‘Alaska Women Reject Palin’ Rally is HUGE! » rally67


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14 09 2008

wow. that is wonderful! so glad to see that there are smart, rational, thoughtful people living and mobilising in alaska!

14 09 2008

I wish Dem women in the nation will do the same any time she visit their state, now that will be a statement to the nation. I am organizing a protest when next she visit my state. Wakeup America women, Obama can not do it alone, let follow these brave women footsteps before is 2 late. This woman will set us back, if you watch the view and hear McCain talk about Roev vs w is wrong, you will know what I mean and take action. We Can not let Dems loss again! If we do, it will be a painfull four years.

15 09 2008

Yes both my son and daughter deserve better

I am havingnightmares

We need to reach out to those undecided – pick up the phone and call friends and family in the battle ground states

I am going to attach this photo to my emails from now until the day OBAMA becomes president and we can all breath a sigh of relief


16 09 2008

Im so glad to see this also.. We cant let this happen to us again..

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