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14 09 2008

Thank you all so much – I was beginning to think Alaska was a place that I would never care to visit but now I see that it is not all the same. In fact, in some ways not so different politically from upstate New York. My grandson once asked me why he was the only person in his classroom that was voting for Gore. I told him then and I still tell him it is because we live in the heart of Republican voters but we have the soul of Democrats and never stop raising his hand.

14 09 2008

Way to go ALASKA!!! Now this is the way to put Alaska on the map. I am from Florida and I wish I was there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I saw this somewhere and this was a good way of looking at things. The title said ” WHO WOULD YOU HIRE FOR THE JOB”

Let’s look at the educational background of the
candidates and see what they bring to the job:
Occidental College – Two years.
Columbia University – B.A. political science with a
specialization in international relations.
Harvard – Juris Doctor (J.D.) Magna *** Laude

University of Delaware – B.A. in history and B.A. in
political science.
Syracuse University College of Law – Juris Doctor (J.D.)

United States Naval Academy – Class rank 894 out of 899
(meaning that, like George Bush, McCain was at the bottom of
his class)

Palin: Hawaii Pacific University – 1 semester
North Idaho College – 2 semesters – general study
University of Idaho – 2 semesters – journalism
Matanuska-Susitna College – 1 semester
University of Idaho – 3 semesters – B.A. in journalism

I have to admit that I would not even give MCSAME/PALIN would not be able to even get an interview with me!!!!!

14 09 2008

Thank you thank you thank you…….we knew you weren’t all Sarahbots. Keep up the good work and don’t let the hate spewing Repugs get you down.

14 09 2008

This is sooooo great to see! I was beginning to think, especially with the Sanbo and Bitch comment from Sarah Palin regarding Barack and Hiliary, that Alaska was a racially bias state where all citizens carried a gun and a noose. Not just for the punishment of being a Black American, but also as punishment if you spoke against Sarah Palin.

Thank you for enlightening the rest of the world.

14 09 2008

This is great. Alaskans being active in defining themselves and rejecting the media and Republican campaign narrative about the state and it’s people. This only underscores the need for every American to be active in taking back our country and safeguarding our future.

14 09 2008
DV in TX

Thank you Alaskans. Please keep speaking out about the kind of leader Sarah Palin is not. Some of us in Texas tried to warn the country about George W., but no one believed us. See what happened.

14 09 2008

Alaska women do it right! Thank you. We all need to hear more of what you know. Arizona women are with you.

14 09 2008

I went to the rally. What a great group of people! If everyone who reads this article sent it to 25 people, we could keep getting the word out! My thinking is to let the youth know, and encourage them to get the word out……..along with finding articles like the one Deepok Chopra wrote, the one from Anne Kilkenny……….and, my old friend Mary Mullen wrote a stunning one published in the Irish Times. Google these……you will be glad you did!

14 09 2008
rose london

Thank you Alaska. Please don’t let Sarah Palin define you. I am wishing you all good luck from London,England. Obama will give us all PEACE,PROGRESS AND UNITY. That WE all deserve.

14 09 2008

I love this blog! you go girl!

14 09 2008
Patricia H.

Thank You Women of Alaska.
I am tearing up as I read your words and see how you are standing up for America. The America that was built on the sweat and tears of all races. The America that all races died in wars to defend and protect.

Proud to Be a Black Woman and witness this history in Alaska.

14 09 2008
miami, florida

Thank you sooo much…I thought Alaska was a backward place as well. I am so happy to read about really empowered “thinking” people. 8-is-sooo-enough!

14 09 2008

Oh Thank God there are real women up there that are willing to get out and show the rest of the country and the world that Sarah Palin in no way represents American women. Keep up the good work! Now more than ever we need people like you to bring out the real story. Palin/McSame would have us think that they represent what women want. Hooray that you have shown us the unpublicized real story. The real sexist here is both john McCain for thinking he could throw any woman on the ticket and we women would not have the sense to notice Palin represents nothing we need or want, and Sarah Palin for allowing herself to be used in this way. Never before has using your sexuality in the work place been so blatant. Confirmation of this comes in her response to Charles Gibson when she commented coyly Obama should have picked Hillary.

14 09 2008
Louisa Tx.

Democracy does live in Alaska, thank you for your courage and independence in the face of just how Alaskans are being portrayed by the MSM. We need to make sure that this gets the most attention possible down here. Make it viral and force the MSM to report on it. Nothing ln the future of this great country has ever been more important, than fighting for justice in this election. From a proud Naturalized American! ( native to Ireland)

14 09 2008
Ingrid Bengis Palei

This brought tears to my eyes too. Americans have spent the last eight years being paralyzed into passivity. Looks like this is coming to an end. If it takes someone like Sarah Palin to make it happen, to make us wake up to what is BEING DONE TO ALL OF US, then she will have performed a service. Let’s see, if I send this to twenty five people, and they do the same, this could end up with millions of virtual reality people on the Washington Mall. And if it isn’t just virtual reality people, I’ll be there too.
Thank you, thank you, thank you, women of Alaska.
Ingrid Bengis Palei
Stonington, Maine

14 09 2008
Maya from Virginia

THANK YOU!!!!!! You are giving us hope with your voices and your courage.

