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14 09 2008
“Please, Ask This One About Dinosaurs « Irregular Bones

[…] More pictures and story HERE […]

14 09 2008

This is amazing. I had no idea that Alaska wasn’t all for Palin! Alaskans are so friggin’ smart! I’ve heard about her bullying those that didn’t support and I give my heart and support to those who have carried on in the face of intimidation! Alaska rocks!!!

14 09 2008
Natalie (Brooklyn, NY)

Thank you Alaska, for making my day!!!
Will spread this story around, to remind everyone that… YES WE CAN!

14 09 2008
thomas tampa fl

BEAUTIFUL. I am delighted to see that there are women, men and young people in Alaska who are expressing their distaste for Sarah Palin. She is ignorant of any political complexities, and she reminds me of the moron presently in our White House. I am far away, in Florida. It is wonderful that the number of anti-Palin demonstrators was greater than those who support her. As for the radio Lipballs wannabe, he is a crude and ugly person who has no sense of decency. He gives me the creeps.

14 09 2008
thomas tampa fl

I meant to write “Limpballs” but it came out Lipballs – That Freudian slip is so so on the mark LOL

14 09 2008

I wish Dem women in the nation will do the same any time she visit their state, now that will be a statement to the nation. I am organizing a protest when next she visit my state. Wakeup America women, Obama can not do it alone, let follow these brave women footsteps before is 2 late. This woman will set us back, if you watch the view and hear McCain talk about Roev vs w is wrong, you will know what I mean and take action. We Can not let Dems loss again! If we do, it will be a painfull four years.

14 09 2008

I LOVE the sign on the top left 🙂 I am going to borrow it to put in an article I wrote on reasons why Palin is not a Pit Bull. Great pictures, great reporting, thanks for the article!!

17 09 2008
barbara wolpman

McCain insulted every woman and man that voted for Hillary Clinton! Did he really think that all we wanted was a woman in the White House, whether she had any brains or not. Being a beauty queen does not give you the ability to run a country! She needs to be home taking care of her FAMILY. She sis not a typical American Girl!!! You guys keep up the good work! Sincerely, Barbara Wolpman

17 09 2008
Kate from LA

Has it occurred to anyone else that a pitbull as a politician is a BAD thing? Pitbulls bite first, sometimes without provocation. We’ve already seen how well THAT works, haven’t we?

17 09 2008

This publication and the piece about the rally against Palin are the MOST inspiring things I have seen in the past two weeks. Thank you soooo much women of Alaska; you have restored my hope for the human race, and for the election. Keep up the great work!

19 09 2008

Calling Sarah Palin a pit bull is a grave insult to pit bulls! Kudos to the person with that sign! (Kate from LA, respectfully, you might not want to put such faith in everything the media want you to believe about pit bulls.)

This entire post is so heartening and inspiring! Such clever signs too. Great work and many thanks to everyone who organized and supported. If only the mainstream media would pay attention!

22 09 2008
Connie Simon

Ballad of Sarah Palin by Connie Simon 9/21/08

Petticoat Palin
Don’t rustle her skirts!
She knows all her lines
But where’s Frankfurt?

McCain won’t allow
The press corps around
Cuz her history will differ
From stories they’ve found

If Sarah can handle
John’s temper and moods
Can’t the Ebay Queen
Handle a few reviews?

Bush gave us Iraq
Freddie Mac and FEMA
Will a President Palin
Give political Katrinas?

She skirted the issues
She prays out the gay
Global warming is fine
And Bush wars can stay

Tax breaks for those
Who pay out the least
Health and school funds
Will surely decrease

She may be a woman
She may have a man
But where, oh where
Does Ms. Palin stand?

She won’t discuss issues
About hard work ahead
Or how she’ll lead us
If John’s suddenly dead.

Our troops are exhausted
And in harm’s way
Osama bin Laden
Keeps getting away.

For eight long years
The Straight Talk Express
Coulda and shoulda
Done more…but did less.

His brand new sidekick
Who seems so naive
Says that she sees Russia
But few places she’s been.

Our future’s at stake
The millions are failing
Can this possible President
Show the Highway to Heaven?

Please tell us the truth
What can she actually do?
Does she really hold true
To some extremist views?

About burning books,
Or medical breakthroughs.
Will she really be able
to fill John’s shoes?

Don’t tell us she’s strong
Then rewrite her past
Maverick John McCain
Just might not last.

We don’t want policies
of politicians we’ve had
Our economy is shot
And millions are mad

That war was for oil
And soldiers are dying
Many kids are homeless
And mothers are crying

Put on your pantsuit
Stop all of these games
Hillary could do it
Can’t you do the same?

So no lame protests
And kid glove girly rules
What is your viewpoint
On religion in schools?

Are you in the middle…
Or strictly the fringe?
If you take John’s place
Who’ll be your friends?

Will high school pals
And church friends too
Governing Alaska now
Run Washington with you?

Please Petticoat Palin
Don’t take this all wrong
Better women than you
In history belong

Women quite willing
To stand their ground
Who worked up the ranks
Who’ve been around

Even though John
Has made you a star
Your climb to the top
Wasn’t really hard

So Sarah, dear Sarah
Make your views clear
What will you do
If John’s not here?

And why didn’t McCain
Change things when
He was the TOP lieutenant
Of the President’s men?

He’s much older now
With health problems too
His party’s the minority.
All he has…is you.

And he thinks that’s enough
To make voters believe
That he isn’t another
of Washington’s elite?

It’s doubtful he’ll differ
With you at his side
Against lobbyist friends,
His closest allies.

He blocked health care before
His pal’s Tom Delay
He pushed the Iraq war
That rich people don’t pay.

His Economic Guru
Helped cause Enron’s mess
He’s Philip Gramm
Another lobbyist

Many banks are failing
And gas prices are surging
Wall Street’s a mess
McCain’s policies are hurting.

So many disasters from
Bush, McCain and friends
And more of the same
With you…with him?

John’s had his chances
Top friends in high places
Now he’s picking you
To help him win races???

After 24 long years the
Grand Old Party can sees
That adding a woman
Is a good strategy

But if you’re just a face
For more Bush policies
Our economy is doomed
You’ll do as you please.

You mocked an organizer
Of faith-based teams
The ones who help others
Accomplish their dreams

A leader for peace
Will create green jobs too
He’s seen the world
Knows it’s melting through.

He’s not arrogant or brash
A thorough planner too
He can work with world leaders
That’s so unlike you.

But just for the record
Tell what you’ll do
When facing Iran, Korea,
Russia’s Putin too?

Yes, you know the script
And you practiced some lines
But two months don’t show
You can step in like Biden.

The fanatics abroad
Are extremists too
Using God and guns
Spreading fear just to rule

No diplomatic skills
So vital for peace
A Commander in Chief
With fanatical beliefs?

Sarah, you’re a woman
And First Dude’s your man
But how, Ms. Palin
Can you lead the land?

29 09 2008

Before this entire mess started with McCain choosing Palin for his running mate I thought and told everyone that I know that I felt his decision was an insult to women in our country. Nobody understood what I meant. He was just trying to get the Hillary votes from women who didn’t do any of their own research but rather voted for Hillary because they wanted to see a female run for President and second choice was let’s vote for Sarah Palin for VP…Palin does not have any business running for VP of our country. At least Hillary Clinton had a clue..
Do you people really want Palin as COMMANDER IN chief of OUR COUNTRY.’
I Choose OBAMA/BIDEN to take charge …This mess our country is in is very sad. Let’s don’t make it catostrophic by electing MCCAIN/PALIN…

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