‘Alaska Women Reject Palin’ Rally is HUGE! » rally38


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14 09 2008
Moons in Leo

Oh I so wish I had been there! So proud of all of you!

14 09 2008

I wish Dem women in the nation will do the same any time she visit their state, now that will be a statement to the nation. I am organizing a protest when next she visit my state. Wakeup America women, Obama can not do it alone, let follow these brave women footsteps before is 2 late. This woman will set us back, if you watch the view and hear McCain talk about Roev vs w is wrong, you will know what I mean and take action. We Can not let Dems loss again! If we do, it will be a painfull four years.

14 09 2008

Thank you, people of Alaska!!!

14 09 2008
Pell Mell

Thank you – all of you who participated!

15 09 2008
Alaska Women Reject Palin « The Vortex

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16 09 2008

What a bunch of moonbat losers LOL
Get used to her, she’s your next veep! LOL!

16 09 2008
neil davis

way to go women of Akaska. i was not fooled and neither were you, when she was nominayed at the convention!!she stands for nothing and she said nothing , thinkung all of you would be fooled .you let me know that we are all together on this most important quest!! GO OBAMMA!!

17 09 2008
Mary Jo Grey

I knew women were not going to Palin who would not already have been there because of their right-wing politics. Thanks for showing the world the REAL women of Alaska.

30 09 2008
Alaska Women Reject Palin - Charles Brownson

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12 10 2008

michaleen please let the door smack you in the head on the way out. that way you will be in a coma on election day, as you are obviously not mentally qualified to be a voter.

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