May the authentic, good-hearted, generous, inclusive nature of the
feminine prevail, not a close-minded female impersonator.

There is unspeakable strength and beauty in all your faces. Every woman
I have sent this to has responded quickly, passionately and gratefully;
you have touched us all.

14 09 2008
Karene Nagel

YES THANK YOU…SO MUCH to these women in Alaska sitting around drinking coffee…and then JUST D>>>WELL Going OUT and DOING IT!!!
You are so awesome…and I have been to your great state…and I LOVE your great state…and one horrible thing about McCain picking Palin…is that now when I think of Alaska…I also think of HER!?! I really want to wipe away that connection…I really want to remember EVERYTHING that was so GOOD about Alaska…so I will try my best to replace EVERY Palin thought or image …with an image of you and your signs, with a thought and smile to this Website and to Anne Killkenny and even to EVERY Polar Bear and Wolf and Caribou and Moose that lives in Alaska!!! I think that just might eliminate her from my Alaskan thoughts for good.

14 09 2008

Just to say that I live in Illinois…and I am right next to Iowa…and ALL the OBAMA supporters here in both STATES…give you all a Big Friendly (Polar Bear) Hug! P.S. If I was Palin’s kid my name would be Snowshoe Man…that is really stupid, since I am NOT a man…Going to google Mary Mullen now.

14 09 2008
Marinell H.

Not all women/men vote gender. Thank you for your timely report, which gives citizens of other States in the US and beyond an account of present conditions in Alaska regarding the current Governor. Your posting on Women against Sarah Palin has been sent to my many contacts.

Quayle could not even spell “potato”… “Read my lips…” Taxes Bush, “Fool me once…” Pretzel Bush, ”Bridge to Nowhere…thanks but no thanks”… I do want a real change. Hillary R. Clinton’s choice is my choice, Barack Obama.

14 09 2008
Jackie Lee

I lived for 9 glorious years in both Fairbanks and Anchorage, and I have traveled the state from end to end. End to end the state is filled with fabulous, courageous, funny, idosyncratic, independent, and usually loveable characters I think of with joy and true fondness.

I was beginning to wonder what had happened to my dear AK friends. Lockstep with a Sarah Palin-type character just did not make sense. Thank you, thank you for opening the window to reality that the idiot media is not sharing with us. You need to know how important it is to all of us down here to hear the truth.

I wish so much I could stand by you there; in my heart I am with you. My brave sisters (and supportive brothers), I applaud you!

14 09 2008

Just noticed something that amused me — in Tatanisha’s post, she included, in what I gather is copy from “Who Would You Hire for The Job”,

Would those three asterisks stand for “cum?” That’s Latin for “with,” not any salacious word! I mean no offense in pointing this out, it just tickled me.

14 09 2008

Sisters in Alaska,
Thank you. Watching the video of all of you protesting the horror that will be if this right wing ticket succeeds made me cry. What an impressive, beautiful rally. Thank you again. We are with you in Alaska in spirit.

14 09 2008

Well done!!!!!Virginia women are w/ you..Many achievements have been overcome over coffee and determination

14 09 2008

Thank you women of Alaska! I love the signs! We are sisters in the struggle! After reading about the protest rally in Alaska against Palin, I’ve started to question her true popularity. The McCain campaign has put out false information on so many aspects of her tenure as governor until I’m leery of this eight percent popularity the campaign keeps touting.

14 09 2008

I am SO happy and SO relieved to see this. Ever since sarah palin’s acceptance speech at the RNC, I have been so horribly angry at her calculated underhandedness and its potential to whisk away hope and change at the last moment.

Rock on, Alaskans.

14 09 2008

Hello from Ca.
Great pictures, we women will not allow the neocon to use us to steal an election. Keep up the good work, the hand that rocks the cradle can change an election. Enjoyed the picture, keep it up.

14 09 2008

YAY!!! ladies of the north!!! Way to go!!! We’re cheering you on down here in the lower states,, you make us PROUD!
Stand up for what you believe in!
Speak up for what you believe in!
and we shall join you!
lets see how Fox news twist this around shall we! lol

14 09 2008

Way To Go Alaska! I’m from California – down in the lower 48 people might drive over from a neighboring state to attend a rally – up there, not so much.
How are the Dems doing with voter registration up there? Could there be a surprise?

14 09 2008

Oh, here’s one for you; Sarah Palin – The Polar Opposite of Hillary Clinton.

14 09 2008

Thankyou Alaska,
Way to go.

14 09 2008
Bonita in Florida

So glad to see the women in Alaska have the brains to tell when a political candidate is trying to exploit them.
We have come too far to be defined by GENDER only.
CONGRATULATIONS to the brave Alaskans who dared to speak out!
You are true Patriots!

