11 2008

Dear Senator Obama,

I wish you the time to grieve for the loss of your grandmother. She is an inspiration to me and my daughters–a strong, loving woman who never questioned the time and energy needed to care for children and grandchildren. We are in her debt.

Thank you for sharing your memories of her,

Jill Baxter

3 11 2008

Mr. Obama,

Those who leave us live on in the memories of those who knew them. And your grandmother is blessed, because she will be remembered by hundreds of millions who knew her through you, her grandson, the President of the United States.

3 11 2008

With sympathy, along with the high hopes and inspiration arising from your work, I am so thankful for the life of ‘Toot’ and her influence on you……. May she forever live in your heart, and may you always feel her devoted love and great pride.
Godspeed, and blessings upon you and your sister and your family.


3 11 2008
Pretty Lady

My deepest condolences to the Obama family. Much love.

3 11 2008

Dear Senator Obama and Family

My deepest sympathy to you in your hour of loss.

The grace with which you have approached your election as our president is a tribute to her life and the guiding spirit with which she helped to raise you. She will be at your side and in the hearts of all Americans as you accept the position to which you will be elected and as you carry out your duties of the new President of the United States.

She was and remains a woman of honor.

Blessings to you all.

3 11 2008

I’m sure if there’s a heaven, Toot will be there watching on as her beloved grandson wins his bid for the White House.

My heartfelt condolences to the Obama family.

3 11 2008
strangelet Hussein

I’ve previously expressed my sympathy to the Obama family. I’d like to make an additional remark, as if Senator Obama were actually reading this.

It’s well known that women in failing health tend to hang on until after major family events (holiday gatherings, weddings, etc). A personal example: my wife, who suffered from pulmonary hypertension, rallied home from the hospital for our older son’s fourth birthday, and then died three days later.

I believe your grandmother could let go because you went to see her and she got to say goodbye, and because she knew that you are going to win this election.

Again, my sympathy for your loss. Her memory will continue to strengthen you.

3 11 2008

“Go rest high on that mountain…you’re work on Earth is done.”

She brought Barack to this place in history and to all of us. Her work was done.

May God bless her.

May God bless Barack Obama and his family.

3 11 2008
more cowbell

Ms. Dunham – rest knowing that your life and contributions have made this amazing piece of history possible, not only for your grandson, but young people who will now grow up in a new reality. I honor you and wish you peace.

Senator Obama – may your grandmother’s spirit keep you strong.

3 11 2008

Our sincere condolences and sympathy to Barack Obama and his family at this great loss.
Please watch over him from heaven and keep him safe as he makes the changes this country so desperately needs.

3 11 2008

May the generosity and courage of spirit that illuminated Madelyn Payne Dunham be a light that guides each of us, and our nation, to a future that reflects her values, her selflessness, and her belief in the inherent goodness of all people.

3 11 2008
HamletsMill aka Rot Pipeline Palin

For us it is ONE MORE DAY on this long road.

For the Obama Family may this be a Remembrance for Madelyn Payne Dunham in their sorrow.

3 11 2008

I am quite certain that your grandmother will be the proudest person in heaven when you are elected President of the United States on November 4.

3 11 2008

Please accept my heartfelt condolences. God bless you and your family.

Joan Kind

3 11 2008
lo loft

I lost my mother suddenly a month ago, and although my heart goes out to Barack and his family, I’m honored my mother is in such good company. Both were strong women who inspired their families and others, in life and beyond.

3 11 2008
Clotier from Memphis

My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family over the lost of sweet tutu.

3 11 2008
jwa - Cheney Hussein Palin

We had been praying that she would live to see your election. But I think God called her home because she already knew the outcome.

May God’s grace bring you peace in your sorrow.

3 11 2008
Road Runner

To you Barack and your family. Please accept our heartfelt sympathies from our family to yours. We feel as if we knew your Grandmother. We cried with you just as if it was our Grandmother. We will offer our prayers for you and your family, your sister and her family and your toot, Madelyn.

3 11 2008

My condolences to you and your family. My heart sank when I read online about the news. I prayed for your grandmother and your family on Sunday. She is an inspiration to me as my own grandmother was mine. She is your Queen. May she rest in peace. I will pray for you.

3 11 2008
Kelly M

I’d like to send my undying gratitude to Barak Obama’s grandmother, thank you for allowing us your grandson. I wish you’d lived to see the day he’s elected to be president of the United States, god rest your soul.

3 11 2008
Dr. Deb

Tutu was a strong yet caring woman who raised a strong yet caring grandson. I’m sure she’ll be with you when you accept the presidency on Tuesday night.

And, Tutu? You done good.

3 11 2008
mudslide pike

although toot has left her body she will be sitting on your shoulder as you guide this Country. She lives through you President to be Obama. May she rest in Peace.

3 11 2008
Dr. Patois

Senator Obama and family, I wish you peace in your time of sorrow. We owe a great debt of gratitude to your Toot, Madelyn Dunham. Through her selflessness, intelligence, and love she helped to shape a remarkable man. Senator Obama, I heard you say that Toot just worked hard and tried to do what was right. It should be a lesson to all of us when we wonder about the value of our day to day efforts. Madelyn Dunham, just trying to do what was right, raised up the 44th President of the United States. Perhaps the best way for us to honor Madelyn Dunham and pay our respect to Barack Obama, is to get up each day, work hard and do what we know is right. Madelyn Dunham has shown us, it can change the world!

