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14 09 2008

Women are Thrilled and owe our thanks to all of you up
there in Alaska. We will send the link around to try to
give woman hope in every town, village and City in North
America. (Canada is Included) of course.

There is hope for Democracy!

Womans Group of Canada

14 09 2008

I’m heartened by your action….where is Charlie Gibson????

14 09 2008

Bravo, Alaska! Thank you for standing up for America. McCain thinks he is still in his twenties in the Naval Academy where he lived very dangerously. He doesn’t care what it means to have a dangerously unqualified person in charge of pretty much the world. The presidency of the United States of America is a serious business. Let’s come in unison and stop this madness.

14 09 2008

Absolutely the best description ever!!!!

14 09 2008
Susi B

Way to go Alaska…hang in there for Obama…

Sarah Palin is “the bridge to nowhere!”

Progressive women in western North Carolina are with you 100%

14 09 2008

Thank you thank you!!!! I cried watching the video. Kim

14 09 2008

No I shave actually

14 09 2008

Thank you! This gives me so much hope.

14 09 2008

Very encouraging to see the women and men of Alaska out there exercising their rights to FREEDOM OF SPEECH and RIGHT OF FREE ASSEMBLY. We definitely don’t want four more years of corporate corruption. Power to the people, and librarians and wildlife everywhere. Sarah go home and make babies.

14 09 2008

Lest we be called “haters” and “whiners” let’s just call a spade a spade and cry “Bullies”

14 09 2008

Thank you Alaska! Where did you get that scary pit bull? We don’t want her…. send her back to the pound.

14 09 2008

I am from washington, dc and I know for a fact that is Palin were to come here for a speech or rally there would be a HUGE protest. i will also be among the crowd.

14 09 2008
Peg Browning

Thank you so much – nothing is more powerful than women who know the truth and have the courage to stand up for ALL voices and rights – including our ancestors and unborn grandchildren. So my ‘sisters & brothers’ in Alaska – thank you for showing the states down here that you do not support Palin nor McSame! Let’s all make it a priority to take every day towards the election – to talk to others and make sure they vote the Obama ticket. We are all incredible multi-taskers and this election is the most important in our lifetime – – so – – let’s all keep taking the higher road, keep active, visualize and manifest a landslide victory for Obama. Thank you again for showing us down here that we can count on your support. It says a lot when your home state won’t even support you – loved the t-shirt “Bush in a skirt!” Greetings to all from Santa Barbara, California.

15 09 2008
Mary G Hoglund

GOOD MORNING, ALASKA! I was beginning to wonder about you folks, except for the ones to whom she gave the axe. Your “library demonstration” was wonderful news to open up on a Monday morning. And how significant that it took place on the LIBRARY lawn. Remember that it was library staff in the lower states that shredded patron records rather than turn them over to the government bullies a few years back … and I’m aware that an Alaska librarian resisted censorship and ultimately lost her job.

Wisconsin resident.

15 09 2008

Bush in a Skirt – great sign! Today’s headlines have more bad news about the economy and we can’t risk more Bush-like policies.
When will people (and the media) get it? McCain promotes his “character” and plays the war hero card every chance he gets – but how much character did he show when he married a beauty queen then dumped her when she became disfigured in a terrible accident?
His ego takes up the biggest part of his brain. After running around on his first wife he left her to marry an heiress. Now he rides the “maverick” train after picking Palin as VP. When he falls off the horse we’ll be left with a President Palin who will fill the supreme court with judges who will take back long and hard fought for women’s rights, stop the progress on gay rights, and finish off our already dying economy. As for foreign policy, not to worry, she “can see Russia from my kitchen window.”

15 09 2008

Thank you Alaska! We do not need a brainless bit bull with lipstick!, her quote. Pitbull with lipstick, another word for pitpull is Bully, Bully and more Bully. We need thinking, caring people with brains and good common sense.

15 09 2008
Big Tent Bloggers

HOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLA! What is up dawg. You rock my world. Thank you.