14 09 2008

As a stressed out politcal junkie out here in California, this article along with the video clip and photos, made me feel so much better. I always wanted to visit Alaska but lately became so disenfranchised with what I’ve been fed by the media, I figured Alaska would be the last place I’d ever visit. Now, however, I will make plans to visit beautiful Alaska and see the polar bears and wolves before they wind up as furniture and carpeting in Palin’s house. Thank you Alaskans Against Palin and GO OBAMA/BIDEN!!!!!!

14 09 2008
Sarasota Gal

I was sooo happy when I read this. Way to go Alaska women!!!! Wish I could have been there.

Obama-Biden 08

14 09 2008
Ma. Senior Woman

Thanks so much for sharing this. It is very encouraging. Hopefully more and more people will come to their senses and realize that we are putting our country at risk with this woman who seems to have no idea how to negotiate with people in her state. How would she ever manage to listen and negotiate with other people in the country and the rest of the world? Go Obama and Biden!!!

14 09 2008

Thank you!!!!!

14 09 2008
B Johnson

Is Sarah Palin the right life insurance policy for America?

14 09 2008

I wish Dem women in the nation will do the same any time she visit their state, now that will be a statement to the nation. I am organizing a protest when next she visit my state. Wakeup America women, Obama can not do it alone, let follow these brave women footsteps before is 2 late. This woman will set us back, if you watch the view and hear McCain talk about Roev vs w is wrong, you will know what I mean and take action. We Can not let Dems loss again! If we do, it will be a painfull four years.

14 09 2008

WooHoo from Virginia!
Margaret Mead’s famous quotation needs to be changed: there’s nothing that a few women and some coffee can’t do to change things.
I gladly sent this link to a friend in Alaska who is saddened by all the Republican lock-steppers there.
We all need to pick up the signs!

14 09 2008

Women of Alaska you rock!!!!

14 09 2008

To The Brave Women of Alaska!
Thank you for standing up for our country! We are proud of you! We need to
follow your example when Sarah Palin and John McCain come to our states!
We also need Barack Obama to visit you in Alaska and campaign with you!!!
Again, thank you so much!!!!

14 09 2008

I’m so glad to see that there are indeed Alaskan men and women out there who can think for themselves and are repulsed by Palin and her horrifyingly backwoods world view that she’d gladly push onto everyone if she could. I fervently hope that she’ll never get the chance to do that and will offer up my sole vote and do my part to see that she doesn’t.

14 09 2008

Yes, I’m also glad to see that there are indeed Alaskan men and women out there who can think for themselves and will not put up with McCain/Palin’s fony lies. I just wish the media would have covered this story and broadcast this video all over the news channel. I wish I was also there to join the big crowd to cheer on Obama/Biden ticket. I sometime wonder if some of you Alaskians are for Obama because you know something truthful about Palin that most of us and the rest of the world dont’ know yet. Please give me some feedbacks why you’re all for Obama? Thank you!

14 09 2008

So great to see this and will send it to all my friends to give them hope! We are bummed and disgusted with McSame’s vp pick, but we all must visualize Obama waving from the White House front door to all who elected him! Visualize President Obama, don’t waste energy on those repugs!

Vote Peace! Vote Sanity! Vote Leadership! Vote Obama!!

14 09 2008
Obamite in Cali

Yay! Good job ladies!

14 09 2008

Way to go Women of Alaska!!! Oregon women are very proud of you! Someone had a great idea – LET’S MOBILIZE!! EVERY TIME SARAH PALIN VISITS YOUR CITY . . . WOMEN AGAINST SARAH UNITE!!

14 09 2008

Yes – great idea! Start WASU in every city! I am in Pasadena, CA – don’t know if she will be visiting blue So Cal, but will rally my sisterhood if she does. Plus, a lot of my great gay friends who loved Hillary, but can’t take this fake feminist!

14 09 2008
Sooz in N. California

What an inspiration! Always assumed there were Alaskans who did NOT vote for Palin. Apparently, quite a few of them showed up at the rally. So, here’s a question–if she and McSame don’t win (from my lips to the heavens above), how much longer will you have to put up with her as governor??? Seems to me you’ve been punished long enough!

14 09 2008
Judy in AZ

This story gives me HOPE. I live in Cornville, the community of McCain’s house #2 in AZ. There are many intelligent women in AZ, who will not vote for the McCain/Palin ticket. Our Governor is a woman and a Democrat, which demonstrates the fact that we can not be counted as a ‘pure red state’. It will be very interesting to watch the outcome of the election in our state as well as the nation.

15 09 2008
A Texan in Tokyo

Alaska rocks!

St. Herman, pray for a new beginning in America.

15 09 2008
Allen Regar

Excellent work capturing this moment. I firmly believe that our ability to document such happenings by video will help not only to support those who are already against McPalin’s campaign of disinformation, but to sway those who may be on the fence as to who to vote for. More videos, please!!!

15 09 2008
Erich Riesenberg

Thanks, here in Iowa a poll came out over the weekend, Obama 52% McCain 40%.