3 11 2008
reveur1147 aka Hussein NOpalin Scorpio for Obama

Dear Senator Obama, You are a wonderful legacy to all that was special to your beloved grandmother. Mayher homecoming be joyous ! My sincere condolences to you and your Family. Candice in FL

3 11 2008

Our deepest sympathy to Sen. Obama and his family.
Wind to thy wings, Mrs. Dunham, wind to thy wings, The Lord Thy God is well pleased with you, Thou Good and Faithful Servant. Go dance among the stars, shine bright forevermore, and may the angels sing thee to thy new home.

3 11 2008

My first reaction upon learning the news of the death of your grandmother was that life is so unfair. What an enormous honor to be present at the presidential inauguration of the man you raised. But that honor was taken away from Madelyn Dunham. Then I realized where she WILL be during the inauguration and what an honor THAT will be to view it all alongside our Heavenly Father. Barack Obama, you were greatly blessed to have been loved and cared for by such a woman. I know you are grieving even as you rejoice that she has gone home. My prayers are with you, Michelle, Malia and Sasha.

3 11 2008

My condolences to the family.

3 11 2008
asianHusseingrrl"that one"MN

Toot, thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping to raise this incredible man, Senator Barack Obama. He is an intelligent, thoughtful, respectful man who serves his country with honor, and we, Americans, owe you a huge debt for making him who he is. You can let go now, knowing that we have Senator Obama’s back and will watch over him as fiercely as you once did.

Senator Obama, Michelle, Malia, Sasha, and Ms. Soetoro-Ng , my deepest sympathies and condolences to you on this grief-filled day. May you find comfort in the arms and love of each other.

3 11 2008

My condolences to the family. God bless.

3 11 2008

Condolences to Ms. Dunham’s family. May you find peace and comfort in the life she shared with you.

Anita Tyndall and family

3 11 2008

My condolences to the Obama on the loss of your beloved “Toots”. She did one heck of a good job in helping to raise Barack. She was an important part in this nation’s efforts to defeat the Nazis, as were all those who contributed on the homefront as well as the front lines. I know she would be very proud of Barack win or lose today. He is an honorable and decent man, and her influence is clearly evident in his everyday life. My only wish is that she could feel the joy that I know I and countless others will feel if Barack is elected.

She gave Barack hope, and that is what he has passed on to America.

May her memory burn brightly in your hearts in minds on the next part of your Journey; and may she find peace on her own.

My deepest sympathies

3 11 2008

My heartfelt condolences to the Obamas and to all of Mrs. Dunham’s family. May she rest in peace.

3 11 2008
Whabs, Seattle, WA.

My thoughts are with your family.

3 11 2008
Wolf Pup Hideme Palin

May the angels lead her into paradise,
may the martyrs receive her,
and may they guide her into the holy city.
May the choir of angels receive her
and with Lazarus, who was poor,
may she have eternal rest.

3 11 2008


I’m so sorry that you lost Toot on the eve of your triumph, but I’m glad you were able to visit her recently. Your parents and grandparents sent you into the world knowing they sent a fine, young man, but without realizing what a symbol of hope and unity you would become to America, and to the world.

Your children are not your children.
You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth.
The archer sees the mark upon the path of the infinite, and He bends you with His might that His arrows may go swift and far.
Let your bending in the archer’s hand be for gladness;
For even as he loves the arrow that flies, so He loves also the bow that is stable. -Gibran Khalil Gibran

3 11 2008

To Mr. Obama’s Gramma, thanks to you for raising such a wonderful person! We owe you our gratitude, may you have a front row seat to best day of our lives.
To the Obama’s my deepest condolences to you. There is nothing like a grandmother’s love. I’m sorry she won’t be in this world to see your day, but I know she will be watching closely.
Best to all of you!

3 11 2008
Cynamen Hussein Alaska Blue

I extend my heartfelt condolences to Sen. Obama and family…trusting that the Lord will comfort and keep you during this most difficult time…knowing that “Tutu is now the righteous wind beneath your wings.”

Let not your heart be troubled… and be encouraged to continue on the fascinating journey that now awaits ~ being a shining example of the love & grace that your Mom and Grandmother bestowed upon you.

May God cause His face to shine upon you ~ and grant you peace that surpasses all understanding. You shall remain in our thoughts and prayers, as you seek to restore dignity and respect to this nation, within and beyond its borders.


3 11 2008

Dear Mr and Mrs Obama, Sasha and Melia – Your precious Toot has gone home to be with Jesus. As you grieve I will celebrate her life in my prayers and ask God to be on your shoulders in the hours and days to come. The Hope for a better life that your Toot instilled in you is the same HOPE that you have given to all of America. Thank you. May God richly bless you and your family during this bittersweet time

3 11 2008

My deepest sympathy to Barack and all of his family who have suffered this huge loss. Although your Grandmother has gone in body she will always be beside you Barack in spirit. GOD Bless her for the great treasure she has given to our country and the world. May GOD be with you during this trying time. You and your family are in my prayers.

3 11 2008
White Agate

To the Obama Family:

Please accept my condolences on the death of your beloved grandmother, Mrs. Madelyn Dunham. I am so glad Mr. Obama got to see her recently, I know it must have been so important for them both.

There is no doubt about it, grandmothers are the fabric of any family, the bridge between generations. I am so glad for her full life and her many contributions: her strength was there for all to see.

Best wishes and energy to you at this bittersweet time.

3 11 2008
Kimberly (CT)

So very sorry for your loss, and so happy you were able to spend time with your grandmother last week.

I can only imagine how very very proud she was of you and your beautiful family and the man you have become.

She will be with you daily now as you lead our country to a better place.

Thankyou to you and your family, sending you many good thoughts and prayers.

