Sarah Palin and Her Juneau Neighbors Support Obama! » palin-for-obama

The Governor’s Mansion in Juneau, Alaska



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11 10 2008
Alison, FL

OMG! That is too funny! I guess they haven’t been home in while huh?

11 10 2008

the first governor in alaska history to not reside in the governor’s mansion in juneau, actually.

11 10 2008

If she gets paid by the taxpayers to live there as though she were on the road and it were not her home, how is it not a governor’s mansion house?

11 10 2008

no saffi, governor is supposed to live there. that’s a prk to live in the gov’s mansion. BUT sarah chose to not live there … so when she sleeps at her own home she claims per diem payment as though she is on a business trip. she can’t claim if she lives there at the gov’s mansion as she is supposed to. so she stays more at her own home so she can claim more. it is, to me, an abuse of a loophole.

11 10 2008

prk … i mean perk

11 10 2008

That is comedy gold!

8 11 2008

Who do you think you are fooling. Sarah Palin would never put the Obama sign in her yard. She is a good decent, very intelligent woman who could do wonders for this country until the idiotic media tried to destroy her. They will pay when they face God on Judgement Day.

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