15 09 2008
Margery Keller

Where are the TV cameras when these events happen? Go Alaska – I think McCain & Palin are simply horrible for this country. We are in such a mess, now Wall Street is collapsing and they talk about lipstick. I agree, if either of these people presented a resume to my company, the couldn’t get an interview.

15 09 2008

Yippeee for the women of Alaska! I needed to see this! Yay!

15 09 2008

“Barracuda” defined by Miriam-Webster online: “one that uses aggressive, selfish, and sometimes unethical methods to obtain a goal especially in business.” Thanks for calling a spade a spade, ladies!

15 09 2008

HALLE-MOTHEREFFIN’-LUJAH!!! This is the best thing I’ve seen since the bitch in lipstick ever came into the spotlight.

Obama ’08!

15 09 2008

Thank you, Alaska!!!
Neither McCain or Palin speak for me. Their “values” and rhetoric can not solve our country’s MANY problems. We must all be proactive and make sure the Republic party knows they can’t hide from the real issues and that our voices will only get louder!

Obama/Biden 08!

15 09 2008
Barbara Saxby

Wow, I got goosebumps when I read this article and then saw the video! As a professional woman from the very Blue San Francisco Area, my friends and I are in such an uproar about the national attention and adoration of this woman and the possibility she could be our VP. I have been to Anchorage (and love it there) and am so glad to see that you all do have brains and understand what is at stake here. Thanks again to the author of this article and for all of the Alaskans for standing up and letting your voices be heard, it is just tremendous.

15 09 2008
Nanimae'olemaikalanimai Springer

Way to go, ladies of Alaska!!
Sarah Palin is just flat scary in my opinion. She basically threw her daughter under the bus with this unwed pregnancy deal— what kind of mother would subject her 17 year old daughter to that kind of public scrutiny & humiliation just in order to further her own political career??? Anyone that calloused worries me!
I usually have pretty good intuition about people, and there is just something about her that leaves me with a worrisome feeling. I never trusted George W. Bush, and I was the ONLY person in my large extended family who felt that way, so I took a lot of grief from them for a number of years. Now most of them feel the same way. And I feel the same way about Palin– there is just something about her that kind of gives me the creeps.

15 09 2008

I am so energized to get the word out here in suburban Phildelphia! Learning about this gathering of concerned,enlightened Americans makes me feel the hope that is the center of Barack’s message. This election will be decided by us, he tells us over and over that this is about US and you proved by caring that we are ready to take this country back into our hands with good leadership.
Thank you so much Alaska, for introducing yourselves and letting us know that what unites us is so much more than the geographical distance between us.
We can do this, yes we can!

15 09 2008
Sue in Idaho (an Alaskan at heart)

As a former Alaskan of 25 years and one still in my heart, I am thrilled to see my sisters and brothers in Anchorage stand up to the Republican nominees! I would like to be there walking with you. Keep it going, across America!

15 09 2008
Moriel Peace

Hi Alaska! It’s great to ‘see’ (thanks to the photos) that the northern most united state has some real, thinking Americans!

15 09 2008

I was so happy to see all of you wonderful people out with your messages today. I am a resident of the State of WA and have been in Copenhagen, DK taking care of a dear friend with cancer. I have been watching in horror as the news has been reported on this election. I was encouraged for the first time today by your signs and spirit. I’m sure you have encouraged others with like minds to do the same in their cities. My absentee ballot will be there for a much better future with Obama and Biden.

15 09 2008
Gloria Bauer Ishida

Thank you. There is hope. And this is what makes me proud to be an American.

75 year old American from northern Ohio (smile) now resident in Japan.
mother of five (all Obama supporters) and grandmother of 8 – eldest at 18 voting for the first time – Obama, of course.

15 09 2008

You have NO idea who obama really is.

15 09 2008

YOU MADE MY DAY!!!! Great work you Alaskans. Keep it up and don’t let scary Palin who doesn’t blink and stills into Manifest Destiny. OY.

15 09 2008
Senior Citizen from Nevada

Thank you, Alaska!!! My heart was uplifted to read the comments of the strong and thinking women and people of Alaska. I as many of us in the “lower 48” thought your countrymen would fall into step with the least qualified VP candidate ever because she comes from Alaska. We have heard nothing but the hunting, fishing,, shooting, bridge to nowhere, hockey mom, superhero for the last two weeks to the point of nauseum. Thank you for restoring my faith in all women and especially the citizens of the beautiful state of Alaska. Thank you!!!

15 09 2008
Monique Simmer

You are a very welcome breath of fresh air and common sense! I am a 48-year-old American woman running my own translation company who has been an expatriate living in Germany for most of the past 30 years, and have been watching the Bush shenanigans of the past eight years and the McShame/Palin circus with shock, horror and sorrow. Thank you for restoring my faith that there must be some thinking American women somewhere that haven’t lost their minds. With a wonderful candidate like Barack Obama, how anybody could fall for the garbage produced by the Republicans is beyond my comprehension.
I am so looking forward to having Obama in the White House!
Thank you again for your great work, ladies! More power to you!
OBAMA ’08!!!!!!!

