‘Alaska Women Reject Palin’ Rally is HUGE! » rally64

Eddie Burke and the sign he created to show off the depth of his intellect.



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14 09 2008
Anchor Jack

Great photos !!! Great reporting !!!

You will want to check out Pulitzer Prize winner David Horsey’s editorial cartoons of Palin at the Seattle Post Intelligencer: http://seattlepi.nwsource.com/horsey/viewbydate.asp?id=1818

Regarding Eddie Burke, if anyone can stand to listen to him, it would be useful to know who his advertisers are … and to promote a boycott of all of them.

14 09 2008

My God look at the hate in his eyes

14 09 2008

Another Stone Cold Steve Austin wannabe wingnut mini-Limbaugh.

By now his listeners are mostly made up of a few lingering believers and a lot of others who like to hear the funny little clown honk his horn.

(Knowing his ego likely led him to this picture and these comments is a bonus. Ooo…let me greet him.)

Hiya, Eddie. Nice undershirt. Nothing says “I shop at the mall” louder than a North Face jacket. AND LOOK. No wedding ring. Wow. This guy’s a loser in fuel-injected overdrive.

Hang on…hello? I’ll tell him. Hey, Eddie. 1998 called. They want your act back (along with that joke).

That was fun. More fun than listening to Eddie’s show I’ll bet.

14 09 2008
Catherine Howard

I too, would like a list of those who advertise on Eddie’s show. Heck, I’ll boycott ANYONE who buys advertising on KBYR.
I agree with the comment about the look in his eyes.
I’m sure he was shocked as hell at the turnout.
1400 vs 90
What a hoot.
I’m sorry I missed it….
I won’t miss the next one!

14 09 2008

WOW This is Failure at its Finest!!!

14 09 2008

I agree. His sponsors should be boycotted because of his maggot comment.

14 09 2008

Nobody calls San Francisco… “Frisco”
NOBODY! Everybody knows that.
That’s like calling New York City… “Yorky”

14 09 2008

Greetings Alaskans!! Hi from Arizona *waves* As people from the home states of the Republican ticket we know who these people are, and these two states are not the ‘slam-dunk’ solid red states this year they may think they are!

And regarding Eddie Burke, underneath that ugly look of hate I see fear. Fear that their whole house of cards built on nothing but a pack of lies is about to fold and send the Republican party into the dustbin of history!


14 09 2008

Did Limbaugh and Hannity have sex and produce this guy?


14 09 2008
14 09 2008

he looks like he wants to rip that person’s jugular out with his teeth….yikes. and this guy is some kinda leader?!?!?!

14 09 2008
Kate Henry

What a scum bag. I’m glad the Obama supporters shut him up. I also hope that the rally organizers who were threatened by Burke listeners sues his ass.

14 09 2008

Is this the same shock jock that made the comment about an opponent of Palin’s being a “cancer” when the opponent was a known cancer survivor or was it someone else? I remember hearing the audio and Palin laughing at the comment.

Thank God for this site and the folks who organized the rally! It is hard, down here in the lower 48, to get a true picture of the good folks in Alaska. We keep hearing that Palin has an 80% approval rating but no link to any poll is ever provided and I can’t find anything to substantiate the numbers. Is this number true and, if it is, can anyone give me an explanation on it. I see it thown around constantly by rethugs but have nothing to combat it with.

Thanks again for the pictures – it brought a much needed smile to my face this sunny Sunday in Queens, NY.


14 09 2008
exxon for president

Ok if you dont agree with this guy your a maggot in his eyes and he will do anything in his power to ruin you.
Giving out private info of protesters over a radio station.. hah what a nutjub the only rthing he has is a
“GED good enough diploma” and it shows.

If these neocons take power expect ww3
palin already brought up the possaible war with russia scenerio

14 09 2008
I want the SPONSORS!

Yes! Yes! PLEASSSEEE research the SPONSORS and start a boycott!

Also… you should start collecting the names and email of Barack supporters and get a movement going in Alaska…. !