3 11 2008

Senator Obama,

May God bless and keep you and your family during this very sad time.
“Toot” and the good Lord knew that she could go now to her eternal rest because she leaves Barack in the gentle hands of his loyal followers and those that believe in his promise to bring renewness to America. Barack, we will be the wind beneath your wings.

3 11 2008
knikgoose Hussein justaskin

I offer my deep, heartfelt sympathies for a time which will, in your memory, be bittersweet. To lose someone so close, at a moment of such intensity in your lives, is trying, and perhaps, to your children, confusing.
She has been evident though, in your words, your passion, your justice, your unselfishness. She lives on in the hearts, minds, and characters of the people she raised.
Have faith that “Toot” is standing right behind you, with her hand on your shoulder, now.
And you, (all you children and grand-children) have made her so very, very proud.
God Bless you, Toot.
And God Bless the Obamas, Paynes, Dunhams, and Ms. Soetoro-Ng, with hope and strength at this time.

J. in Michigan

3 11 2008

Our condolenses to you and your family in this time of loss. May your Grandmother rest in peace. Prayers for your family.

3 11 2008

So sorry to hear about Obama’s grandmother Madelyn Dunham passing today.
Condolences from Australia.

3 11 2008

My prayers are with you and your family, she’s been called home and will be without pain now, bless you Mr. President.

3 11 2008

Sen. Obama:

I was saddened to hear that your beloved grandmother passed away without seeing your greatest accomplishment to fruition. However, in her heart I am sure just the fact that you grew up to be an upstanding young man is all the accomplishment she truly needed to see. I had been thinking of your grandmother all day, hoping that she would live to see you win the presidency, but she has won the greatest joy of all in seeing our Lord Jesus Christ!! My heart and prayers truly go out to you and your family. Your loss is not your own, the country mourns with you – just as we will cheer for you when you are sworn in as President of the United States of America. I know that you and your family must feel very torn by the issues at hand, follow your heart, and the morals that your grandmother taught you and you can’t go wrong.

3 11 2008

Our hearts are with you and your family. May we all live up to the hopes our ancestors had for us and leave hope for all of our ancestors to be.

From Prince William Sound, we wish all people, especially those grieving the loss of a family member of friend, peace.

3 11 2008
Judi N, Homer

First, my husband and I want to convey our deepest sympathies to Barack Obama and his family.

On this eve of the election, you can talk about the many reasons why you support Barack Obama, but for me, personally, one of the main reasons he is a better candidate than McCain, is the incredible organization Barack has put together for his campaign.
It has been well organized and he has chosen the right people to run it.
He has used technology to the fullest, because he understands the technology. I look forward to getting an email from PRESIDENT OBAMA just like now when I get an email from Candidate Obama.
There has been no dissention among his campaign organizers – no one calling their own people in the organization or candidates “Whack-jobs.”
Obama has used incredible judgment in the selection of the people to run his campaign. This is the kind of judgment I believe we can look forward to in an Obama Cabinet and in the way he will govern our country.
Unlike McCain he has always stayed on message from the very beginning and has not wavered in his policies and all of his messages have been positive. McCain’s campaign has been all over the place.
Obama has kept on the high road and has never personally attacked McCain – only his policies.
Just based on these reasons alone, Obama is the President I want running the country.

3 11 2008
biglake (sack panther hussein)

Love causes a ripple effect that can be felt much farther than you ever would have thought it could.

Your grandmother’s continued presence in your lives will give you much needed courage.

Our most sincere condolences.

3 11 2008
Julie in California

To the Obama family: After much thought I’ve decided not to extend condolences or sympathy to your family during this difficult time because I feel all is as Mrs. Dunham wanted it to be. As one great-grandmother connecting to another great-grandmother I have to feel she will be here to see her grandson become President of the United States of America. She will be in a safe, pain-free space where she can smile upon the turmoil of Election Day and influence the outcome anyway she feels is right. She will be there in January watching from a much closer vantage point than her physical home in Hawaii could allow. And she will be proud like any grandmother would be proud. She’ll watch over you until she knows you’re doing the job to the best of your ability and then she’ll retire to a restful, peaceful space, and she’ll be content, knowing her job is done. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t still ask her for advice, she’ll be there when needed. Trust me, Grandma’s know these things.

3 11 2008

Senator Obama and family,

What a profound time this must be for you. I can only imagine what you’re feeling tonight as these two events, your beloved grandmother’s passing and this historic election merge upon the heart of one man. You are in my prayers,
Having just buried my father and being a part of the progressive media, I returned quickly to my work to continue this historic mission and to work on your behalf though grief sits heavy on my heart. Given the enormity of your grandmother’s influence and love, I imagine you’ll approach tomorrow with a calmnes knowing that you have and will indeed take all that she has poured into you and “play it forward”.

Today, one of my listeners said that every once in a while a very special soul comes to us to facilitate a profound healing and that you are such a gift. I believe your grandmother knew that and knows it still. Peace be with you as your process your loss and move with your grief and always remember, that “righteous wind” on your back is filled with her love. She will be celebrating with us all tomorrow night. She will be there for The Rising. CC

3 11 2008
Jamie, Floridian in France

I awoke this morning to the terrible, heart-breaking announcement on French radio of the passing of Toots. With shock and sadness for someone I had never even met, the news touched me so much when I thought that she couldn’t live that one or two extra days to see her beloved grandson become the President of the United States.

God bless her soul. She must have been amazing woman to have raised such an amazing man Barack Obama.

3 11 2008

I am so sorry to hear about your grandmother. I am thankful that you were able to see her last month. I know your granmother will be smiling down on you from heaven. God bless you.

