Dad Tries to Get Mrs. Couric to Change Sarah’s Grade.

28 09 2008

It happened again. This time Katie Couric managed not only to make Sarah Palin look bad, but John McCain look worse! What was her diabolical secret? She used that secret weapon – asking questions. In this one-on-two interview, John McCain showed up to sit with Sarah to make sure she didn’t screw up too badly, and tried to keep that big bad journalist on a short leash. Saturday night in Philadelphia, Palin was questioned by a Temple graduate student about whether the U.S. military should cross the border from Afghanistan into Pakistan. She answered, “If that’s what we have to do stop the terrorists from coming any further in, absolutely, we should,” Palin said.

That was the subject of Katie Couric’s first question. Palin basically repeated what Barack Obama had said during the Presidential debate, when John McCain scoffed at him and patronizingly admonished him by saying, “You don’t say that out loud.” (subtext: you naive little idiot!)

McCain, in this joint interview, is obviously under stress. He squirms and blinks. You look at him and listen to the tone of his voice, and you know he’s a man on edge. He’s a pressure cooker who’s keeping the lid on with all his might. Palin, comes across as cool and confident (except for that nervous lip lick she does, and the occasional clenched jaw), but with Palin, it’s the transcript that is fascinating. You really have to read the “blizzard of words” to fully appreciate the extent to which she isn’t saying anything.KC: Over the weekend, Governor Palin, you said the US should “absolutely” launch cross-border attacks from Afghanistan to Pakistan to “stop the terrorists from coming any further in” now that’s almost the exact position that Barack Obama has taken and you, Senator McCain, have criticizes as something you do not say out loud. So, Governor Palin, are you two on the same page on this?SP: We had a great discussion with President Zardari as we talked about what it is that America can and should be doing together, to make sure that the terrorists do not cross borders, and do not ultimately put themselves in the position of attacking America again, or her allies. And we will do what we have to do to secure the United States of America and her allies. KC: Is that something you shouldn’t say out loud Senator McCain?JM: Of course not. But look, I understand this day and age “gotcha journalism”. Was that a pizza place? In a conversation with someone who…you didn’t hear the question very well…you don’t know the context of the conversation…grab a phrase. Uh, Governor Palin and I agree you don’t announce that you’re going to attack another country.KC: Are you sorry you said it, Governor?JM: Now wait a minute! Before you say is she sorry she said it, this was a gotcha sound bite.

KC: It wasn’t a gotcha. She was talking to a voter.

JM: She was in a conversation. She was in a conversation with a group of people, and talking back and forth…and I…I don’t…I’ll let Governor Palin speak for herself.

SP: In fact you’re absolutely right on. In the context, this was a voter…a constituents hollerin’ out a question from across an area asking, “What are you gonna do about Pakistan? You better have an answer to Pakistan.” I said, “We’re going to do what we have to do to protect the United States of America.”

KC: You were pretty specific about what you wanted to do – cross border…

SP: (interrupting) As Senator McCain is suggesting here also, never would our administration get out there and show our cards to, uh, terrorists, in this case to enemies, and let them know what the game plan was, not when that could ultimately adversely affect a plan to keep America secure.

KC: What did you learn from that experience?

SP: That this IS all about gotcha journalism. A lot of it is! But that’s OK too.

KC: Governor Palin, since our last interview, you’ve gotten a lot of flack. Some Republicans have said you’re not prepared, you’re not ready for prime time. People have questioned your readiness since that interview, and I’m curious to hear your reaction.

SP: Well, not only am I ready, but willing and able to serve as Vice President with Senator McCain if Americans so bless us and privilege us with the opportunity of serving them. Ready with my executive experience as a city mayor and manager, as a governor, as a commissioner, a regulator of oil and gas.

JM: This is not the first time I’ve seen a governor questioned by some…quote “expert.” I remember that Ronald Reagan was a cowboy. President Clinton was the governor of a very small state that had no experience either. I remember how easy it was going to be for Bush 1 to defeat him. I still recall…whoops…that one. But the point is uh, I’ve seen uh, underestimation before. I’m very proud of the excitement that Gov. Palin has ignited with our party around this country. It is a level of excitement and enthusiasm frankly that I’ haven’t seen before and I’d like to attribute it to me, but the fact is that she has done an incredible job and I’m so proud of the work that she’s doing.

