‘Alaska Women Reject Palin’ Rally is HUGE! » rally55


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14 09 2008
Marcia Riquelme

This is the most wonderful news! Women over coffee can keep folks like Sarah from hoodwinking the lower states! It made my day!
I’m an Obama Team Leader in a small town DeForest, WI near Madison,WI where we really feel the challenge of being a battleground state. Being close to Madison, a wonderful Obama stronghold is contrasted with the outlying rural areas which are extremely concervative. So Yes we have a challenge here but we have opened 43 Field Offices compared to Kerry’s 16 in the state of WI– hopefully that, plus huge untiring efforts at voter registration will make up for the unethical attempts of the Republicans to suppress the vote by various shocking actions including attempts to invalidate all new registered voters all the way back to 2006! 1.5 million voters. There is a lawsuit being mounted by the Republicans attempting to do this. We think it will get thrown out in court. So again, we are so happy to hear about your wonderful Anti-Palin Rally, I hope all the women who participated in this event will work steadily to make sure every potential voter is identified and helped to get to the polls. YES WE CAN!

–Marcia Riquelme in DeForest, WI

15 09 2008

unstable/unable. That tops it.

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