‘Alaska Women Reject Palin’ Rally is HUGE! » rally63

Right wing radio talk show host Eddie Burke, getting shouted down as he tries to talk to the media.



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14 09 2008

This photo is extraordinary!

14 09 2008

This photo is the most heartening thing I’ve seen in a while.

14 09 2008
Terry Kelly

A visit to this site reassures me that America is not a “Basket Case” we tend to only get the right wing version of American events over here, our only constant access to American Current affairs is Fox. O’Reilly & Co. a vicious knuckle dragging bunch of fascists, well done Alaskans especially those Alaskan women who have once again exposed the right wing lies of corporate America. More power to you free thinking decent Americans, remember this land is your land.

14 09 2008

It may cheer you to know that those of us in the lower 48 really have no idea who Eddie Burke is. 😀

14 09 2008
Kate Henry

He’s a right wing talk show host who called the organizers “socialist baby-killing maggots”. He gave his listeners the name, address and phone number of the rally organizers. They have been receiving threatening phone calls ever since.

His response is “I didn’t tell them to threaten the organizers”.

Well duh. Yes there is your first amendment right to free speech, but you can’t yell “fire” in a crowded room. That’s pretty much what Burke did when he released those addresses and phone numbers. I hope the organizers sue his ass.

14 09 2008

what an idiot … freedom hating rightwing maggot!!!
Congrats Alaska … you showed the lower 48 the croniness of Sarah.

14 09 2008

stupid faggot!

14 09 2008

get his ass, he knew exactly what he was doing

14 09 2008

WOW. ..

Not a peep of this from the talking heads . . .and those brain-dead fucks at CNN and MSNBC, Fox (WORLD NOISE CORP) ACTUALLY COVERED THIS WOMANS TRIUMPHANT RETURN TO ALASKA – Claiming “WOW. . .Look at all the people who came to see her” . . . But not a word about the BIGGER RALLY held later of people who know her best! I am one of those “HEATHENS” that do not pray my life away. . .but for the last week . . .I have been praying nigthly that this archaic, draconian woman and her “the end is near” world view do not get within 4000 miles of Washington DC!!


14 09 2008

the king is off his throne. nobody should be able to incite hatred, fear, and threats and get away with it.

becu — please refrain from using sexual preferences as an insult. we don’t need to add more hatred to the issue.

14 09 2008
chop meth palin

From the KBYR website:

” Eddie Burke, the king of the political grape vine is on your radio. So tune in and listen to Eddie use his freedom of speech to help Alaska become the state that we all know and love. Eddie Burke is a local boy, raised on the hard streets of Spenard. His up-bringing was no different than others in Alaska, raised in a middle class household. He is a normal Alaskan. A high school dropout, Eddie did eventually earn his GED through self teaching and discipline. It was during this time when he realized that the Government did not really represent the people. It was within this realm of political thought that he discovered his conservatism that his audience loves so much. His rough and tumble radio personality thrills us all. This self made man eventually owned his own gas station, of which he learned the intricacies of the oil business. It is with this insight into the distain of government in the oil industry that he brings to the radio world truth and justice. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the Eddie Burke show.

His show is on M-F 2-5pm e-mail is eddy@ kbyr dot com

Drop him a line. Let him know how you feel.

Oh,yeah. kbyr is a Fox News station. Any questions?

14 09 2008

Yeah we’ve got plenty of Nazi garbage on the radio down here in th lower 48. Their hatred is spread on outlets that specialize in right wing propaganda. Hopefully professional liars and character assassins like Burke will contract some wasting disease that mill make their bodies the equivalent of their festering minds.

14 09 2008

Eddie Burke’s address and phone numbers in Anchorage AK=

Double check before the rebuttal starts!!!

8921 Boulder Bay Cir Anchorage, AK, 99507
(907) 522-8921
Google map of possible Burke home

2739 C ST Anchorage, AK, 99503
(907) 222-6001
Google map of possible Burke home

14 09 2008

I wish Dem women in the nation will do the same any time she visit their state, now that will be a statement to the nation. I am organizing a protest when next she visit my state. Wakeup America women, Obama can not do it alone, let follow these brave women footsteps before is 2 late. This woman will set us back, if you watch the view and hear McCain talk about Roev vs w is wrong, you will know what I mean and take action. We Can not let Dems loss again! If we do, it will be a painfull four years.

14 09 2008

I hate to judge someone by what he looks like, but that guy Burke looks like a right wing racist pig.

14 09 2008

Denjudge, slow down there. I have the same haircut and beard as that guy and I’m solidly for Obama. Forget how they look – listen to them TALK.
(Hard to avoid with this guy, apparently!)

14 09 2008

This is the best news I’ve seen all day. It’s good to see these people showing up to voice their opinions. They may have been ignored this time, but if they keep doing it, the crowds will get bigger, and so will the coverage. This action is really important, since Alaskans are really the only ones who know who she really is. DON’S STOP SHOUTING till this makes the NYT front page!

14 09 2008

He looks like a Skinhead… Thanks for the telephone and address posting. Let’s see if he likes a taste of his own medicine.

There is no place for people like you in this new society.

15 09 2008

ditto Terry Kelly’s comments
i’m very thankful for this site-
some of the comments are a bit “down to their level”
i understand and need to fight those urges on a daily basis

15 09 2008

Thanks chop meth palin for posting that bio on Eddie Burke from the KYBR site – “This self made man eventually owned his own gas station, of which he learned the intricacies of the oil business.”

So I guess does that mean Burke should work with McSame/Failin on national security considering his experience owning his own gas station?

15 09 2008

I LOVE YOU ALL!!!! I needed to read these comments and hear about this incredible anti-Palin rally!! It’s the best news I’ve had all week!!!!!

15 09 2008

I wish I was in town Saturday. Someone should have spat on him. Of course I wouldn’t have, but you know.. someone should have! 🙂

16 09 2008

Is it not illegal to tell the organizers phone numbers on air? I’m in awe. The media tries to paint a different picture but this makes me fell so much better. To all who started and joined… thank you for showing some true patriotism. Started over coffee, who would have thunk it?

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