3 11 2008
Aussie Rational Woman

My heart sank when I heard the news today I had so hoped that your dear Toot would hold on just a bit more – but it was her time and she was surely ready.

With the election in mind all day I have had the music from Les Miserables in my head – One More Day.

But then another bit from the show is more appropriate today –

“Take my hand
And lead me to salvation
Take my love
For love is everlasting
And remember
The truth that once was spoken
To love another person
Is to see the face of God.”

Peace Love and many Blessings to all her family and loved ones.


3 11 2008

I feel truly sorry for this sad loss, especially at such a wonderful point in Barack’s career. Best wishes to the beautiful Obama family from another Australian “mudflatter”.

3 11 2008
michelle of bleeding espresso

My beloved grandmother passed away on October 30, 2001, and there isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t think of her. May your Toot live on in your hearts and memories. Sincerest condolences from an American and Obama supporter in southern Italy.

3 11 2008
Rebekah Garza- Sena

Our Deepest condolences to you and your family. May tomorrow begin a new journey for this country as you lead our nation to a brighter, more honorable future, and may tomorrow start a new life for you and the Obama’s for all of our sakes and in your grandmother’s honor. Thank you for taking on the responsibility that you have. I can imagine her joy and pride. if not for your
“toot” you may not be the man you are today her determination and hard work kept your head level the nation is greatful for your grand mother i know she will be with you in spirit and as always she will be rooting for you as will as the nation
remember she lead a full life you were her pride and joy and now you must keep doing what she always new you could may God bless you as he has thus far
i know you can change a nation it takes one
always remember she is no longer suffering she is now at peace.
always love you and your family stay strong brother my condolences to your family our prayers will be with you all on these very tough better sweet days.
always Mr & Mrs Victor Sena
Albuquerque N,M

3 11 2008
Alain Vandenbroeck

My condoleances four all of you , to loose grandmother Madelyn Dunham from this world. There is the “Light”, she will get in !

And big success for you as to the selections , Sir Obama !

Alain Vandenbroeck

3 11 2008
Pat, Washingonton state

My heart goes out to your whole family. Your grandmother sounds like such an amazing person, and reminds me of my own mother who also lived through the Great Depression in Kansas.

God be with you.


3 11 2008

To mudflats, thanks so much for providing this outlet.

Dear Barack, soon to be President Obama,

I cried today when I heard about the passing of your grandmother. Do you think she knew that her work here was done and that you would sail in to the future tomorrow?

My own grandmother, the one who was a constant presence in my life no matter that I never lived closer then about 2000 miles due to the travels of my military father, died shortly after my wedding. I was the first of her grandchildren to get married and she held it together so she could witness the event. I delivered her eulogy, mentioning that our only regret was that none of her grandchildren had gotten it together fast enough to give her a great-grandchild. At the time I was unknowingly already pregnant and she would have adored my son.

Grandmothers are beautiful people and we are so lucky to have them. May yours rest-in-peace and smile down on you tomorrow. I am so sorry for your pain and grief but so thankful she was there for you. May your memories be sweet and bring you and your family great comfort.

Tucson, Arizona

3 11 2008

Dear Obama Family and Maya,

My deepest sympathy to you all. Toot must have been a very special person to have helped raise such wonderful grandchildren as yourselves. The world is so fortunate to have all of you. I pray that tomorrow will be a new beginning for the US and the world!

I know Toot will be with you tomorrow and always! God Bless you!

3 11 2008
Deuce2 AL

I lost my grandmother in 1993. She was the only mother I ever knew.
My Mother died when I was five. I miss her terribly as I am sure
you miss TOOT. GOD be with you and your family at this sad time.
She is proud as she is watching you from HEAVEN, as you become
our next PRESIDENT.

3 11 2008

I wish to honor Madelyn Dunham and her legacy–she lives on in her family, and in our hearts! She will be celebrating from the “best seat in the house” I am sure! We have all been blessed because of her. Love and Light to the Obama, Dunham, and Soetoro-Ng family

3 11 2008
JS in Chicago

Rest in peace ‘Toot’. We never met you but we have come to know you through Barack, and we know of his immense gratitude for your unconditional love and support. The solid foundation that you provided will continue to sustain him in his service to our country, and for that we are all grateful. Our hearts and prayers are with the Obama’s and extended family in this bitter-sweet moment in history.

3 11 2008
End the End Times

I did light a candle. It said, “For Toot, a world of love for all you have given to all of us.”

I have read your books Senator Obama. They are just one way in which the world has come to know you. And of all of the great things we know about you, one thing stands out above the rest. You keep love in your heart. It is what the whole world yearns for so much; and you even manage to remember this essential part of “becoming” a human being while working in the realm of politics. President Lincoln was beloved, and I know President Obama will be as well. Lincoln wasn’t one to pretend he knew it all either. He walked in humility, and so do you. We know this is a great testament to Toot–the goodness she passed on to future generations.

I’ve been praying for you and yours, and especially for Toot these last several days. I’m keeping your mother in my thoughts and prayers as well, Senator Obama. She helped nuture that tender heart, the one we’d like to join up with in the good fight. Someone has been talking about who the “Universal” man might be. I think a Universal person is someone like you, who by their example, reminds the world what love can do, and from whom it comes.

I knew you were special when you spoke at the service for Rosa Parks. You made it about her. You listened to that inner voice, that golden cord our angels do tug now and again.

God bless you and yours now and always. These thoughts and prayers are winging their way from Juneau Alaska.

4 11 2008
lauren in SD

Thank you God for your wonderful family and the soul that you are giving to all of us.

May the spirit of life that you brought continue. In peace.

