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14 09 2008

Compared to the photo of the indoor Palin rally this is tremendous. Congrats to all who rallied to make a statement for the rest of us. Superb and well done AK!

14 09 2008

CONGRATULATIONSA huge thank you to all you very bright people in Alaska!
Well done and you are an inspiration to all Women in every
village, town and city in America!
Very Well Done! We support you and we will
send the link around and to the media as much as we can!

WomensGroup from Canada!

14 09 2008
Elaine in Iowa

WOW!!!! Thank you everyone who came out and participated and thank you for this website. I love it. I wish Obama could schedule a rally in Alaska but hopefully the more truth that comes out about Palin and her deceitful and malicious ways, more people will wake up. I can’t believe that McCain wants to win so badly that he is willing to throw away whatever honor and integrity he had and gamble the economic future and national security of the United States with this VP pick.

Unfortunately, there are many tiny-brained people who still believe all the internet lies about him. They are so easily manipulated and fooled it is truly scary that these types of people could decide this election. I hold out HOPE with this kind of story and that the media is finally starting to call McCain/Palin the liars they so blatantly are. They have proven that they aren’t “just like Bush” – they are even worse.

14 09 2008

Get this post and the photos out to the rest of the blogs across the Country, and to the MSM. This story MUST be told!

14 09 2008
Anne F. in Beaune, France

Our Brother & Sisters are Alive, Well & Informed in Alaska! Keep Your Voices Loud & Clear!
Victory for Obama & Biden in November! A Brighter Future is in Sight!

14 09 2008
Julie in Boston

Well done, Sisters and Brothers. Until I read this entry, I don’t think that I realized how brave you all had to be to attend a rally in Alaska. The thought of the organizers getting threatened is terrifying.

14 09 2008
edward rice

Love and peace

Have you heard of http://www.rawa.org/index.php

“….the Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan, was established in Kabul, Afghanistan, in 1977 as an independent political/social organization of Afghan women fighting for human rights and for social justice in Afghanistan.”

14 09 2008

Speak out and be heard. We need all of you up there to let the U.S.
know just what you have to say.
Lots of support down here in Florida.

14 09 2008
Bernard Jenkins

I just could not believe that with all the talk of climate change and animal species disappearing and then the pollution of the land that Sarah Palin seems to be going over so well.We need thinking caring Americans to get us on the right track again,… not some narrow minded bible totin rifle slinging,from helicopter shootin wolves and moose kind of individual!”Let’s get real here!!!!”

14 09 2008

If I lived in Alaska, I would definitely have been there to join you! Thank you all for showing the rest of the world that there are a lot of Alaskans who are not taken in by the McCain/Palin propaganda machine. You know her better than anyone. I thought the signs were great too! And what a great lesson for the kids that attended. Thanks again!

14 09 2008

We are right behind all of you. Way to show the world what the women of Alaska are really made of.

14 09 2008


14 09 2008

Wow, Jerry, take a pill. Incoherence is so 1980s.

Thanks for posting this. I work for the MSM as a technician, and just got back from two weeks in Anchorage/Wasilla. I was a bit creeped out by the fact that anti-Palin folks felt like they had to whisper to me that they weren’t for Palin. Seriously. They whispered.

14 09 2008

Typical. Rove and his slimy minions have been paying old ladies and mental defectives to send emails and make phone calls to media outlets. Jerry must be among them.
Sad that some people’s ideology is more important to them than their country.

14 09 2008

Thank you Alaska! The truth needs to come from the people. So do the votes!

14 09 2008

Hurrah for the women of Alaska—hopefully, you have opened some eyes….Juanita from Oklahoma

14 09 2008

I wish Dem women in the nation will do the same any time she visit their state, now that will be a statement to the nation. I am organizing a protest when next she visit my state. Wakeup America women, Obama can not do it alone, let follow these brave women footsteps before is 2 late. This woman will set us back, if you watch the view and hear McCain talk about Roev vs w is wrong, you will know what I mean and take action. We Can not let Dems loss again! If we do, it will be a painfull four years.

14 09 2008

Thank you Alaska . God is on our side.
Lots support in Michigan.
Thank you again

15 09 2008

Thanks so much for all of the information that you provide on this website and congratulations to Alaskan women for organizing a terrific rally opposing Palin. I hope this gets on the MSM because it makes a great statement and shows that not everyone (including folks in Alaska) are on the Palin bandwagon.