15 09 2008

This is my first imppression of this “bag”. How the hell does she think she can assist in running our country and raise her five children…..now if that selfish witch accepted to run the country than she is just telling her children to raise them selves. I’m sorry, either you take care of your 5 children like a real women would and tell Mcain to go wack off!! she is a poor excuse of a women and I would not even call her a mother. My Cat Sassy takes better care of her babies than this old Bag is planning or not planning on taking care of hers……and how long has she been running for VP? 1month, 2? and already she is a Lying Republican who is in there own screwed up world, not in reality.

16 09 2008
Emily W

Hurray for Alaskan women!!!! I keep thinking that McCain picking Palin is some sort of twisted joke. And Republicans supporting her? ARE THEY CRAZY????????????

16 09 2008
Lynne Kennedy

Sarah Palin is the woman who would have us lose the rights we have worked so hard for. She is a “good ole boy” in a dress with a rifle across her shoulder. She pretends religious vigor while supporting the killing of innocent civilians who get in the way of the Republican war-mongers who sell arms and drive up the price of oil to line their pockets. (yes, I am speaking of “W” and his whole posse). She has placed a bounty on the heads of wolves and allows them to be shot from helicopters. She is evil, unqualified to be Vice President and what I find most freightening, she would become President if McCain passed on. Women of America…listen to the outcry of Alaska, for they truly know her for who she is. Fort Lauderdale, Florida wants out votes to be counted this time and we vote Democrat! GO OBAMA/ BIDEN!

16 09 2008
Lee Miller

Reading this email was a real morale-booster…
it reenforced the idea that WHAT the woman stands for is the most important consideration!
We are not robots, and a salute to the women of Alaska who came to this rally and are not fooled my McCAin’s ploy to think we equate Sarah with Hillary!
Thank you!

16 09 2008
Pat Kennedy

I heard NPR’s Talk of the Nation today, I saw some great emails and I got this just a bit ago. Thank you, Alaska Women! The rest of the U.S. applauds you!!!!
Hang in there, we are behind your protests! Keep it up! Bless you!

16 09 2008

THANK YOU!!!!!!! I want to see this on FOX, CNN, MSNBC and HNN! GO ALASKA!

16 09 2008

Hurrah for the women in Alaska! Thank you. It is inspiring to the rest of us to hear this from you, Hey! maybe the women will make the BIG DIFFERENCE in this election!

16 09 2008

Wooo!!! GO Alaskan Women!!!! Keep up the great work!!!!

16 09 2008

Thank you for going out an showing the country that thinking women are thinking about the future and that future is BARAK OBAMA! Kudus to all of you!

16 09 2008

Way to go Alaska, I’m from Cali, have cruised up to your beautiful state twice.

I was getting a little worried about ya’all up there, but you have regained my confidence. I think i’ll fly up this winter and take a land tour.

Keep up your great work Alaskians.

17 09 2008
Sandy Clark, Austin, Tx

Way to go ladies in Alaska. I think the fact that you were willing to get out and let the world know just what you think about Sarah Palin being a candidate for the second most important job in the world is fabulous. She is TOTALLY unqualified for the job.

By the way, is anyone but me wondering when the big “wedding” is supposed to take place for her daughter. I think they are trying to drag this whole idea out until after the election on November 4th. I would put money down that this big affair is not going to happen period. What do you think?

17 09 2008
Kathleen from Michigan

Just a brief note to say Thank You to the {intelligent} women of Alaska!

17 09 2008
Cherrie -

Way to go ladies! I think Palin is a beauty queen bimbo with as much qualifications to run our country, in case of McCain’s disability or death, as Mickey Mouse. I’ve been to your magnificent state and my grandfather who was one of the Sons of Alaska would beam with PRIDE.

17 09 2008
N in California

Thank you!
Your message: We’re not duped!

17 09 2008

Wow! The excitement and comments of women from all over the U.S., and even the unsolicited remarks from some ladies in other countries is very entertaining. I’ve read about “bimbo”, “war monger”, “bitch in lipstick”, “Hillary Clinton’s choice is my choice, Barack Hussein Obama”. Doesn’t this lady have a mind of her own? Hillary Clinton’s choice will always be Hillary Clinton. And the best of all, “proud to be a black woman”. Where does all this hate and bullshit come from? Do any of you know what a bimbo is? Who exactly is the war monger? Now here’s one from a really classy lady who wrote “bitch in lipstick”…..is she talking about herslef? Palin conducts herself like a lady, which is more than I can say about most of you self-righteous girls. The best one of all is “proud to be a black woman”. If she is talking about color, she ain’t black. She may be browned skin, tan skin, ebony skin, or even eggshell skin, BUT not black. And to call yourself a Black American or an African American is ridiculous. If you’re an American citizen, then you are an American and not a hyphenated one. Why bring race to this forum? Some things never change.

