Anchorage Daily News Endorses Obama!

25 10 2008

Holy Cow.  Alaska’s largest newspaper has endorsed a candidate for president, and it isn’t the guy that shares the ticket with our own Maverick Governor!  As irritated as I have been by the sometimes cloying, often gushy coverage of Sarah Palin, it is inconceivable that any thoughtful person or entity living in the state of Alaska, could possibly think that she is the best choice to be a heartbeat away from the presidency.

The Anchorage Daily News Endorses Barack Obama. (I just felt like typing that again.)

Here are the highlights:

Alaska’s founders were optimistic people, but even the most farsighted might have been stretched to imagine this scenario. No matter the outcome in November, this election will mark a signal moment in the history of the 49th state. Many Alaskans are proud to see their governor, and their state, so prominent on the national stage.

Gov. Palin’s nomination clearly alters the landscape for Alaskans as we survey this race for the presidency — but it does not overwhelm all other judgment. The election, after all is said and done, is not about Sarah Palin, and our sober view is that her running mate, Sen. John McCain, is the wrong choice for president at this critical time for our nation.


Sen. Barack Obama, the Democratic nominee, brings far more promise to the office. In a time of grave economic crisis, he displays thoughtful analysis, enlists wise counsel and operates with a cool, steady hand. The same cannot be said of Sen. McCain.


Gov. Palin has shown the country why she has been so successful in her young political career. Passionate, charismatic and indefatigable, she draws huge crowds and sows excitement in her wake. She has made it clear she’s a force to be reckoned with, and you can be sure politicians and political professionals across the country have taken note. Her future, in Alaska and on the national stage, seems certain to be played out in the limelight.

Yet despite her formidable gifts, few who have worked closely with the governor would argue she is truly ready to assume command of the most important, powerful nation on earth. To step in and juggle the demands of an economic meltdown, two deadly wars and a deteriorating climate crisis would stretch the governor beyond her range. Like picking Sen. McCain for president, putting her one 72-year-old heartbeat from the leadership of the free world is just too risky at this time.

And to further redeem themselves in the eyes of the Mudflats Editorial Board (me), they have coverage of today’s Obama rally right there on the front page online, with a nice write-up and a picture.  I had given the first ever “Moose Nugget Award” to the paper after their heavy coverage of the meager pro-Palin rally, and hardly a mention of the gigantic pro-Obama rally happening at the same time right down the block.  Now, I would like to acknowledge that they have tried to make amends, and upgrade them to the coveted “Gilded Moose Nugget!”  (Loud applause, and caps tossed in the air!  Approving snorts from polar bears, wolves howling and chasing their tails!)

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Obama Rally Finale in Anchorage!

25 10 2008

Another great group of Obama supporters congregated on the Park Strip in Anchorage today.  This time, they were on an artistic mission.  The goal?  To create a giant Obama logo made up of pixel people in colored plastic ponchos. 

When I arrived, there were about 300 people already there, and just starting to take their positions.  I laughed because the size of this crowd would have totally blown me away a couple months ago, but now, after a series of enormous rallies (Alaska Women Reject Palin, Alaskans for Truth, Statewide Obama rally), it seemed perfectly normal!

Once again, everyone was all smiles, despite the VERY cold temperatures.  The blue people were being guided into place, by people with bull horns.  Then the white ones filled in part of the center.  Then red ones.  Then more white ones.  All the placement was meticulously coordinated by someone operating a camera from the top floor of a hotel across the street, who gave directions via walkie-talkies to the crew on the ground.  The event was promoted as an Alaska Women Support Barack Obama event, but men were welcome, and plenty showed up!

There were lots of progressive canines decked out in various types of attire, and it was a wonderfully diverse and enthusiastic crowd all around.  Once again there was lots of honking from passing cars, and people rolling down windows to give us big thumbs up in the frigid air.  There was one sad lonely guy on the corner with a sign that said, “Barack Hussein Obama Will Destroy the United States.”  It reminded me of the guy on the street corner with the ancient dog-eared decrepit sign that reads, “The World Will End Tomorrow.”

Finally the finished logo was in place, and the group started chanting O-BA-MA! O-BA-MA! which eventually morphed into “Yes We Can!”  And I allowed myself a few moments of imagining what it would be like if Alaska went for Obama this year. 