15 09 2008

Wow with they way Fox News portrays Palin I would not have expected to see an anti rally bigger then her own Pro Rally.

One thing that I did get a sense of from Palin with the look in her eye was similar to that of Bush at the State of the Union Address “Axis of Evil”. Palin seems to be a spoiled brat just like Bush. Given a small bit of power and the destruction begins. Bush should have contacted Palin as one of his gun slinging cowgirls when he was bragging about getting Bid Ladin “Wanted Dead or Alive” which neither has happened yet. But with Palins bad ass attitude she would have at least helped Bush in the BS front.

I do have to say that Palin in those leather boots leaves her pretty hot. With all her anti sex stance she must be pretty wild. You know like those self rightious catholic priests guilty of sex crimes. Oh well she loves to entice with all that makeup and sexy glassess….bewitching to say the least and probably how she won some of those elections against her male counterparts. She is no dumb lady that is for sure and sly like a fox. But she neeeds to be exposed for what she is so this country and get out of its tailspin. We are in deep trouble as a nation…..the war, health care, investment banks folding, falling stock market…Monday the 15 looks like 401ks will lose more value, real estate market falling but assessed values still WAY TO HIGH. What a shame for our country. McCain should be embarressed by caving into whoever told HIM that Palin was to be his running mate. Very clever. Our country is in trouble and Palin seems to love to STIR the pot.

15 09 2008

did any of you notice that the only respondent with terrible grammar and spelling was jerry. and you don’t have to guess who he supports!

15 09 2008

Oh that is funny about Jerry. He is angry and yelling like Sean Hannity and using english like GWB.

15 09 2008
Jan Harwood

The women of Santa Cruz, California, are with the women of Alaska!
She’s a beauty in boots and khakis
But she’s not sure just where Iraq is . . .

15 09 2008
Barbara Koslosky

Sarah Palin is Dubya with a beehive—good going ladies, keep it up and the entire country will finally come to it’s senses. This woman and hubby Todd are up to no good. She’s a puppet for her radical redneck church and the NRA. Save babies but kill anything that moves with 4 legs. That makes bags of sense, what?! She betrayed her daughter for blind ambition, what a mom. Please return her to Juneau, not DC

16 09 2008
Sunflower Chong Sun Wah

Ioa said, “We Can not let Dems loss again! If we do, it will be a painfull four years.”

If only it is so simply. Unfortunately, if this time round Dems loss it is not just 4 more painful years instead it will be DOWNHILL all the way for AMERICA and the people! WHY? China, India and many other countries are catching up and they are spending A LOT, A LOT of MONEY on EDUCATION.

This election is a live and death matter for America!! When the Dems win we will live in a better and fairer world!
Only Barack Obama and his team can lift America up because the world needs his kind of leadership that will bring harmony to the world.

16 09 2008

Reading about this wonderful rally and seeing the YouTube video are so heartening. A big thank you to all the organizers and folks who braved the angry media to show up. I’m so inspired and hopeful. I love seeing all of the men’s comments on this post too.

We don’t like her in Arkansas either.


16 09 2008
Mary Weiss

What a relief! And here I had just about decided I didn’t even want to visit Alaska! Sarah has told so many lies, and continues to do so, with apparent impunity.

This election is so very important. We must do all we can to ensure the right outcome! Get an Obama t-shirt and knock on doors. I am starting tonight. If we educate people, I think common sense will take over.

16 09 2008

Congratulations to you all OBAMA voters. Do not let you Palin McShame deceive you. She has lied, she is unprepared, she is a right-wing religious autocrat who will take our rights (as the Republicans have done in the past 8 years), and above all, she is not competent enough to give America the recognition within the international community.
The world is a global economy, we all depend on each other, and we should not, in this current economic crisis, be advocating for war with Russia a NATO member (read history again and see who began attacking who. Do not let the media blind you with false allegations). America has lost its credibility with the world and we must restore America’s pride, restore our education,bring our soldiers home, begin our path to clean energy (it took Brazil over 30 years to achieve energy independence, therefore it is a mistake to think that more drilling and less investment in current and future technology will solve our problem). Let’s bring the jobs back home and give our men and women the dignity they deserve.