17 09 2008

I am always refreshed when I am given another example of open-mined, free thinkers. Alaska Rocks!!!

18 09 2008

Thank you, good citizens of Alaska for speaking your minds, especially the brave organizers who are bearing the burden of crazed , poisonous individuals who do not believe in free speech and independent thinking. This is the America we all know and love!

18 09 2008

Thank goodness for this rally!!! I’m glad to see that Alaska has not fallen prey to Palin’s crap!!!

18 09 2008

Love it. Love it. Love it…. I am so glad that things like this are getting out to the people. Keep it up…. Obama/Biden all the way!!!!

18 09 2008

We’re with you!! It is brave to think you are a minority, but come out to protest anyway. But it looks like you are NOT the minority in Alaska!! I bow to you!! If you ever come to San Francisco, look me up! I’ll buy you a coffee (or a pint!)

18 09 2008
Mary Dillard

I’m pleased to see that not all Alaskans are “Palinites.” I’m frightened to think the McCain-Palin ticket might be successful. Mary

18 09 2008
Rebecca Adams

I applaud your strength and courage. Thank you for sharing your truth about Palin. Personally, she scares me. The thought of a Republican ticket winning again, especially these 2, is a real nightmare. Congratulations for standing your ground and letting the rest of us know what’s really going on up in Alaska.

18 09 2008
Jessica in New York

Not only is it great to see the video and the signs but it’s uplifting to read all these comments. Just when I started to believe the media about the polls, this gives me hope that there are women and men who will think beyond gender and stereotype and that there are still people who will take to the streets when necessary. And boy is it ever necessary now!. Thank you Alaskins, it’s really important to hear it from you.

18 09 2008
Sandra in Chicago


18 09 2008
J Nat

Best news I have heard in a long time. Thank you ladies!! I cringed when in Colorado Monday she referred to us as ‘getting it,’ cause we were from a Western State. Proud to be tied in with the folks in Alaska.

18 09 2008
Inglewood Woman

Edith (07:39:48) : edit

“This is sooooo great to see! I was beginning to think, especially with the Sanbo and Bitch comment from Sarah Palin regarding Barack and Hiliary, that Alaska was a racially bias state where all citizens carried a gun and a noose. Not just for the punishment of being a Black American, but also as punishment if you spoke against Sarah Palin.”

“Thank you for enlightening the rest of the world.”

In response to this remark, posted by Edith, it proves that Palin talks out both sides of her mouth. She had the audacity to accuse her brother-in-law of being a racist against the Native Alaskans, and then she spews this filthty racist and sexist, yes sexist, remark out of her mouth.

If the Repugs win this election based on the popularity of a gun-toting, bible thumping, lying, revenge-seeking, contradictory, unethical, racist, sexist, and egotistical woman, then our country should not go around the world trying to influence, peddle, and demand democracy for others when we do not preach it here at home. The people of the USA will be considered a joke around the world, and will be considered not worthy of dealing with people of other ethnicities, religions and beliefs.

All I can say is that I cannot believe how ignorant we Americans are at this day and age, and how we will find any and every reason not to vote for a Black man but will vote to put someone second in command who really is not capable of running this country.

18 09 2008

Yea I’m a guy, and I applaud what you have done. Excellent work. Too bad all those who smear your work have not researched as deeply as I have. Palin, has a plan. See part of her plan was to take all Native lands away from the tribes there in Alaska. To do this she attempted to have ALL tribe dissolved thus throwing them off tribal lands granted by U.S. Treaties! Why? Easy it is 3 fold and you can follow it very easy. 1, it opens lands for drilling for gas and oil, 2 all these lands that cannot be drilled could be strip mined. (No Kidding), and finally 3, she would open all the rest for hunting and fishing for sport. But this is not all. She also would not have to clean up all the toxic waste flowing from the drilling platforms and strip mining. Sorry kids but this is fact! As it stands, the U. S. Government shut her down but fast. and who cried out the loudest? None other then John McCain! Now is that funny or what??? Now if she became VP, Natives such as myself would lose tribal status and what tiny little rights we have, then we would be blacklisted by Palin! Again this is FACT! How Do I know this is fact? I wrote to Palin, and professed my anger in a polite way about what she was attempting to do. I received a nasty e-mail from her people informing me that if I chose to continue, I would have to deal with consequences. And yes I gave my name and address and phone number to her campaign. I have no fear! hahahahaha,

But you ladies, you ahve done more by standing up and being counted! Now get the real news coverages, ABC, CBS, NBC to come and listen to your words and hear your voices, THEN you will have the attention of the Nation !

Get your message out there!

19 09 2008
Frances Griffin

Way to go women of Alaska–and your supporters! Thank you. I laughed until I cried when I read the signs.
We Raging Grannies here in the suburbs of San Francisco have been preparing lyrics, signs and costumes for a planned Palin appearance in Santa Clara, but it seems she has chickened out of coming to California.
For your amusement I am sending the lyrics to The Rapture as adapted by us for Sarah’s (now) non-visit. The Canadian Raging Grannies wrote the original satire.