4 11 2008
JK Copper Catfish Hussein RefusetobePalin

Sincere condolences from the UK on your loss. There is no good or easy time to lose a loved one but I pray that you will find comfort and strength now. It is clear that she was a wonderful individual, and I feel sure that in days to come you will be able to look back on her life with nothing but pride and affection. God bless.

4 11 2008
From England aka Spoon Archer Hussein Palin

My condolences to the Obama family. The passing of a cherished one can be so heartbreaking; but we can take some consolation in knowing that Toots lived a full life. And you can carry the knowledge with you that she lived to see the fruits of her hard work. So many hugs, prayers and best wishes from this side of the pond.

4 11 2008

Thank you so much from a greatful America for the wonderful grandson you and we love so much. Your dedication, sacrifice, guidance, support, encouragement and LOVE is immeasurable. For the first time in many years the United States of America finds itself with joy, happiness, hope and a belief again in its self. I regret that we will not be able to physically celebrate this wonderful achievement with you personally, however now you can watch over Barack, Michelle, Sasha and Melia, for there are great decisions that must be made and cautions that must be observed. I know your thoughts and values will guide the Obamas each and every day. He is a fine man. Thank you.

4 11 2008
GJ in Idaho

“When the wisdom of the Grandmothers is heard, the world will heal.” –Native American Prophecy

Ms. Dunham, our Dear Toot, please allow us to celebrate with you in your joyous journey home. You have labored long and endured much. You have walked this earth these past 86 years, working hard and trying to do what was right, watching over your family doing your very best to teach them well, sharing your love and your wisdom. You deserve to rest in peace, blessed may it be as your faith assures.

It is an honor to learn of and remember your extraordinary sacrifices in this life time. History books will soon reflect how much you are loved by all those you now join in Spirit, your mother, father, husband, and daughter, as well as those you leave here to carry on in your stead, Senator Obama, Michelle, Mailia, Sasha, and Ms. Soetoro-Ng, as well as untold millions around the world that now know you through what you have given us, a leader that has inspired hope, when so many had so little. For this we will be eternally grateful and will continue to find ways of show our appreciation, first by voting to make your Barry, the 44th President of the United States. Then by working with him to do what is right.

Senator Obama, Michelle, Malia, Sasha, and Ms. Soetoro-Ng, please allow us to share our love and compassion as you go through this time of separation. May your faith sustain you in the days ahead, as you experience the physical loss of the One you love so deeply. As that loss turns into beautiful memories, we join in rejoicing in those memories and will working with you to honor your love for Toot, as we do what is right for our nation and the world. Blessing abound and surround each of you.

A Peaceful Granny in Idaho
Glenda Johnson

4 11 2008

I went to that site to light a candle and post my condolences, which I did. Then I clicked on one of the other candles – it began “Nobama…” Most of the candles on that page were not just pro McCain/Palin but anti-Obama. Am I missing something? Was I in the wrong place?

4 11 2008
John* The Pitbull Wrangler*

My condolences to the Obama family. Toot, this country and the entire world now knows why God called you home. Your job in this world was complete. I believe you knew that your grandson would be the man who will lead America in a new direction for the betterment of the entire world. Your job was to raise this man, to embed in him the characteristics of a great and inspireing man,who eventually would become one of the most prolific leaders of our time. God has guided you throughout your life so this man would be the savior and leader this world truely needs at a time crucial to all the world. Rest in peace Toots and God bless you for giving us this great man.The world will never forget you. Barrack H. Obama will be your legacy.

4 11 2008

Our thoughts and prayers are with the Obama family during this difficult time. I hope you find peace in the many happy memories you all have of her.
Yousey family, New York

4 11 2008
Valerie Loh, Punahou Class of 1978

Dearest Barack, Maya, Michelle, Malia and Sasha – my deepest sympathies to you all. Although I didn’t know Barack well while we were at Punahou, I remember him as a happy, friendly person, and I’m sure his personality was greatly influenced by Toot, so she did a wonderful job of imparting what is best of herself and our American ideals of kindness and compassion. I’m sure Toot is at peace now, and watching over you with much love. Aloha, blessings, and warm hugs to each of you.

4 11 2008

Thoughts and prayers are with your family.

4 11 2008
Wally Bertone

In this time of loss and in all times to come, may the Obama family have happiness and the causes of happiness. May they be free from sorrow and the causes of sorrow. May they never be separated from that sacred happiness which is sorrowless.

4 11 2008
Mollys Mum

Toot is with you, Senator Obama, and will be for all the years of your Presidency and your life. She is in a place now where she can protect you better. She did an outstanding, extraordinary job of instilling her own spirit in you and sending it forward for the good of this country. We owe her an incredible debt. Go forward in her honor and make this country great again.

4 11 2008

Senator Obama and family,
We are so saddened by the loss of your grandmother. As you said, she’s gone home. I can’t imagine the pride she must feel for you. She is an inspiration to us all as a grandparent, as a parent, as a woman. Thank you for sharing her with us.

4 11 2008

My deepest condolences to you and your family on the loss of your beloved grandmother — I had so hoped she would live to see you elected today, but know she will be watching over you today, tonight, and for the rest of your life, smiling so proudly. May time ease your pain.

4 11 2008

Our thoughts are with all of you, as you celebrate a life well lived. Madelyn’s spirit is alive in each of you… May she rest in the arms of God, and watch over you with love and peace.

From Canada,
Maggie and Rick

4 11 2008
Grandma Nancy MN

My hearfelt condolences to the Obama family. Thank you Mrs. Dunham for giving us the Barack Obama we have all come to admire and respect. My 9 year old granddaughter told me “Of course, she will see her grandson become President. She will live in his heart like Grandpa lives in mine!”