15 09 2008

For the sake of honesty, I just posted the Big Tent Bloggers comment above. That is my company’s blog. I forgot I was logged in as it.

My name is Mia, and I just want to say again, THANK YOU. It’s so inspiring to see this blog. We can do this.

15 09 2008

California is happy to see u all standing up and making sure u are heard from Alaska.

Obama/Biden 08

16 09 2008

Woohoo!!! Go Alaska! My mom was born and raised on a homestead in the Matanuska Valley, so I’m an Alaskan by proxy. Stand up Democrats, unaffiliated liberals, and just sane people, and TAKE BACK ALASKA!!!
Who let that nutball loose?

16 09 2008

WELL Done, Alaska!!
Thank you for standing up for America.
We Really need this!

Vote for Change
Obama/Biden 2008

16 09 2008
Miriam W Berliner

Bravo Thank you all for standing up- it gives me so much more hope!

16 09 2008

Even here in the UK, women are worried. So it is great to see that people are taking the matter serious and are letting the world know what they think. Well done Alaska, maybe now the rest of the country will wake up!

16 09 2008
Belinda in Houston

This is the best news I’ve had since Ike hit. Thanks for a real morale booster!

16 09 2008

What a relief to see this incredible rally! As a former Alaskan, I’ve been saddened and dumbfounded about the support of Palin so far and scared every time I hear/see the poll numbers…whew! A clean swipe of the forehead!
Bless you, Anchorage Women & Rock on!!

16 09 2008
Mary Baldauf

Sane, intelligent women everywhere in this country need to unite in registering their alarm at the prospect of Sarah Palin in a position of real power. She’s downright dangerous, and we need to continue organizing these protests all over this still-great nation. Thank you Alaska for getting the ball rolling!

17 09 2008

THANK YOU ALASKAN MEN AND WOMAN!!!! I was getting worried…. We need you to stand up to the Palin/BULLY!!! I am trying to do my part here in Washington State. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!!

18 09 2008

Like everybody else, I have been feeling very, very concerned about this election and whether we will have the good sense to choose the Obama-Biden ticket. I know what misguided, uninformed people who refuse to think for themselves and analyze for themselves can do..we’ve just coming out of 8yrs hellish years of Bush in pants. Mia of Big Tent Bloggers said ..oops, she just changed it, but the essence is that we don’t need leaders with “pit bull” mentality, but rather careful & thoughtful leaders who will exhaust the diplomatic options before they take any action, unlike a pit bull which has no knowledge or use for diplomacy. The Anti-Palin Rally has rejuvenated me. Thanks Alaska for making the media take notice that there are some free-thinkers up in the frozen tundra..we love you all.

19 09 2008

wow…. so happy to see that all have not been blindsided with the nonsense that she’s been spouting… Onekathryn said it all…and the feeling is mutual. The McCain/Palin ticket is a ticket back to the dark ages….war mongering, a two class society- the VERY RICH AND THE VERY POOR, and the rights that we worked so hard for the past couple of decades going out the window…. Sams comment “stop the madness” is so on point. Cast a vote for a brighter tomorrow…..Obama/Biden 08

19 09 2008

A dear friend of mine sidled up to me, knowing that I cannot tolerate the very thought of Palin in the White House, and said to me “Come on, Katie, give the chick a chance!”… Then, to add insult to injury — after I listed, oh, perhaps a dozen concrete reasons why not — had the nerve to say “Oh, Katie, I’m so disappointed in you — I thought you were smarter than that!”… Can you imagine? She’s the one who supports Palin simply because she’s a woman, then calls me stupid! Well, it fills me with angst to realize that there are people like my friend out there, so I escape to sites like this one for a hit of sanity!

19 09 2008

btw, I’m from Colorado —

28 09 2008
Miss Wendy, MA

I have read these comments…soooooooooooooo funny, but true!! Thanks, I needed a lift today!!

I wanted Sen. Clinton, but I`ll be voting for Obama/Biden ticket!!

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