It is inconceivable that we, as a first world country, cannot give those less fortunate affordable health care. Think for a minute, every young child that goes hungry for a day, will become a burden for the State later on. Studies have show that poor nutrition at 0-2 years old may induce health problems later on. If we want to succeed as a country we have to help those who cannot, I want capitalism with a social conscience.


18 09 2008

I was so happy to see the reaction to Sarah’s psycho babble. I was in Alaska when Palin was nominated. No one that I met appeared to be simple minded enough to fall for her Nazi appeal.

I am so pleased that there a spirit of dissent to her nomination in her own state.

Hoorah for the great state of Alaska residents. You have good people and a beautiful state. Guard it well against polar bear and wolf haters who are oil crazy.

18 09 2008
Lynn (TN)

What is the radical left so angry about? Why is it that everything that comes from their mouth is venomous, hateful, hurtful, and full of rage? It’s hard to believe this rally is real when Gov. Palin has an 80% approval rating from the Alaskan people. Were these people imported from Canada, California, etc.?

It is very sad that the far-left & Obama are strongly supported by foreign countries who want to see America fail, and by the fairy-tale land of Hollywood who don’t live in the real world but can afford a $28,000 dinner (more money than some single mothers make in a year) to see their celebrity idol in person. It is sad indeed when the only thing you have to offer is the word “change” without any details or specifics. The little bit of “change” detail given by Obama is actually radical socialism, Marxism, new black religion theology, and re-distribution of wealth.

If you want a real, but scary, picture of who Obama really is, read about the church he attended for 20+ years (http://sweetness-light.com/archive/barack-obamas-church-ultra-left-and-afrocentric) and see the church bulletin ad for “New Members” of the church to attend classes for adults and children to learn how to be “Black and Christian”. This includes learning the “Black Value System,” and “Pledging allegiance to all Black leadership.”

Also, read the book, “Rules for Radicals”, that inspired Barack to become a “Community Organizer” and see just exactly what this role is as described by Saul Alinsky, who Barack claims he is a disciple of this socialist activist. Michelle Obama has often quoted from this book in her own speeches. Oh, by the way, Saul Alinsky dedicates this book to “the first radical known to man who rebelled against the establishment and did it so effectively that he at least won his own kingdom—Lucifer.”

After you have done your homework on these two things, then we can have a dialog, that is if you are still pro-Obama after that………………………………….

19 09 2008

Dear Lynn,

Please do your homework. No, I mean actually reading something balanced, not truthandlight. Please look up the meaning of the phrase “radical left.” And, by the way, radical left and radical right do meet in the middle, so you may actually be radical left without knowing it, because you are clearly radical right. And may I say, thank God Almighty you are NOT the majority.

I am a non-latte-sipping, hard-working American. I am voting for Obama. I would not have the best interests of this country in mind or conscience if I didn’t. Your rhetorical is scary–Waco scary–but you are entitled to have your knee-jerk, condescending reaction to try to justify why you won’t vote for a man whose skin just happens to be darker than yours. All of a sudden, he’s a socialist. A terrorist. A liar. A radical.

If loving one’s country AND wanting it to be healthy again is socialism, terrorism, radicalism, and lies, then how do you define running the country into the ground for the interests of a few? Polarizing people economically to the extent that the country becomes crippled? How do you define those attributes?

If you want a reasoned debate, go back to school, do some balanced reading, and stop throwing lies around that have been discredited over a year ago by extremely-well-known, well-respected reporters in the mainstream who presented irrefutable FACTS to the contrary who are neither socialists nor radicals.

In the meantime, I’ll pray for you. I hope you find a world without hate and bigotry and fear within you.

20 09 2008

Dearest Lynn,

Poor Baby…
Radicals…lests see…I think it means someone who stands up and resists the status quo…some one or a group of someones who see things differently from an established set of rules, regulations, government policies etc., then sets about to make changes in those rules, regulations, government policies with the help and support of like minded individuals. Hmmm…let me think…radicals…people who saw and did things differetnly…

1. Jesus Christ – um…isn’t that why he got killed because he disagreed with his own faith? And he died to save you? And u r comparing him to LUCIFER! Shame on you!