Looks like you have all done a great job so far!!!!

14 09 2008

WELL Done Alaska… well done fellow sisters; lovers of freedom, justice and peace. Today my heart is full.

14 09 2008

He looks like a fatter, psychotic/evil Bob Hoskins. Pic link for comparison:

14 09 2008

Thank GOD! Thanks, Alaska women. The big LIE that all Alaskan’s love Palin (Failin) is over! You have proven that there are sane people everywhere in this country, especially in Alaska, that see her, and John McPain, for what they are — a disaster for our country.

Big hugs from big fans in San Francisco.

14 09 2008
Suzi in Chicago

I’m wondering what this dweeb means by Alaska is not Frisco. Is he implying that “we don’t have that here” as the illustrious President of Iran remarked about homosexuals? Those who squeal the loudest are the most paranoid about it…a la Sen. Larry Craig…and OTHER Republicans…

14 09 2008
14 09 2008

Thank you Mudflats, just knowing about this turnout made me smile, and have the glimmer of hope that perhaps the Right will not steal and lie their way into office yet again.

14 09 2008

Eddie Burke’s address and phone numbers in Anchorage AK=

Double check before the rebuttal starts!!!

8921 Boulder Bay Cir Anchorage, AK, 99507
(907) 522-8921
Google map of possible Burke home

2739 C ST Anchorage, AK, 99503
(907) 222-6001
Google map of possible Burke home

14 09 2008

Maybe that fascist fat f**k Burke would like to come here to “Frisco” and call it that to my face. If he reads this and replies, I’ll send my address.

14 09 2008

Thanks for this! Anyone who calls San Francisco “Frisco” has the intellect of a termite. Do you have termites in Alaska?

14 09 2008

Beautiful Alaska!!!

14 09 2008
Ordinary American

Hi Alaska,

I am just an ordinary American citizen who wanted to say THANK YOU for giving me hope in America once again. Please continue to show the world that McCain/Palin do not speak for all Americans. Vote Hope 08!!

15 09 2008
British For Obama

The running of a campaign is indicative of the running of an administration. McCain and Palin have LIED (in less than 3 weeks) more than Bush/Cheney did. Americans need to learn the truth about them! Spread to friends and family!

15 09 2008
No More Lies

Great job, Ladies! Get the word out! Those of us in the lower 48 were told that she has an 80% approval rating up there. If that’s another lie, the rest of the country needs to know it. Spread the word!

Obama/Biden 08

15 09 2008
jan jan (Possum)

I just have to say Thank You for all you do to help the rest of the world stay informed. I have put out links to your site in my newsletter and promote it every chance I get. You have given me hope.
I am so blown away by the women who identify – or think they identify – with Palin. Where are their brains????? So many jokes are made about the location of men’s brains – but WOMEN, WHAT ARE YOU THINKING?!?!?! It is so reassuring to see how many people showed up at the Reject Rally… and it is heartening to see how Burke’s mouth worked against him.
I am real curious about the Frisco sign… I can’t figure out what it means unless he was using it to pick up some action on his own. Methinks he doth protest too much. Did he just out himself? That might also explain the look of raw hatred. Or is that FEAR???? Aren’t they basically the same emotion anyway? Does he realize how he defeated himself here?

15 09 2008
marcia mirkin

I always knew that Alaskan women were smart. Please send to L>A> times as no mention in lower 48 papers

15 09 2008

Yep, he looks like an angry thug. I hope the organizers sue the crap out of him, too (someone else wrote that). He has no right giving phone numbers, etc. on the air.

Jan jan, your comment about him wanting to pick up some action cracked me up!!!!

15 09 2008

Hello. I’m the guy in the blue jacket talking to Eddie in the photo. I find this photo absolutely hilarious, because it is the precise moment that I explained to Eddie Burke that the cause of most abortions is God, as millions of American women conceive every year without ever knowing it because implantation fails to occur.