Then the coordinator with the bullhorn told everyone to remember where they were standing and what their neighbors looked like.  Then, from the top of a ladder he told everyone to disperse out of the “frame” and then when he gave the command, to run in from all sides and reclaim their positions.  He warned everyone to expect total chaos, but that it would be fun.  He was right.  People of all colors – reds, whites, and blues – separated, and then ran back together with whoops and hollers, spinning in circles, clapping, cartwheeling, and jumping, and remarkably formed a pretty decent regenerated logo in less than a minute!

By the time I got back to my car, my nose was red, my thighs were burning, my fingers were numb, and my face was frozen in a big grin.

The rally was organized to send a last-minute photo message to the rest of the country that Alaskans support Obama in large numbers, and that not all Alaskans are in love with Sarah Palin….not by a long shot.  I’ll post pictures of the official logo shot, and video as soon as they become available!

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Results of Palin Jeering Poll

25 10 2008

The results of the Palin poll are in. Let’s look at the Mudflatters’ powers of prognostication:

Q. Predict the Blues Puck Drop.

a) Kids present, audible booing – 941 votes = 72%

b) Kids absent, audible booing – 227 votes = 17%

c) Kids present, no audible booing – 118 votes = 9%

d) Kids absent, no audible booing – 26 votes = 2%

The actual event had a little twist. Accompanying Sarah Palin was Todd Palin and Piper. I’m going to count this as “kids present”. And although the jeering and booing were not as pronounced as they were at the Philly’s game, they definitely passed the “audible” criteria. So I’m calling this one answer A.

Pretty impressive you guys. Now if only this had been the million dollar question, and you were the audience…

Second Troopergate Investigation Moving Quickly.

25 10 2008

Yesterday, Sarah Palin gave her deposition to the second Troopergate independent investigator, Tim Petumenos. Petumenos flew out of Alaska to question Palin on the campaign trail in St. Louis. The details are scant, but we do know a few:

  • The deposition took two hours.
  • Petumenos told Palin he was moving quickly, but couldn’t say whether the investigation would be complete before Election Day.
  • Palin wants to make the transcript of her interview public.

“I am so pleased to finally have gotten the chance to tell what really happened and get the truth out,” Palin said in a statement released by her attorney, Thomas Van Flein.  “It was the right thing to do to bring this before the Personnel Board and have a true arms length unbiased and apolitical investigator look into this.”

I have a hunch that Petumenos will have nothing to do with that last request, for two reasons.  First, although Palin herself has waived her right of confidentiality, other members of her staff have not.  So it would be difficult, if not impossible,  to tease out the information that has only to do with Palin and nobody else.

Second, I think Petumenos will realize that the release of her deposition would make the whole thing look political, which is the LAST thing that Palin wants.  Right? 

We all know that if Palin really wants this “out there,” all she has to do is hold a press conference.  I doubt that reporters will come up with any questions that Petumenos didn’t.  Nothing is stopping her.   So, why doesn’t she do it?  Because she doesn’t want to.  One independent investigation has already found Palin guilty of an ethics violation. Branchflower and Petumenos are both highly respected men, known for their professionalism, and thorough unbiased work.  All of Branchflower’s work was turned over by request to Petumenos for use in his own work.   It would be stunning if the second investigation found anything different.

Bedtime in Alaska – Open Thread

25 10 2008

Goodnight all.

A quick reminder about vanishing posts. If your post does not appear, it means it’s in the spam queue and it will be rescued, I promise! Please don’t keep repeat posting, otherwise all your comments end up in there. At that point I have 2 choices:

1) Liberate all your comments, including repeat posts and questions about why your post is not posting. This can be annoying to have to read through by everyone, once I’ve freed them.

2) OR I can liberate only one post….but then I have to spam all the other ones, making it very likely that your future posts will also be spammed. After all I just had to spam 8 or 9 posts from one person, so it assumes you are very very bad, which you aren’t. 😦

The best thing to do is read the FAQ section about vanishing links, which will have some helpful tips for you. And remember not to repeat post or ask why your post isn’t showing up, if your message doesn’t show up.

You can email me, or see if Snoskred is in the Forum, or chat over there for a while, or just sit tight, knowing that it will all be well soon.

Sounds like Chicago area Mudflatters are talking about Mudstock II! If you’re in the area, check the comments from the last post…or maybe a Chicago Mudflatter will post details on this thread.

See you tomorrow!