2. Martin Luther – opposed the Catholic Church and ushered in Protestantism. If u are a protestant, r u comparing him to LUCIFER too? he was hated and denounced by so many in his day…but he did what he felt was right, and other people thought so too. And becasue of his “radicalism” you can now pray as you like without the Catholic Church telling you when and how to do it. (no offense to any and all Catholics).

3. Mahatma Ghandi – a radical in the radicalist sense…believed his people should be free from Great Britain…a man of Peace…got killed for it. But his people gained their independence. Are you comparing him to Lucifer?

4. John F Kennedy – a young and radical president who dared believe people of all races should have an equal voice, an equal vote and equal rights in this country of ours that preached it always and provided it never…until him…(well, actually President Truman integrated the armed services God Bless him) And a lot of people did not like it. Are yuo comparing him to Lucifer?

5. Martin Luther KIng Jr. – much like Ghandi…a man of peace…but you were brainwashed to believe otherwise and probably still believe he promoted violence…well…r u comparing him to Lucifer?

6. John McCain – HE calls himself a Maverick …someone who opposes the the status quo…someone who sees current governement policies and wants them changed. Hmm …Maverick…sounds like just another name for radical…So, r u comparing your own candidate to LUCIFER? Well…in this case…you just might be right…


21 09 2008

Maybe if just each one of use spreads this video and story to 1 and that person to just 1 the media will have to respond? Could be try?

Women of Alaska I give you high marks for seeing a fraud when you see one even if in your own backyard.



24 09 2008

wow sara, i love you!

11 10 2008
Nadine Reynolds

I’m a Michigander, and you women definately have my support. Palin is undoing everything women have strived to gain in the last 50 years. It was so sad to watch her wink, blink, and blow kisses during her debate. First of all it was unprofessional and secondly, she displayed very little knowledge when answering the question. After meeting her first foreign leader, the only thing he could comment on was her beauty. I want a professional VP that has charm and intellect. I’ve also read about her lack of participation in addressing Alaska’s domestic violence issue. Yet, she keeps wanting to referr to the hocky moms. How can she turn her back on the suffering women and children in Alaska and call herself a christian. If she can protect the women and children in Alaska what makes her think she can protect America. Sisters all over the world unite!

11 10 2008

I’m a Michigander, and you women definately have my support. Palin is undoing everything women have strived to gain in the last 50 years. It was so sad to watch her wink, blink, and blow kisses during her debate. First of all it was unprofessional and secondly, she displayed very little knowledge when answering the questions. After meeting her first foreign leader, the only thing he could comment on was her beauty. I want a professional VP that has charm and intellect. I’ve also read about her lack of participation in addressing Alaska’s domestic violence issue. How can she turn her back on the suffering women and children in Alaska and call herself a christian. If she can’t protect the women and children of Alaska what makes her think she can protect America. Yet, she keeps wanting to refer to the hocky moms. I know many professional women that wear suits and carry brief cases to work, and at the end of the day they run home put a jogging suit on and their off to watch their son play baseball or she’s off to a PTA meeting. Thanks to the hard work that women have done we have more choices. Our lives and professions are not limited. I think a lot of people’s eyes are starting to open. Keep up the good work.

15 10 2008
Lynn (TN)

As I said in my first statement: “What is the radical left so angry about? Why is it that everything that comes from their mouth is venomous, hateful, hurtful, and full of rage?”

Again, this is reflected in the comments by Sara & MJ. Venomous, hate-spewing and without substance, only rage and anger. Why? I rest my case.

By the way, how do you know what color I am? I voted today. I voted for someone but I did not see the color of his skin. What I did see was a man with substance, character, and a record that speaks for itself. Not a wanna-be without a record, and questionable character and flaws in judgement because of the choice of company he keeps.

Also, the quote regarding Lucifer is not mine. It is in the book “Rules for Radicals,” which Obama says he studied in order to become a “Community Organizer”. Obama & Michelle both quote the author, Saul Alinsky, in their speaches & in Obama’s two books.

Perhaps MJ and Sara need to do a little homework before they go to cast their ballot. I suggest starting with Obama’s own words in his two books (I’m guessing they are not fiction), and “Rules for Radicals”.

May God continue to bless our great country!

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