4 11 2008
Lynn Macy

I was waiting at my polling place at 6:30 this morning to vote. Standing in line behind me was a man wearing a homemade button that read “I Vote In Memory of Toot”. It brought tears to my eyes. How sad that she missed seeing her amazing, beloved grandson make history by only a day. My heart…and my vote….go out to Barack Obama!

4 11 2008
Misfit in Texas

My heart goes out to her family. Madelyn Dunham was surely a GREAT woman, to have raised such a wonderful man. She had much to be proud of. I am sure she smiles down upon her family and knows she did a great thing in raising Barak Obama.

4 11 2008

Than you AKM for the candle link…again an amazing gift from you.

4 11 2008
Beth Butler

May the Lord take her in His arms and provide her love and comfort. And may you, Senator Obama, and Michelle and your entire family be comforted in knowing that she is in a better place. She will watch you win today from high above, and you will feel her spirit and love within you.

4 11 2008
jan jan (Possum)

Dear Sen. Obama,
I heard the news this morning as I drove to the polls. My heart is saddened for you. I, too, was raised by a grandmother, and her love and guidance is still there even though her body has been gone many years. I am so sorry for your loss. I know she left full of joy and pride for the man you have become. As you sit in the oval office, she will be by your side. Her love will guide you as you pull this country out of the mire of the past 8 years. Your life is a reflection of her greatness and love.
If you ever need a temporary replacement – I am available! I would be proud to call you my son – or grandson! Bless you!

4 11 2008

My condolences to the Obama family and all that were touched by “Toot.” I beleive that she has passed on to a wonderfully peaceful place to watch her beloved grandson take on his greatest role. Nrs. Dunham, two weeks ago, when your grandson took the time to visit you I am sure you were able to comfort him with words of love and encouragement. You must have been proud to see him over the past years hold true to his convictions and morals. Now you can watch from above and send your love through his faith.
My thoughts and prayers are with you all.

4 11 2008

I am so sorry for your loss. I have always felt that it is “easy” for those who die because they are gone…in a “better place.” It is for those left behind that it is agony. I KNOW your dear grandmother is so very proud of you. You have seen too much family death in your young lifetime:
May you all know Peace and Comfort. THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU DO.

4 11 2008

Dear Senator Obama and family,

I wanted to express my deep sympathy for your loss and thank you for your strength to continue your good work in this sad time.

Here on Marshfield Avenue in Chicago, you have already brought a great deal of hope and excitement to young people who didn’t think much about politics before you ran for President. Whatever happens today, I know Toot is very proud of what you’ve done!

4 11 2008

My deepest condolences to you and your family, Senator Obama. The inspiration that Toot gave you is now being passed on to millions of people around the world.

4 11 2008
Linda in Virginia

Dear Sen. Obama,

Your grandmother sounds like a woman of great compassion and wisdom, who was steadfast in inspiring her family to follow the same path. We are grateful to her for the wonderful example she has set for families around the world.

You and your family have our deepest sympathy for your loss.

4 11 2008

Goddess bless her and her family.

4 11 2008
Lets Do It

No words can take away the pain, but know how proud of you she is and how proud your nation is of you.
My thoughts and prayers and heart are with you and your family.
Linda Stowe

4 11 2008

My family lived with my grandmother in the family’s “old homeplace” since before I was born. She was the most important person of my childhood, and the lessons she taught me through parable and quietly leading by example solidified who I am. She died over 20 years ago and I still miss her, the only guest I consistently miss at graduations, weddings, Christmas…

My heart goes out to you, Senator Obama, and your entire family. You honor Toot with your commitment improving America’s future, and by your own fortitude and moral compass so openly expressed in the tone of your campaign, and your vision for the country. God bless her for raising such a fine man as the one I am voting for without reservation today. She surely was a great woman. She will be with you always, and live on in the values you teach your children.

With sincere condolences, I wish you strength today and in the weeks, months, and years to come. Just as we’ve shared your hope, America now shares your sadness.

4 11 2008
Pennsylvania Mom

My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family during this difficult time. As you have said, Toot has gone home, and her life and acheivements should be celebrated, even as we mourn her loss!

4 11 2008
Wrangler Tractor in VA

Dear Senator & Mrs. Obama,

My thoughts and prayers go out to you and your girls at this time. We honor and celebrate Toot’s life and achievements. You are a testament to her, and I was very proud to vote for you today. May God bless you and keep you, and may Toot rest in peace.


4 11 2008
Ripley in CT

Dearest Obama family:

When I discovered your loss, my heart immediately went out to you. Senator Obama, your Toot was clearly a wonderous woman, filled with love in order to help form a man with the same commitment to others that she had to you.

My sincerest condolences to you all. I’ll light a candle for her, as well as for you on election day. May God hold her and keep her and may she continue to give you strength while you care for all of us.

Peace on you.
Karen, Connecticut

4 11 2008
Ripley in CT

Dearest Obama family:

When I discovered your loss, my heart immediately went out to you. Senator Obama, your Toot was clearly a wonderous woman, filled with love in order to help form a man with the same commitment to others that she had to you.

My sincerest condolences to you all. I’ll light a candle for her, as well as for you on election day. May God hold her and keep her and may she continue to give you strength while you care for all of us.

Peace on you.

Karen, Connecticut

4 11 2008
Pam Pratt IL

To all of the Obama Family
I would like to let you know that I am praying for the loss of you grandmother. She has influenced you wonderfully. I am sorry that she has to be with you in spirit for this important day in you life. I am happy for gain of peace in heaven. May God comfort all of you give you peace during this time of pain. May you be the one God has chosen as our next president. I have supported you also. May you have a wonderful day.

