Obama-rama in Juneau, Alaska!

5 10 2008

Here it is….from the capitol city of Alaska! Several hundred Juneau-ites came together and rallied for Obama-Biden! For a city of 30,000 people, that’s saying something! Here’s the recap with photos from Mudflatter Sandy Beach!


Juneau had a great party today. It was held at our Juneau Arts & Cultural Center, the former Armory. Participants were instructed to make a sign that reads “I am an Alaskan __________, and I choose Obama/Biden.” You were to fill in the blank with a word to describe yourself. As you can tell from the pictures, most people did just that. There were Alaskan mothers, fathers, grandmothers, grandfathers, animal lovers, hockey players, fishermen, moose hunters, nurses, dietitians, pastors, Christians, Lesbians, state employees, rednecks, developers, entrepreneurs, poets, musicians, and even a few Republicans. There was music, an emcee, and a visit from Juneau Representative Beth Kertulla. In fact, someone who looked a lot like Sarah Palin showed up and gave a speech, although she looked a bit unsteady on her high heels. Note: See the the woman with a child in her arms that faux Sarah is posing with? That’s the real Sarah—Sarah Conarro, that is, whose brainchild this whole event was.

The people you see working intently at small tables are doing one of two things: making a sign or writing postcards. The local Obama campaign people provided stacks of lovely Alaska postcards pre-addressed to undecided voters in the swing state of Pennsylvania. Obama-Rama attendees wrote personal notes to them, suggesting how they might want to vote on Nov 4.

At one point, the crowd took their signs outdoors to greet the traffic on Egan Drive. Kudos to Sarah Conarro for throwing a great party!



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5 10 2008
Aussie Puck Mule Revlon Red Palin

YAY! Juneau!! 😀

5 10 2008
fawnskin chipdragon mudpuppy

hooray, for juneau

5 10 2008


This just in from Huff Post:

McCain’s “Keating 5” Scandal Involvement To Be Highlighted By Obama Campaign


5 10 2008
Lil' Geese Whalebone Palin

Goodnight Juneau……..

5 10 2008

I didn’t realize that this rally was this weekend. We (me and my co-workers) all thought it was next Saturday so we were all planning on going…oh well…I wish there is another one!

5 10 2008
Aussie Puck Mule Revlon Red Palin


“In downtown Anchorage at the Veteran’s Memorial, more than 1,300 Alaskans signed supporter cards for Obama-Biden, with approximately 1,500 in attendance. In addition, about 600 supporters attended a simultaneous rally in Juneau and 400 attended a rally in Fairbanks.”


5 10 2008

…and the Lower 48 was losing hope for Alaskans. Nice work guys – keep TRUTH and HONESTY in the limelight!

5 10 2008
Cindy aka Rake Trinket Palin

Good on ya, Juneau! I hope your turn-out for the Oct 11 rally is just as good – if not better. (So wish I could be there to support you all.) I love how happy and hopeful these rallies are!

5 10 2008

Go Juneau! We’re with you in spirit! You’re doing the People’s work!

From one NorthWesterner to another – Thank you!

Yes we can!

5 10 2008
Joan aka Timber Challange Palin

YESSSS!!! As willpen said above, the Keating 5 Scandal has been drawn out of the Obama campaign’s tool bag and pretty soon now McStupid and his bimbo wannabe VP won’t be looking quite so smug! The timing is just perfect! More than that, it’s a Thing Of Beauty!

5 10 2008

OT here is a picture of scarah’s little girl (I don’t know her name maybe “oops
palin”) flipping off a little boy. LMAO http://img.allvoices.com/thumbs/event/940/700/20051964.jpg
The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

5 10 2008

Thanks for sharing the Juneau rally in words & photos here on the Mudflats website. It was much appreciated.

5 10 2008

Go Juneau! We’re counting on you to cancel out the Wasilla/Palmer/Kenai votes!!!! Oh yeah, a bunch of the Eagle River ones too (my neighborhood).

5 10 2008

Woo! Thanks so much for giving me hope in my home state 😉 I’ll be blogging politics on my Friday posts all this month. I don’t have a lot of readers but hopefully I’ll reach someone in a red state 😉

5 10 2008
Susan, WA

Here’s the ‘paid for by Obama’ new Website on McCain and the Keating


5 10 2008

Hi all!