Now, I’m not the one who brought up Bill Clinton, and I wouldn’t have if I were John McCain. BUT….since he did, I thought it would be fun to look at this other governor of a “very small state that had no experience either.” First of all, notice that McCain said “either,” so he is pretty much admitting that Palin has no experience. But lets compare “very small states.”

Alaska: population 626,932. 1.1 people per square mile. Borders a whole lot of empty space in Canada.

Arkansas: population 2,673,400. 51.1 people per square mile. Borders six states.

So John McCain is comparing these two states to justify Palin’s abilities. Arkansas has almost 5 times the population, and 50 times the population density than Alaska. And it has neighbors.

But we won’t quibble. This isn’t a “who’s the smallest” contest. Let’s get to the real meat of McCain’s argument. Let’s compare Bill Clinton’s no experience, with Palin’s “no experience either.”

Clinton: After attending Georgetown on scholarships, he received a B.S. in Foreign Service. After graduation he received a Rhodes scholarship to Oxford where he studied government. He attended and graduated Yale Law School. He was a professor at the University of Arkansas. He was the Attorney General of the State of Arkansas. He was the governor of Arkansas for 10 years. He was the Chair of the National Governor’s Association. He also worked on state and national campaigns.

Palin: One semester at Hawaii Pacific University, two semesters at North Idaho College as a general studies major, two semesters at the University of Idaho, one semester at the Matanuska-Susitna College in Alaska, and three semesters at the Univeristy of Idaho, graduating with a B.S. in communications-journalism. She worked briefly as a sportscaster for an Alaskan TV station and as a sportswriter for the Mat-Su Valley Frontiersman newspaper. She spent several years as a homemaker, and four years on the Wasilla city council. She served two terms as mayor of Wasilla, Alaska (pop. 7000), and twenty months as Governor of the aforementioned state with a little over half a million people in it.

So McCain’s argument is that if Bill Clinton could be a successful president, than surely Sarah Palin could. At least that’s what he’s trying to convince the teacher in this weirdly awkward parent-teacher converence. We all know that Sarah’s been trying really hared, but somehow I don’t think Mrs. Couric is going to change her grade.

To watch the clip from the interview, click HERE.



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30 09 2008

AKM – that was brilliant! Thanks for making me smile. But remember, as the “New Yorker” reminds us, ol’ Bil couldn’t see Russia from Arkansas!

1 10 2008

And even worse, Palin made a point of trashing Couric on a wingnut call-in show:

Hewitt asked if the governor was surprised by Katie Couric’s kind of pop quizzes.

“Well, I have a degree in journalism also,” Palin said. “So it surprises me that so much has changed since I received my education in journalistic ethics all those years ago. But I’m not going to pick a fight with those who buy ink by the barrelful. I’m going to take those shots and those pop quizzes and just say, ‘That’s okay. Those are good testing grounds.’ And they can continue on in that mode. That’s good.

LA Times

Unbelievable. Just unbelievable.

1 10 2008

When the lips tell a lie you can depend on the body language to tell the truth.

1 10 2008

AKA: Trough Gutted Palin

When do we, as the “faculty,” hand this 44-year-old fifth grader a collective report card? Soon? After the debate that I have a gut feeling will be cancelled if the bailout bill isn’t hashed out by that time and McPain starts running around with his hair on fire–again?

I’m sorry to insult the fifth graders out there!

1 10 2008
Chris Blask

When Sarah Palin subscribes to beliefs like “the world is 6000 years old”, what background is she going to have to answer questions, anyway?

Part of the Couric interview that has not been seen much is the “What publications do you read to stay informed?” and she was, um, unable to name *one*! Thinking about it, I have a hard time decided what she *could* read. Not “Scientific American”, for sure. Not “the Economist”, not “Smithsonian”, not, frankly, pretty well anything I read (and I’m a slightly right-centrist person).

