‘Alaska Women Reject Palin’ Rally is HUGE! » rally61


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14 09 2008

Thanks so much for your work. I only wish mainstream press would get hold of this. One of the touted things is her 80 percent popularity rating. A more interesting poll among Alaskans would be how many would like her to be president.

14 09 2008

Many thanks to our Alaskan sisters and brothers in RATIONALITY!

15 09 2008
Richard Hull

Alaska women – YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

16 09 2008
Meredith Wheeler

Congratulations, Alaska!
American women VOTERS in southwestern France are watching your action and IMPRESSED (and relieved!).

We’re registering Americans working, studying and living overseas to vote too.
If you know Americans abroad, make sure they get registered NOW for their
absentee ballots. It’s easily done via this website: http://www.VoteFromAbroad.org

25 09 2008

If everyone of the FABULOUS people who rallied against Palin in Anchorage would send this link-with-video to http://www.CNN.com – I bet this would start a whole new “thread” of national news media attention!

MANY thanks for sharing this with those of us in “the lower 48” aaaaand Hawaii!

“We ARE women hear us roar in numbers too big to ignore…” time to dust-off that Helen Reddy song and belt one out to to Congress, too!

Sent with deep gratitude and much love,
Lauralyn in Atlanta (But born & raised on NYC’s Upper Westside!)

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