Just posting this again at this specific site in case some mudpuppies didn’t get a chance to see this link to photos of the Fairbanks rally in an earlier comments section. I’m soooo proud of Alaskan Obama supporters. By the way, there was not a single mention in our Fairbanks Daily News Miner newspaper about the rally. Nada, despite contacting them with specifics AND only being about 4 blocks from their building. A conservative newspaper desperately trying to control reality. So….. we sent this link out via email to as many friends and family as possible, both in Alaska and in the Lower 48, and we’ve asked all to forward the link on and spread the word that MANY Alaskans are for Obama/Biden!

fireweed (23:15:34) :


This site has photos of the Fairbanks, Alaska Obama Rally from October 4th. It was at the Veterans’ Memorial Park on Cushman Street in downtown and went from 2:00 until just before 4:00. As you can tell in the photos, it was a nippy 35 or so degrees, though we had brilliant bursts of sun throughout the afternoon. There were many wonderful signs, lots of smiling faces and hugs, lots of energy and enthusiasm. Chants of “Fired Up/Ready to Go!” and “Obama!” filled the crisp air and echoed against City Hall and the State Building.

Many speakers provided personal snapshots around the theme: “I support Obama/Biden because…….” . Those who spoke included the Alaska Campaign for Change Fairbanks Coordinator, a City Councilwoman, a Republican Mother of Four (one with downs syndrome), a Union representative, a Vietnam Veteran, the wife of a Fort Wainwright soldier who deployed to Iraq just over a week ago, students from the University of Alaska, two women representing immigrants and naturalized citizens, a Fairbanks Women for Obama/Families for Obama representative,…..

We were young, old, black, white, hispanic, athabaskan, inupiaq and yupik, male, female, democrat and republican. We stressed early voting, registering voters, sharing our perspectives with others, contacting friends and family in swing states and letting them know what Alaskans think, feel and hope for. We shared our desire for positive change and the inspiration we’re feeling from the intoxicating possibility of this change. Great signs, great smiles, great energy!

One more month to go! Yes We Can! Obama/Biden 2008

5 10 2008
Living in Texas - Can't see Russia

Wow, you Alaskans are Fired UP! I’ve been lurking for some time and finally decided to give a shout out to the fine Alaskans who are doing so much for the Obama campaign up there.

I don’t know what your usual voter turnout is, but it looks like it might increase this year? Does your state usually have big rallies for Democratic Presidential candidates or is this a special year? Has the prospect of VP Sarah Palin inspired you folks?

I’ve never followed politics in Alaska so these questions are purely out of curiosity. I want to thank you all for working so hard. I feel that if McCain/Palin gets elected, I’ll be sleeping with one eye open for the next four years. I shudder at the thought. You guys really do fight the good fight.

5 10 2008
Living in Texas - Can't see Russia

Obama campain to McCain/Palin:
“You want to talk about associations? Fine, let’s talk about associations!” The Obama Campaign is releasing a Keating Five documentary. Maybe the McCain campaign needs to think twice before releasing the pitbull. I really hope the Bill Ayers line of attack was Sarah’s idea. From what I understand, she was egged on by Sean Hannity, but it’s purely speculation at this point. Well she’s going to get her come uppance, I do believe.


5 10 2008
GJ in Idaho

Yes, AK can, turn from red to blue, one rally at a time. Just look what a few good people can do. You folks make me proud to be from the northwest. I would love to see a poll now, that the cat is away. More and more people are turning out for the Obama/Biden rallies. It just warms my heart on these nippy Oct. days.

5 10 2008

Every poster here should demand that the ADN and other MSM outlets report on the differences between the Obama rally turnouts (plural) and the paltry Palin rally turnout (singular).

And another thing….speaking of awards…..AKM deserves a Pultizer nomination for her coverage of the political shenanigans and othere related developments thus far In Alaska. Better fare than Moose Nuggets for AKM!!

6 10 2008

Thank you for all the work you do to keep us in the lower 48 updated 😉

6 10 2008
Aussie Puck Mule Revlon Red Palin

@fireweed (23:09:43) :

Thanks for posting your pics and review. It’s nice to see that Fairbanks is every bit as lively as everywhere else in Alaska.

I wish the rest of the US could see you. 🙂

6 10 2008

From Upstate NY, next to Canada, so many of us want Obama to win! When a Democrat is in office, (at least when Clinton was!) we have work, our towns are booming, and when Republicans are in office, the work dries up and most people wind up on food stamps or on army bases. We like to work! We like the Obama/Biden ticket, they seem very smart and we have had quite enough of Republicans and their job killing ways! Alaska, I imagine that you are a lot like us. I am proud of you and your rallies and have been watching closely! You make us proud! OBAMA BIDEN 08!! The only choice for a brighter future! : )

6 10 2008

Way to go Juneau!!!!!!!!!!! The lower 48’s are loving you!!!!!!!!!!!
😉 Mart

6 10 2008

THANK YOU Alaska. Whle you have done many great things, from individuals fighting powerful forces, to grass roots efforts. Today I want to thank you for postcards. I’ve been busy writing postcards for the swing states, but I imagine one Alaska postcard is worth several of my postcards.

