Rep. Les Gara on KUDO!

3 10 2008

Mudflats contributor and one of the White Knights of the Troopergate investigation, Democratic Representative Les Gara of Anchorage is going to be a guest on KUDO radio shortly!

Les has been an outspoken advocate of getting the truth out there, and getting the McCain campaign and their lawyers out of our Alaskan Department of Law.

Kathy Phillips is filling in for CC.  The show runs from 3-6pm Alaska time. (1 hour earlier than PST)

To listen, click HERE!

The call-in number is 907-569-1080



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3 10 2008

The Set Up: Can I call you Joe?

The Zinger: Say it ain’t so Joe!

What are we? 10 years old?

3 10 2008

apparently…. 😉

3 10 2008

Great! I’d like to hear his thoughts on this and whether or not the legislature will try to block release of the Troopergate report.

“Lawyers seeking to shut down the Legislature’s investigation of Gov. Sarah Palin this afternoon filed an emergency appeal with the Alaska Supreme Court.

They’re asking the state’s high court to decide by the close of business today whether it will hear their appeal.”

3 10 2008

palin and the witch hunter made it in to the san francisco gate today…………he makes her sound bad

3 10 2008
strangelet (Speck Backfire Palin)

“The plaintiffs and Alaskans will suffer irreparable harm if the investigation at issue continues and if the resulting investigative report issues as planned on Oct. 10, 2008,”

Since the plaintiffs are a bunch of legislators, I wonder what harm they will suffer. I’m kinda surprised the initial judge didn’t throw it out for lack of standing.

3 10 2008
Women who run with the Wolves

I just spoke to our Districts House Represenative this morning. They are adament that this information be made available to the public. As our Represenative said, if we do not release it to the public, then it looks like they are trying to hide something, so it must be released. Thank you !

3 10 2008

Appeal to the Supreme Court thread is up.

3 10 2008
hopeless pedant

Love your site.

Pedantic note – here on the west coast, we are on PDT (Pacific Daylight Time) until later this month, when we go back to PST (Pacific Standard Time).

6 10 2008

None of us know what is in that report, but what we do know is that the McCain campaign is doing everything they can to keep us from finding out before the November 4th election. That should worry everyone and I want to go on record that I find the “Joe Sixpack” routine and the constant folksy chatter beyond annoying. She has shown she has a gift for memorization and nothing more.

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