Yeah, he had a hard time with that. And that’s what you see in the photo.

15 09 2008

What does he have against Frisco, Texas?

15 09 2008

Good job, patriots! I needed the good news today. That goes to show you how “liberal” the media is – this jerkoff is in the minority, but HE has a media platform. Who speaks for the 1400 at this rally?

15 09 2008

GO, SISTERS, GO!! What a moron that guy is – look at the crazed look in his eyes. Alaskan women, you made me proud! From your friend in Wisconsin.

15 09 2008
Jenny from Eagle River

I’m an expat Alaskan and I would have joined you, had I been around. You go, girls! Now, forget about Palin and get your fellow women and youngsters to VOTE! Or volunteer to get people to the polls when it turns out to be a cold and snowy day!

15 09 2008

Power to you all in Alaska that are not being brainwashed by all this Palin crap.
Thank you for getting the truth out about who the real Palin is.
I always had faith that there were many intelligent women in Alaska that also have commence sense.

From California with love.

16 09 2008
The Brianna

This gives me hope. To think that any woman can view Palin as a “feminist choice” makes my heart ache for all the work that has been done up to this point. To think that any human can view the current Republican ticket as a sound economic, ethical or environmental choice makes me wonder if I live in a nation of brainwashed zombies.

This gives me faith that others are awake out there.

Thank you deeply from Seattle, Washington.

16 09 2008
KBYR = Fox News

FYI – KBYR a subsidiary of FOX.

I don’t know who their local sponsors are, but if you’d like to start with Fox, boycott away [just Google ‘Boycott Fox’ – first link will give you somewhere to start].

16 09 2008

Only Douchebags call my lovely city “Frisco”

16 09 2008
CT Blue

Well done, women of Alaska! What courage! Way to stand up to the bullies!

None of us are what state stereotypes would have us be….I’m in Connecticut, and believe me, we’re not all lock-jawed friends of Mr. and Mrs. Thurston Howell here, any more than you are accurately reflected by Sarah Palin.

Now we know what REAL Alaskan women are made of!!!

16 09 2008

Someone needs to go and drill the oil out of that whale first. The whale wearing the North Face jacket.

16 09 2008

Urso…I’m from Texas, and was thinking the exact same thing! I’ve never heard anyone call San Francisco “Frisco”, but I know good and well where Frisco, TX is.

16 09 2008

Wow, yea that freak looks absolutely hateful, like he doesn’t know what to do with it and it confuses him. Thanks Alaskan Ladies (and gentlemen)!!!!

17 09 2008

What a moron. “Frisco”. At least he showed everyone what a dumbass he is :0)

Much love to our Alaskan sisters (and brothers!) from down here in Bellingham, Washington!

17 09 2008

It makes me proud to FINALLY see a large group of americans get together and make a statement. Go Alaskans!! We all need to get involved. How much worse does it need to get? We all have very busy lives. Are we now too busy to focus on the decline in quality. Don’t let this bunch of bad apples continue to run the country and remember that most mainstream media news is canned garbage. I for one don’t believe 50% of american women are really behind this McCain/Palin ticket. Not again!

17 09 2008

I’m cheering for the good and sensible people of Alaska! Don’t let our country be governed by the McCain/Palin ticket. We need to focus on what we can and should do to bring our country back to health and good government. We don’t need narrow minded and spiteful people who seek to rule by fear and control.

Keep it up and let the rest of America know you’re looking to a strong American once again.

18 09 2008
Kim (former Illinoisan, now in Wales)

The “Maggot” comment reminded me chillingly of propaganda used by the Nazis to describe the Jews in the 1930’s.

18 09 2008

Thank God! You had us worried down here, for a while, Alaska!

18 09 2008
Eddie Burke

Just wanted to thank all of you for spending the time to comment about me. Hey chuck! I would never visit “Frisco” but you have my address here in Anchorage, I would love to meet ya big guy.