4 11 2008
JESinTX aka Grill Igloo Palin

To the Obama family, my family and I mourn your loss and our thoughts are with you during this difficult time. We will all be forever grateful to Toot for the support, encouragement and guidance that helped shaped the man we believe will lead us through hard times and to make the world and our country a better place. We know she is with you always. Good luck on this historic day.

4 11 2008
Mary Beth

To the Obama family: You have my most sincere condolences. Toots did an amazing job, and I know she will be greatly missed. Although I’m sure she would have loved to see this entire election, she got to see your amazing keynote address to the convention and witness the way you’ve brought hope and excitement back to our country.

The angels have rushed out to meet her.

4 11 2008
C Murphy

My condolences to the Obama family. I lost both of my parents to cancer…my mother in 2007 and my father April of this year. While your grandmother will be missed you will have the comfort of knowing that she is no longer suffering with such a terrible disease and that she is in a much better place.

4 11 2008
N Girke

When I lost my mother suddenly 2 years ago a friend sent me the following and it helped me to realize how golden my mother was and still is in my heart. My deepest sympathies to the Obama family. I am sure she will be watching and guiding his life from the heavens.

Nature’s first green is gold,
Her hardest hue to hold.
Her early leaf’s a flower;
But only so an hour.
Then leaf subsides to leaf.
So Eden sank to grief,
So dawn goes down to day.
Nothing gold can stay.

Robert Frost

4 11 2008
judi hussein that one Obama

God bless you, Barack Obama, and your beautiful family. Your “Toot” is with you in spirit. God bless her for her remarkable part in raising such a caring individual.

4 11 2008
Seam Marauder Palin

God bless you and keep you.

4 11 2008

My heart and prayers go out to Barack and his family. He has shown such stoicism in the face of this great loss. I wish that Toot had been able to see him become President…but I’m sure she’s watching from above. Thank you, Toot…for raising such a fine man.

May God Bless and keep the Obama family.

4 11 2008
Audrey in Oregon

I had so hoped and prayed that your Gramma would live to see you elected. Perhaps she wanted to go to heaven early to put in a good word for you with the Main Man. She will be singing and dancing with the angels tonight.

She must have been a wonderful person to have raised such an exceptional young man.

4 11 2008
susan in pittsburgh

Our prayers are with you at this time. Your grandmother will always be with you in your heart and with everything you do.

4 11 2008
WA Lifeisgood

Your family is in my prayers.

I think your dear Mother and Grandmother are having a joyous reunion. With no more pain and no more suffering, they’re able to celebrate and watch you with love and pride.

4 11 2008

My family and I are from the Bahamas and Jamaica but my husband, my brother and I are attending University in Michigan. Obama we are not Americans but You mean so much to us and to people from our countries. Tears came to our eyes when we heard of the death of your grandmother, who meant so much to you. It is so unfortunate that she will not be here to see your victory.

Our deepest condolences to you and your family. May God comfort you and your family during your hour of sadness and may he richly bless you all too.

4 11 2008
L Raber

Toot and his mom helped to raise a smart, fine man who thinks about others before he thinks about himself. Today he will have a momentous victory, and lead the country back to what it can be again, just as Toots raised him to be all that he can be.
She is watching, Barack, she is watching!

4 11 2008

Thank you Toot for a very special person, I know you are watching over him.

4 11 2008
Jean Recoil Zoo Palin Hussein

What a great lady, to have raised such an outstanding son. My thoughts and sympathy are with the Obama family today, even as Barack is raised to greatness. He bears our hopes for the future–we support him in all things–keep him safe, watch over him for us!

4 11 2008
Wired Differently


Ke akua ho’omaika’I oe. You did your work well. Safe journey.

4 11 2008
Jeri a.k.a. Bullpen Cola Palin

My heartfelt condolences are with you and your family at this time of great sorrow. I know that Toot is and always will be by your side through all that you have to do as President of the United States of America. My she help lighten your way. We all believe in you and love you. We will also do our part to help you. Thank you for being who you are. God bless America.

4 11 2008
Northern Exposure

Thinking of Toot, who nurtured our next world leader. Thinking of Obama family and this loss. Thinking of Paul Wilson and family. Thinking of all those mourning recent family losses. Thinking of all those suffering and in pain. Love to all.

4 11 2008
Mike and Rita Persaud

Senator Obama and family:
Our prayers are with you and your family at this time – may God comfort you during this time of sadness. Your grandmother and mother are with the angels above and will watch over you as you sit in the oval office as President of the United States of America
May God Bless you and keep you.

Mike and Rita from Canada

4 11 2008

Madelyn Dunham was a gift to us all, and we will forever be grateful to her. The soul is eternal and I rejoice in her presence with us tonight, and forever.

4 11 2008

My thanks go to Mrs. Dunham for bringing us such a wonderful man, and my prayers go out to you, Barack Obama, and your family. She may no longer be with us in body, but I know her spirit is still with you, and she is smiling and proud of your accomplishments.

4 11 2008

My entire family sends their condolences…Ray, Sally, Jennifer, Jessica, Javier, Xavier, Ariana, Jennifer, Blake, Leo, Lexus. Leo and Lexus are sitting by me and here is what they have to say:
Leo (age 10) says, “I feel you. 2 of my grandmas died.”
Lexus (age 7) says, ” I am sorry that your grandma died.”
Again, we are so very sorry that she did not live to see the election results. But….she will know…..