Tune: I’ve Been Working on the Railroad

She’s been waiting for the rapture
To lift her up to heaven
Any day now there’ll be lift off
At twenty past eleven
First we’ll see the Angel Gabriel
And then the chariots will come
But only for the true believers
Not us other scum

They will be the first
The rest of us are cursed
The flames of Hell are wating there for you
There’ll be a mighty fire
And you’ll be on the fire
When God fires up the barbeque

Just relax ’bout global warming
Poverty and war-r-r-r
She doesn’t care about the future
When she won’t be around any more.

Granny Frances

19 09 2008

Thank you Alaska for showing us what some of you think of your Governor! I can’t imagine any mother putting their daughter in the position that Sarah Palin has. I wonder if she sat down with Bristol and let her know that her pregnancy would be under public scrutiny and known worldwide. Any mother or father who would put their job advancement over their family is not someone I want running our country, as apparently she thinks she will be by her remarks in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, (not Grand Rapids, IA) by stating that the Palin/McCain campaign would win. How can she still preach abstinence when her daughter is a walking poster child for why it doesn’t work? I don’t trust her.

19 09 2008

Fellow sisters in Alaska…thank you for showing not only the US but the World that we will not allow our votes to be for sell based upon gender. It is important that we know our worth, clearly something the Repbulican party does not understand!! We love you in Missouri

19 09 2008

Thank you for posting this! I too have a new found respect for Alaska.

Nancy from New Mexico.

19 09 2008

It was wonderful to hear of this rally, but I’m scared to death of the Republicans and their swift-boating dirty tricks stealing this election. I’m anticipating another “hanging chad” fiasco in November to bring the decision to a Supreme Court that favors them, just like in 2000. This McCain isn’t the McCain of 2000 — he’s long gone and some weird, aged stranger has taken over his mind and body. If this twosome wins, I fear for our personal freedoms. This country can’t survive another Republican twosome!

19 09 2008

UMM Alaska doesn’t need your respect, OR want you to come here on your little vacation. Alaska doesn’t care about the rest of you, we have our own little way of life up here and for the most part we aren’t concerned with what you crazy states are babbling about. However, if you are from Alaska and you wanted Clinton or Obama this year, PLEASE LEAVE. F*** all of you. I love my home, and if I ever here you pieces of shit talking about it like this in person, I will take you out on the boat and drop your cold lifeless body into our ocean, and some Japanese guy will find you sometime next year. I hate the lower 48.

Renee of AK
20 years old
Home town, ALL of SE Alaska

19 09 2008

Thanks to all the Alaska women and men who came to the rally and for sharing the information with the rest of the world.

19 09 2008

YOU GO GIRLS! Thank you Alaska! RENEEofAK, I’m coming for you bitch.

19 09 2008
Ann in Va

Thank you so much for getting the honest word out Alaska, we are proud of you here in Virginia, you are welcomed in our home 🙂 Everyone please go to the website http://www.vettingmccain.com and you will get a bitter taste in your mouth at the dishonestness of John McCain. The folks that wrote the book are republicans!!! Anyway, let’s stay focused on the issues and we’ll bring this election home!!!! Just think, no more failing economy, crashing stock markets, no more Bush, Palin, John (and Cindy, it seems she doesn’t let him go to the bathroom by himself) McCain!!!

20 09 2008
Ari Dimston

Wow i was stunned by this, passivity?
I hate Bush too but let me tell you if sending our armed forces, brave men and woman into harms way is passive, and Sarah wants to solve it, what”s she gonna do? Nuke Iran? A war is not passive.

“This brought tears to my eyes too. Americans have spent the last eight years being paralyzed into passivity. Looks like this is coming to an end. If it takes someone like Sarah Palin to make it happen, to make us wake up to what is BEING DONE TO ALL OF US, then she will have performed a service. Let’s see, if I send this to twenty five people, and they do the same, this could end up with millions of virtual reality people on the Washington Mall. And if it isn’t just virtual reality people, I’ll be there too.
Thank you, thank you, thank you, women of Alaska.
Ingrid Bengis Palei
Stonington, Maine

21 09 2008

Well – lets figure this out…..Palin has an 80 percent approval rating so- I guess from seeing this site – we know where to find some of the 20 percent of the baby killing – femi-nazi liberal commies of Alaska!! WTG for exposing who you are!! Dont be jealous because you cant wear your lipstick as well as Sarah does!

21 09 2008

I am another Alaskan woman for Obama. My children go to school with the Palins, and I have been a supporter of hers. However, since she has joined Mccain I have seen a change. She told us she would co-operate with the troopergate investigation, but now the McCain party has shut it all down. Does she have something to hide? When she speaks she sounds like a McCain robot over and over again. I DO NOT think she is ready to run our country. I know she has done some good things for Alaska, but it seems the limelight is shining a little too brightly in her eyes and she has forgotten everything she told us.

