‘Alaska Women Reject Palin’ Rally is HUGE! » rally50


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14 09 2008
misskae aka khaki salmon

Great signs!

14 09 2008

Ladies of Alaska –

You rock. Keep it up. Now if only the rest of us had your cajones …

Well Done!

14 09 2008

Wow! impressive rally ..Let’s get this thing going in other states..
The organizers should sell anti McCain/Palin franchises!

Obama/Biden 08

14 09 2008
Lorie Griffin

You guys are brave and amazing. Keep up the good work!

15 09 2008
William eon

The Barbie-Elaine Clone puts the Liberals in their place!

McSame 4 Change?
Can I have a few pennies of change for my 11 Trillion Dollars Sir ?
A Penny for the Poor, Sir?
Billions pours into the FAUX Media Outlets and
Hateful PROPAGANDA spews out!
Everything is someone Else’s fault.
What no Bush – abomination?
They See No, Hear No and Speak No evil when it comes
To their Corpirate Paymaster:
The Sun never shines on the hideous Crimes of
Where is the Dungeon Master?
What is he cooking up now?
Same Old Lies from the same Old Guys.

Do you think that you should be able to see a Doctor when you’re sick?
If socialized medicine is good enough for Dead Eye Dick/McSame
It’s good enough for me!
Would you like to breathe Clean air and drink Pure water?
Should you get paid a livable minimum wage for a hard days work?
Bush/Cheney/McSame/Palin get paid a lot more for their dishonest ones.
Would it be nice if you could go to your local College?
Is the Iraq War wrong?
When you pick up the phone why should Dick Cheney listen in on your conversations?
Why is Cheney destroying the records and emails of the Bush Residency?
What is he hiding?
When Bush lies to you and admits it,
How does he make you feel?
Why does The FAUX Media go along with it?
When they repeat everything they’re told by Carl Rove like Parrots,
Is it in your best interests?
Is that Fair and Balanced?
Do you feel like a second class Citizen in your own Country?

We can do better.
Any one of us could do better!
Bush/Cheney/McSame are taking us in the Wrong direction.

Rove has tried every Dirty trick in his Black Book.
Halloween is just around the corner.
Bugga, Bugga, BUGGA!

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