4 11 2008
maureen mccloskey

PHILA PA 19116


Our Hearts Will Always Touch
We all sat there beside you,
Could you feel us there?
Our arms were wrapped around you,
And we even were stroking your hair.

We were talking about all the good times,
For us they’re were many special days.
We wanted you to feel love and comfort,
And happy in some way.

We watched your every breath,
And prayed that each one wasn’t your last.
The time we got to share together,
Went by too quick..And much Too fast.

We wanted you to wake up,
Please Gram…Just Open your eyes.
Tell me this is a nightmare,
And not our last goodbyes.

As your last breath grew closer,
We sat there peacefully together.
Our hearts continually breaking,
Because We wanted you forever.

Then there it was,
Your final breath of air.
We didn’t want to believe it,
This is so cruel and not fair.

We touched your beautiful face,
And prayed you’d breath again.
We were not ready for you to go,
We couldn’t believe that this was the end.

But then we realized you were now in peace,
And your not suffering anymore.
You now beginning the life of an Angel,
And your body would no longer be sore.

We held you close and squeezed you tight,
And tried to say goodbye.
We’ve lost our Grandma our very best friend,
All our hearts could do is hurt & cry.

We slowly got up one by one,
We wanted so much to stay.
each of us leaned & gave you one more kiss,
It was so hard for us to walk away.

But for now We have to wait,
Until we meet again.
You will always be in our hearts and thoughts,
Our dear Grandmother, our best friend.

Always and Forever,
Our hearts will always touch.
Always and Forever,
We all love you & miss you so much.

4 11 2008
Tammy & Ralph

Senator (soon to be Mr. President) Obama, we offer our deepest condolences to you and your family. We are so saddened that your grandmother could not be here to see you sweep this election. Be strong, be well. We offer you all the support we can as neighbors here in Canada. Let’s change the world and do it in your grandmother’s memory. Peace & light to you.

4 11 2008
The Michael Almerico Family

We want to express our deepest sympathy for the loss of your dear “Toot”. May our LORD JESUS grant you and your family HIS peace in this difficult time.
Love in CHRIST, Michael, Nelly and Kevin Almerico

4 11 2008
Barbara in Littleton, CO

Dear Senator & Mrs. Obama & family:

My husband, Doug & I, and 20 year old son, William, send our heartfelt sympathy to you & your extended family.

4 11 2008

Our deepest condolences on the loss of your grandmother, Toot. Our hearts go out to you and you are all in our thoughts and prayers.

N Crowley

4 11 2008
mouzone family

To the Obama family,
The Mouzone family from Paterson and Passaic N.,J would like to send our condolences to you all. We would like to let you all know that everything is going to be alright. God don’t make any mistakes. We will keep you all in our Prayers. We beleive that your grandmother is looking down on you smiling. She’s so proud of you right now. We also want you to know that we are working hard for you, getting everyone to cast their votes for the one man that god brought in this world not just being black or white but being human. We all are the same and you are the perfect example how god brought a white women and a black man together to form a very brave young man to let the people that we are not black or black but we are one. God blessyou all.

4 11 2008

Toot went on ahead to get the big picture. My deepest concern goes out to the whole family.

4 11 2008

My condolences go out to the new first family. I am glad Barack had a chance to be with his grandmother and to be able to talk to her just before she passed on.

I had lived in Juneau when my father died on Christmas eve. Due to flight schedules, it took me 3 days to get out of town to be with my family, so I know how hard this must be on his heartstrings. I am sure she is in a better place and must have known he could go on without her. Debi

4 11 2008

Dear Mr. President,
I know the heart ache you must feel of your grandmother’s death.
I also know you truely believe, as I do, that she was with you tonight
to celebrate one of the most amazing historical elections ever in our great
nation. Your grandmother will be with you always, continuing to give
you guidance for the job you have ahead. She knows, as I do too, that you are the leader we have been waiting for to help unite all of us to help you
bring our nation back to a position of power and real brotherhood.
Thank you for taking up this great task, and I must thank your grandmother
for helping to raise such an extraordinary man.

5 11 2008

Dearest President-elect Obama,

My heart goes out to you and your lovely family as you realize the momentous occasion of your election by the American people and the sad fact that your toot didn’t quite know for sure when she slipped away. My pledge is to you and your family to help build a country you and toot would be proud of.

5 11 2008
California Hope-r

I spent the better part of Monday after I heard welling up with tears with the deeply bittersweet feeling that Barack was about to become our next president, but would reach that amazing height the day after his grandmother passed away. My heart goes out to all of you, the Obama family, for the amazing people you are, for all that you have done for some many people, and for the hope in a much better tomorrow. I know Toot lives on in the hearts of those who remember her, and particularly her inspiring family.

6 11 2008
R. McCaleb

Mr.Barack and Mrs. Michelle Obama and Family

My husband and I send our condolence to all of your loved ones. We too have suffered the loss of grandmother,father, mother, brother, sister, and uncle in our short 40 something years of life; but just remember the strength and courage your deceased loved ones gave you and continue to live respectable and honorable as your family example encourage others.

6 11 2008

Dear President-Elect Obama,

I’m so sorry for your loss, and my family and I send our love and best thoughts to you and yours. We’re keeping you all in our hearts and prayers as you celebrate the life and honor the memory of your wonderful grandmother.

susan in portland

13 11 2008

Dear President Obama and family,
I send you my deepest condolences to you. My dearest Mother passed away on the same day, in New York at the tender age of 91. Although, my Mother’s nickname was not Toot, it certainly could have been. I honor your dear Mother and for the amazing human being that she molded.

Judy in Miami, Florida

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