This raises a question for all you Alaskans: Is anyone familiar with any periodical that Palin reads? Where *does* she get her information from, if anywhere?

1 10 2008

This situation with the moron Palin should open EVERYONE’s eyes to EVERY aspect of government. EVERY person that is an elected official, well, people, GET OUT THERE and LEARN about the THEM, and VOTE!!! This MONSTER named Palin should not even be an elected official.

1 10 2008
Virginia resident

Um, didn’t the Republicans impeach Bill Clinton? Strange comparison to make there.

1 10 2008
Sarah F.

What absolutely kills me is that I saw the video of the “gotcha journalism” in question before the Couric/Dad/Sarah interview and it was appalling to me the number of lies pouring out of both of their mouths.

1. McCain is wrong: you CAN hear the question that the man asked. Then again, I’m not geriatric and my hearing is just fine.

2. The man was not “hollerin’ across an area.” He was standing maybe 3 feet away from Sarah.

3. He was in no way pressuring her for an answer. His tone was not snarky as Sarah would like you to believe and he never said, “You better have an answer.”

These two are ridiculous.

1 10 2008

McCain forgot to mention the most recent president that was a governor before he became president. hint hint, John, he is a Republican ….

1 10 2008
Bill in Chicago

For a fascinating account of McCain being a real asshole, you might want to read how he treated Arizona’s Governor Rose Mofford earlier, just 8 days into her term.

You’ll love his comment, something about “There’s nothing I like better than embarassing a Democrat.” The poor lady had been in office EIGHT DAYS.

1 10 2008
Bill in Chicago

This is interesting. McCain himself wasn’t this kind when Governor Rose Mofford took office as Governor of Arizona, earlier than Napolitano. She had only been in office 8 days when McCain had one of his henchmen embarrass her in a hearing.
It’s a fascinating account of the real McSleazy. The man is an asshole.

1 10 2008
Bill in Chicago
1 10 2008

“What publications do you read to stay informed?”

I’m surprised she didn’t say “The Bible” and the church bulletin.

1 10 2008
Jo Ann

Does anyone think the Roveian bunch will hook Sarah up with an earpiece during the debates?

There has been so much discussion about how poorly she’s likely to acquit herself that they must be banking on either blowing Biden away with info-in-the-ear tactics, or just surviving through low expectations.

McCain has exposed the United States and the world to such a deadly dangerous gamble. He should be punished. Losing big time would be a start.

I love this site. Not only do I share all the opinions expressed here, it is an attractive graphic and technical accomplishment.

1 10 2008

Talk about a “silly season” in Washington… things could get far worst in a McPalin admin.

1 10 2008

Its interesting to note that Bill Clinton actually -visited- the Russia when he was a student.

1 10 2008
Mrs. Tarquin Biscuitbarrel

Yes, Bill Clinton was a professor at the University of Arkansas… of CONSTITUTIONAL LAW. Eat that, Sarah.

I love Mudflats!

1 10 2008

Bill Clinton, while he was governor of Arkansas, was a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, where he had the opportunity to consult with and learn from the country’s foreign policy elite, including one George H.W. Bush. Has Palin even read the organization’s journal? Duh.

1 10 2008

Sarah Palin told Katie Couric that she reads whatever is in front of her, which every Joe Sixpack standing in line at the supermarket checkout can certainly relate to: Cosmopolitan, National Enquirer, Good Housekeeping, Rachael Ray Magazine, etc.

(Come on, you know you lift those plastic shields and browse just like Sarah.)

2 10 2008

I’m so scared. God help us all, if this twit actually becomes our VP, where can we run to? Can you imagine if she were on the Dem ticket? You think Fox News would coddle her? Call her father on the phone and ask how he thinks his “girl” is doing? Sometimes I think I’m living in bizarro world.

2 10 2008

I wish I had written this. Nice.

2 10 2008

I live in Memphis. The city limits of Memphis (not the greater metropolitan area) hold more people than Alaska. I guarantee you I’d hate to see our mayor be President.

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