Eddie Burke
Anchorage, Alaska

18 09 2008
Erin in Indiana


Thank you, thank you for something that has brought smiles and tears today (of joy). From a woman fighting for Obama in a red state that today announced was showing Obama ahead in the polls! It’s a good day all around.

19 09 2008

Oh, dear me, Eddie. That was a silly thing to say. I am old enough to be your mother, and from the generation which sheltered and scolded each other’s children, so I am taking the liberty to tell you to say you’re sorry to everybody. Be a better boy – you can do it!!

19 09 2008

Great job Alaskans from a fellow activist who loves to voice my opinion with a sign! Currently in front of my house, “McCain-Palin, King of Lobbyists, Queen of Pork” and a two sided, “Like Lies? Then you’ll LOVE McCain-Palin!” backside reads, “Higher Taxes with McCain, re:Tax Policy Center” Thank you for speaking out for our country’s sake!

19 09 2008

P.S. I’m in Allentown PA!

19 09 2008

Jeez, Eddie “big guy” ? “Frisco” ? Sound like one to me.

You would never visit there because your such an obvious closet case. The fact is you’d have to pay for it there too. Even fags like more than 2 inches you overcompensating dickhead.

21 09 2008

Thanks for posting this and the vid. I live in Juneau and we need to organize something like this.

21 09 2008

Hey Eddie, I’ll treat you out to a nice arugula salad and a second opinion about that mean mug face ya got goin’ on there.

In all seriousness, quit acting like we were trying to compliment you. You did a scumball move being complicit in getting your listeners to badger the organizers. And for what? You look even MORE foolish if that were even possible. Either way, do the math. (You can; you’ve got a GED.) Way more supporters at this event than Palin’s welcome back home. But, on the bright side, you’re already wearing blue. Get used to it. We’re gonna take our country back and we’re gonna stick around for a while.

With love from Arizona.

21 09 2008

Thanks Alaska! Thanks to all intelligent people in Alaska, who not support lie!
I gain hope in America.
Obama for President!

22 09 2008

Eddie’s wife was busy in the kitchen makin’ him a sammich. I heard her voice on the answering machine, and their mailbox is full at 907-522-8921….so I suspect the address above is correct too. Who wants to bring him a pie?

25 09 2008

look at the anger and hate
in this man’s eyes

26 09 2008

Frisco is easier to spell than San Francisco. That’s probably what happened. He couldn’t remember how to spell the longhand version. I am very proud of these Alaskan women. I wonder why the “liberal media” has not given any coverage to this rally. Maybe they are not so “liberal” after all!

28 09 2008

Ah…once again,Alaska has proven itself to ‘the biggest state in the union’!
Funny how I saw this story(I live in Australia,another very big place…lol)and no-one in the lower 48 seems to have much knowledge of it,hmmmmmmmmm.
Even I know no-one calls s.f. ‘frisco’……….Yeah,he protesteth waaaay too much!Seems to me that he is sad that Anchorage isn’t San Fran……….lol.
If it seems funny that I don’t mention the ‘crock-jock’ by name,it ‘coz my mum always tought me that maggots don’t have names……….makes sense to me………..

luv and peace…..Jon:)

10 10 2008

I see a lot of very judgemental comments here.
Did anyone ask this guy what he was feeling?
It is very easy to take a shot of anyone out of context and paint them as “evil” and “hate filled”. I’m quite sure if I followed anyone here to a highly charged rally of any kind that I would be able to get a manipulative photo.
Judge not lest you be judged, but do judge righteous judgement.

Baby murderers make me sick, no matter what they call themselves.
People who support infanticide are worse than paedophiles and their supporters.

Will you censor this comment? There are plenty of wicked comments here which no self respecting person would like to be attached to.

Remember there will be a day of reckoning for ALL people.
There will come a day where God will judge all people.
And many, many will be going to eternal damnation and torment because of their lies, murders, blasphemy etc.
Repent and call out to Jesus to forgive you and you can be saved.
Repent not and you will certainly perish.

10 10 2008
Puck Mule Hussein


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