6 10 2008
Juneau girl

Living in Texas – Nope – We don’t usually have “big” rallies for ANY candidates. This is highly unusual. Does it have something to do with Sarah? You Becha!

6 10 2008
Whabs, Seattle, WA.

Happy Monday Mudflatters! Beautiful job!
You people will never ever know the part you have played in saving one woman’s sanity. I wish I could cook you all dinner!

6 10 2008
Tom from PA

The first literary endorsement that i Have seen comes from the New Yorker…well though out glowing priase for Obama


6 10 2008
Canadian Neighbour

McDaddy assumed too much when he tapped Panin for VP. Thought he would be a shoe-in in Alaska!!

You are providing the fresh air of truth to the rest of the world that is watching. Thank you for that!!

Question: Read re Pebble Mine. Is there an ethics investigation going to be raised on that?? I may be CDN, but I don’t tolerate abuse of power or lies either!!

6 10 2008
Tom from PA

Has there been any update on the handling of the per diems and family travel or have all the other issues become too big to pursue this?

6 10 2008

You go Juneau! We stand with you in Chicago.

6 10 2008

You go Juneau!!!! I am so proud of Alaska. You guys and gals live in a wonderful place. Unfortunately you have a governor who is a lying, cheating, slim, scum ball. Anyone who will side with the Repugs and believe all their bull sh*t, (moose sh*t) does not even deserve to be your governor let alone our vice president or maybe president. Hang in there and I am for Obama. I live in Oklahoma, a state that is totally Repubs.

6 10 2008

It truly warmed my heart this morning to receive and email from a colleague at another educational institution, the subject being: Bigget Rally in Alaska History ~ Anit-Palin!

It contained details of both rallies and those wonderful images of creative signage. It’s nice to know that our voices will be heard…with or without the help of the MSM! Keep up the awesome work everyone!


6 10 2008
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6 10 2008

Rock on Juneau!
We hear you loud and clear here
in New York City.


6 10 2008
kokofish palin

@fireweed (23:09:43) :

“…there was not a single mention in our Fairbanks Daily News Miner newspaper about the rally.”
Short one while I am on break.

1. Wonderful and thank you Fairbanks and Juneau!
2. fireweed, looks like you took a page out of the SP playbook, by-passed the (filter) media and took your message Straight to The American People! WoooHooo.

Now back to work.

6 10 2008

I don’t think I saw much about this in the MSM, but am glad to see it here.

6 10 2008
Big Obama Rally in Juneau, Alaska « McCain Sucks, Palin Sucks = No Bush left behind

[…] but almost entirely dependent upon cruise ship tourism. What I find simply wonderful is they had an Obama-rama on Sunday October 5 with hundreds of people showing up in support of the Obama-Biden ticket. Yoo go […]

6 10 2008

yay Juneau! So fun to see the hometown on this blog. I haven’t seen that many people gathered since the 4th of July!

Juneauites aren’t very fond of Palin and it’s definitely a mutual feeling. It’s a pretty liberal place (well, most of it ). I know a lot of people who are put off by her decision to live in Wasilla rather than the Governor’s Mansion. Plus everybody’s suspicious of her moving the capital.

6 10 2008
Jan Marie DeBrossard

From Ohio,
Couldn’t sleep last nite after hearing the new smear campaign going on.Went to the Doctor, blood pressure up. Hope I live to see this all come true. Visited your state in the 80’s,(Ank and Fair). People treated me royally! So glad to see all the people coming out. I am a 67 yr old black female retired Police Lieutenant from Cleveland. The best to all of you!!!

6 10 2008

Awesome! Way to go, Juneau! 🙂

7 10 2008

That was tons of fun. I was an Alaskan “thinker”- I liked the person whose sign said I’m an Alaskan “with a brain” and I’m voting Obama/Biden.” 🙂

In other news, Juneau, don’t forget the Anti-Palin Rally, this saturday (the 11th) at 10:00A in front of the capital building!!!!

8 10 2008

QUESTION – The main stream media seems to have dropped the ball on this one, so maybe you can do some investigation and talk to “experts” and find out if Palin’s daughter looks six months pregnant or not. Appears to be another lie to everyone!

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