‘Alaska Women Reject Palin’ Rally is HUGE! » rally25


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14 09 2008
Elizabeth Leib

Thanks for the post….I’ve linked to your site and will now monitor it regularly for updates. I’m in Tampa….a mom and a blogger…..keep up the good work!

14 09 2008

I wish Dem women in the nation will do the same any time she visit their state, now that will be a statement to the nation. I am organizing a protest when next she visit my state. Wakeup America women, Obama can not do it alone, let follow these brave women footsteps before is 2 late. This woman will set us back, if you watch the view and hear McCain talk about Roev vs w is wrong, you will know what I mean and take action. We Can not let Dems loss again! If we do, it will be a painfull four years.

14 09 2008

These are marvelous creative people up in Alaska – and they are no fools. “Caribou Barbie” does not impress them — and she shouldn’t impress us either, if we’ve listened to her as they have certainly done.

14 09 2008

Liberalism is a disease. Just over-emotional logic-less idiots.

15 09 2008
Janet, age 63

I am most concerned that someone who is considered “average” is up for vice president. And even more alarming there are folks who want her to be our vice president. Have we not endured a stupid president. Are we on the path for 4 or 8 more years of another lightweight of gut feeling and action. I always want the smartest doctor, engineer or architect why not the smartest president who is a deep thinker and will weight the choices instead of gut feeling? I am most concerned and hope that rational thinking folks will vote for Obama!

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