I’m voting Obama

21 09 2008

By the way JON when women aren’t given choices, you are allowing Rapists and child molestors to become new fathers in our country. THANKS, BUT NO THANKS!!

21 09 2008

Take a lead from these Alaska women; if you’ve also been moved to tears by this posting, get out in public with your own home-made signs, or skip coffee one morning and volunteer for an hour at your local Campaign for Change HQ and MAKE A DIFFERENCE — and MAKE CHANGE HAPPEN in the US!

Thank you for posting this tear-jerker of a movie! I spent 3 hours today making phone calls for moveon.org to get volunteers in swing states to get out and volunteer, and it was so reaffirming to talk to so many like-minded individuals, all volunteering to make a difference for what we believe in. (We thought it was very interesting that 15 of the 16 volunteers were all women!)

21 09 2008

sara palin lied to my community. she came to bristol bay and stood their and lied to the whole region. she promised to protect our way of life and our salmon runs. she looked us in the eys. all of us. all the elders and community leaders and everyone. and lied. she is a lier. in my opinion, sara palin is the leader of a cult.

22 09 2008

Okay Mudflaters…Alaska has no state sales tax and no state income tax.
Anchorage is one of the cheapest major American cities to live in, as far as taxes are concerned. You have no state income tax, no state sales tax, and your real estate values are modest, so property taxes are low. The Anchorage family paid $3,048 or 4.1 percent of annual income in state and local taxes. That was less than half the national average tax rate of 8.8 percent for the same income.
Alaska actually pays its citizens to live there!!!!!
Alaska has all kinds of money due because of your huge oil reserves, all kinds of cash to give back to the residents. So much cash, in fact, that some residents get more money from the state than they pay in taxes.
It’s called the Permanent Fund Dividend. Last year’s dividend: $1106.96. This is per person, not per household!!!
You complain about Sarah Palin by conducting this vigilante crusade when you live in a state like you do. You should feel blesssed. The lower 48..well for example we pay 7.5% sales tax, high state tax, insurance through the roof…count your blessings! If MCain loses she’ll be coming back to Alaska..back to the people who are trying to linch her.
Did you not think anyone from the McCain camp would be reading blogs???? Maybe even this blog….
I feel very blessed to live in Alaska, but it has nothing to do with the money. I would live here regardless. And Sarah Palin has absolutely nothing to do with me getting that money. The permanent fund has been around for over 20 years. The energy rebate that she IS responsible for would have been much better spent on renewable energy projects that will carry the state forward when the oil is gone, and my kids want to live here too. I don’t like someone just because they give me money. There’s a name for that. AKM

24 09 2008
Sandie Richards

I have to say to all my sisters (and brothers!) who want to see change in the White House, that its great to see this demonstration and read this blog, but don’t forget we all have to VOTE and GET OUT THE VOTE in order to see this through.

Young America, no one is polling you– because they think you are an ‘unlikely’ voter. So, please, come election day, get to the polls and vote for the change we need.

25 09 2008
Debbie from NY

Ladies, I am so very PROUD, I wish I was there. My only wish is that the American people werent so overwhelmed in debt and cost of living to find the time to stand up for ourselves. We are all working so hard just to be able to buy the gas to get to work. Thanks for taking the time to let you voices be heard. You have all set the example.

PS: JON-Get a clue seems to me that you might have gotten on that Famous BRIDGE TO NOWHERE.

25 09 2008

If citizens in Palin’s own state want to rally against her, I think it speaks volumes about her inability to identify with mainstream women in this country. Clearly her views do not represent the views of most American women. The women’s rights movement got a boost from this rally and Palin was knocked off her phony pedistal, hopefully for good.

Thanks Alaska ladies for showing the country how you feel. We are with you and we support you!

26 09 2008
Jill Perez of California

Thank God Alaskans have their eyes wide open !!! I have goose bumps and tears in my eyes!!! HOOOOORAYYYY For standing up to McCain and Palin~ I still can’t get over the banning of the books. I am honored to be a part of this country when we all come together to fight for change and to let it be known that Palin is NOT RIGHT FOR OUR COUNTRY!!!!!! Neither IS Mc Cain!!!


26 09 2008
Jill Perez of California

As an after thought~ I couldn’t be prouder to be a woman today. Women of Alaska you sent a message to the whole United States and I am soooo proud of you as women and also as voices that needed to be heard! Bless you!

7 10 2008

ROCK ON! The video was moving… I’m so glad to hear that others, like me, are not fooled by her charm.

We are not going to vote with our genitalia.

Keep on keepin’ on, Alaska!!!!

12 10 2008

I also am in tears, at the amazing display of guts and intelligence by the women (and men!) of Anchorage, I was driving around my area today and was dismayed by the many Mcain/Palin signs…I was feeling so alone and scared for my country. Thanks for making me feel hopeful that common sense may still win out over fear and bigotry! God Bless all of you!

15 10 2008

How intereseting to read through these comments and see that the McCain/Palin supporters are so violent, angry, and hateful. Gosh, if you don’t like freedom, why don’t YOU get out of Alaska?

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